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THe granny

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
this book is about scary stuff kkinder :p i dnt wna scare ya too much :d sum is short n sum are long please read dem :d you give me love i give it bk yeh? :d

MY name is cody im 15:P & i fort id entatain ppl wiv my skewl storys :D I have work exsperiance wiv grannies in june the 18th :P so that should be interesting :D

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`• x x

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  • About Codykinnss

    Full Name: Codyy


    Brothers: 0 hahaha

    Sisters: 2

    Eye color: Bluee

    Shoe size: 5 ah fink lmaoo

    What are you wearing right now?: trackis n hoody lmao xD

    Where do you live? Grimsbieee

    Righty or lefty: righty


    Number: 6 xD

    Boys Name: noris

    Girls Name: margret

    Month: um duno

    Juice: pinapple

    Breakfast: coffie n custard cream lmao

    Have You Ever..

    Bungee jumped: fk datt id be dead nw lmao

    Gone skinny dipping?: nope lmao

    Played Truth or Dare: Ye

    Been in a police car: Ye lmao and van

    Been on a plane: Yep

    Came close to dying: Yess loda tyms

    Been in a sauna: nopee

    Been in a hot tub: um duno lmaoo

    Swam in the ocean: Ye

    Fallen asleep in school: in nursery lmao

    Broken someone's heart: dnt fink so lmao

    Fell off your chair: lmao yes corss

    Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call: na fk dat xD

    Saved e-mails: no i got bout 200 unred ones lmao

    Made out with just a friend: duno lmaao cntt remebnr

    Been cheated on: Probly lmao


    What's your room like: pink Nd Cream

    What is beside you: My Dog nd da wall lmao

    What is the last thing you ate: Custard creams nd coffee

    What kind of shampoo do you use: garnia

    Ever Had...

    Chicken pox: Ye

    Sore throat: Ye

    Stitches: ner

    Broken nose: Na :p

    Do You...

    Believe in love at first sight: do u belive in flying pigs? well ders ya awnser lmao

    Like picnics: no cept wiv meh dolls lmfao

    Like school: nopeeee

    Who was the last person you called: sophie

    Who was the last person you danced with: no one dnt fink :S

    Who makes you smile?: every one lmaooo
    Who last...

    Did you last yell at: mothers bf

    Broke your heart: umm duno lmao

    Told you they loved you? sum1 use to nt no more tho


    Do you like filling these out?: no dey boring lmao

    Do you wear contact lenses or glasses?: no fk dat xD

    Do you like yourself: my door swings 1 way ;]

    Do you get along with your family: mm i guess xD

    Final Questions:

    What are you listening to right now: thatt song on my profile

    What did you do yesterday?: sleep

    Hated someone in your family: probly

    What car do you wish to have: old cronk

    Where do you want to get married: ina rain storm ona beach lmao

    Good driver: yh ama buzzin driva lmfao

    Good singer:no i break windows

    Diamond or pearl: both cept pearls lol i mean one den

    Are you oldest?: nope youngest

    Indoor or outdoor?: both

    Today did you...

    1. Talk to someone you liked: not like but love lmao xD yeh ah did ova matta of fact

    2. Buy something: coke lmaooo as in drink

    3. Got sick: yeah ive ot ah cold

    4. Sing: yesss i sangg single natasha bedinfield

    5. Talked to an ex: ner

    6. Miss someone: Ya ;[


    Last person who....

    10. Was in your bed? um mehhh

    11. Saw you cry: probley me mum lmao

    12. Made you cry: um duno lmao

    13. Went to the movies with: mates

    14. You went to Town with: mates

    16. Ever been in a fight with your pet: no she wud slash me

    17. Been to America: Na

    18. Been to wales: Na

    19. Been to africa: fk tht perverts der

    20. Been to france: Nope

    0 Comments 320 weeks