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men's skinny jeans are filth

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Ban the filth Major Label
Bad Boi Stow UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
skinny jeans
were do i start !
we dont mind girls in em,they look fit,
but men,whateva nxt !!

there tite round the crouch
what make you want to wear them!

skinny jeans are all thats wrong with the world lol
real men dont wear skinny jeans,
our greatgrandads didnt wear skinny jeans in the trenches
the first men on the moon wernt in skinny jeans
cantona and roy keane (hard bastards) do not wear skinny jeans
bobby charlton wasnt wearing skinny jeans when england won the world cup in 1966
nelson mandela does not wear skinny jeans
winston churchill did not wear skinny jeans

your not big or clever
just wear some real trousers

JamJar x 2k7

ban this filth

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why emo kids are unhappy

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  • Ukie Ragnarok

    :L This group is stupid, and ridiculous. I don't know any of the men you just mention in the Me Myself and I. Guys can wear skinny jeans if they want to, just because you don't accept / like it, doesn't mean they should be banned. and You would know if they have "Tiny" Dicks, wouldn't you?

  • McNab

    this page is a fail (: haha

  • Kieran Cormack
    Kieran Cormack

    fuck off you bunch of cunts

  • Amy

    Men in skinnies are hot! REALY HOT you can easily get ones with more space in the croch area Simples ^^

  • Josh J
    Josh J

    fuck guys in skinny jeans right off. every1 look up gay n tight by costell, funny shit lol

  • John Elliott
    John Elliott


  • Kalamaloo.

    Guys They're Jeans!!! If You Getting All Pissed Off About Them So Much That You Have to make a bebo Band On Your Sad Little Arguments About How Skinnys Look Bad On Men, Then... Well Then You Need To Find A Fucking Hobby! Seriously! And Your Video! Well That's Just Stupid And Wrong, Putting every Boy who Wears Skinny Jeans Into The Stereotype Emo! Again, Find A Hobbie Tart!

  • Samuel William Lepper
    Samuel William Lepper

    Well Done......Yuu Lot Are All Crying About It! Its Just A Fuckng Joke Piss Sake And Wt Kind Of Word Is That "Predudiced" Cheers 4 That.. Just Stop All Ya Pointless Crying Gettin On My Tits

  • MattMo

    This is a joke. get over it you random people

  • The Chosen Pessiment

    Pointless page. It's our choice what we choose to wear. The very existence of this entire Bebo page just fails big time. How sad indeed.

  • Kayla

    dude skinnies on guys are just awesome. they arent too tight around the crotch...not dude ones anyway. get a fasion mag.

  • Ali

    wtf.... HA his issoo stuped u do know if your skinnys were to tight rounf ur dick then u wer probs wearing womens get some acturall mens ones stop being sexest or predudiced what ever the fuck your doing and emos can wear what they want i know some emos who are like in nikes and shit... soo yeah sort it out. x

  • 'Jordan

    fck u bro skinnys r fuckin real mean u jus sayin tis cause u dnt siut tem

  • Cheryl Tweedeh'.
    Cheryl Tweedeh'.

    whoever sed "who cares what our grandparents did in the trenches" is silly how about did their deed for the whole country ? they fought for us yu sausage

  • Tashaa.

    this isnt sad 8)