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6/12/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 143
  • from bReNzEtT
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 3,325
  • Member since: June 2007
  • Last active: 12/26/09
  • www.bebo.com/x69xDoBbYx69x
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About Me

TaKeN.... LuV yHoO MiKeY...
Me, Myself, and I
Yo!!! oNe'S nAmE iiS DoBbY
ii iiS 16 yRs yOuNg
ii LiiVe iiN bReNzEtT
bUt DnT wOrRii mA NiiZzLeZ
oNe hAs a BuS pAsS
CuZz oNe LiiKeZ 2 b ChAuFfEuReD
iiN a 30fT LiiMo
(a.K.a. BuS)
As YhOo cAn TeLL
ii iiS oF tHe HuMeRoUs TyPe

*.ıllıllı.*[[ SEX ]]*.ıllıllı.*
Sєx.. ιѕ α Sєиѕαтισи,
Cαυѕєd.. ву Tємρтαтισи,
Wнєи α Gυу ѕтιcкѕ нιѕ Lσcαтισи
ιитσ α Gιrlѕ Dєѕтιиαтισи
тσ Iиcrєαѕє тнє Pσρυlαтισи..
fσr fυтυrє Gєиєrαтισиѕ..
Dσ уσυ gєт му Exρlαиαтισи?
0r dσ уσυ иєєd α Dємσиѕтrαтισи
The Other Half Of Me
Mikey S

Mikey S

he's got a big willy ;)

i LoVe u N eVeRyThAnG yH??? bUt iT AiNt rELi wOrKiN oUt... iM aFrAiD iM bReAKiN uP WiV yHoO... sO wEnEvA u rEaD tHiS iT iS oVa... k??? LoL jKz!!! i LuV yHoO LoNg tYm... DiS bOy (WeLL i tHiNk hE iS a bOy) iS tRueLy aMaZiN... hOwEvEr hE hAs a sMaLL PeNiS... LoOoL :L OnLy jKiN... hE hAs a ReLi sMaLL PeNiS... HeEhEe... yH i kNo iM nEvA SeRiOuS... aPaRt fRoM tUeSdAyS... aNyWaYs i LuV yHoO sOo vEwWy MuChLy... dUnNo WaT iD dO WiVoUt yHoO... oH nO w8 i Do... JoOoKiN..! cHiLL oUt yH WiNsToN??? i DuNnO wAt eLsE tO sAy sO.... oNe LoVe yH??? pEaCe OuT NiGgA..! KeEp iT rEaL :L xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXx
xXx-My MiLkYbAr-xXx
ShE iS mY sEx LiFe...
gEnUiNe VaNiLLa FaCe... yUpP... tHaTs RigHt...
dNt WoRrY nAt i WoNt TeLL aNy1 bOuT tHaT MoLe oN uR wEeNeR...
LuV yHoO LoNg tYm xXx

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  • Becky Reynolds
    Becky Reynolds

    OMG... this girl is naked on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on ClemenciaWodickaizpuu@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Becky Reynolds
    Becky Reynolds

    I just racked $974 in a weekend in my free time! I love this site - http://bit.ly/baYfw5 Your going to be so happy!

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  • Ken
    luv Ken

    Ahhhhhh DOBBY Hi Sis Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • His Babiiee.
    His Babiiee.

    Hiya.. Sorry havent text you.. been soo busy.!! lol.. how u been?? up to much...?? text u soon.. :) xx

  • Mikey S
    luv Mikey S

    Hello princess im writing to you just to inform you that you have 30 mins till i wake you up lol i have not been to sleep yet lol im going to bed once i have come back from taking you to work lol love you so much ps.......... you look really cute when your sleeping ha ha x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

    5/21/09 via Mobile
  • Mikey S
    luv Mikey S

    Love you long time ol nd yh sorry bout that aint washed in years and he is well fit though lol guess it runs in the familly lol love you so much x x x x x

    5/13/09 via Mobile
  • His Babiiee.
    His Babiiee.

    Out Of Work The 1 person i Fort Dat Wuld b By My Side Was You..!! We Have Been Thruu Soo Much But u Know Wat You Stick it Up Ur Arse...!! My Life has Been So Much Better Witout You..!!! 1st It Was Over Mikey Now Over Loads Of Shit Dats Bin Sed Do u Know Wat u And Ur Brother Can Fuck Off..!!! Your Brother is To Blame For This Shit!! The Fuckin Prick.!! If u Lot At Work Wanna Say Summin Bout Me Say it Too My Face..!! And Wen u See Dan Tell Him It Aint Just My Cuzon arfter Him Its A Lot More.. And They All No Hu he Is..!!! Soo Yeah Have a Nice Shit Lifee You And Mikey Belong Togevvaa Your Both Cunts..!! oh And Mayb Mikey Shuld Find Out Wat ur Relli Like..!! Oh Dear Ted...!!! Haha!!

  • Lee
    luv Lee

    yh bitch u? xxx x

  • Mikey S
    luv Mikey S

    hello gorgous aint seen ya in ages it seems like ages i love u so much your my whole life cant wait yo see u again i just wanna hold u, kiss u, and and most of all bang you lool jkz well not really jkz but i would again lol love u so much write back asap yh love u so much xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

  • Sonnie

    dobbiee i need 2 knw were we are going that nyt? en u oki?

  • Sonnie

    u oki? bbe xxx

  • Zach
    luv Zach


    3/20/09 via Mobile
  • Sonnie
    luv Sonnie

    ello bbe u oki? en if u wonna talk u knw wear i am k :) xx

  • Zach
    luv Zach

    slut :P

    3/16/09 via Mobile
  • His Babiiee.
    His Babiiee.

    Haha...Mush U Crack Me Up..!! Come Out..!! Mushhhh :L oh wow..!! Yeah i See It... I think Its Goin Spain It Needs A Tan..!! :L Mmmm Dats a Hard Choice Cucumber Or Sweetcorn..?? :L Yeah Dats Ryttt... i Think ill Have To Go Wit Bacon... Haha.. Oi Did You Know My Cat Got Cheated On..!! Haha Bless Her It Aint Her Fault..:L Im Boreddddd Mush Bruvv Bluddd Cunnttt!!! Haha,, Is Ur Fone Alive..? Oh And Da Helemt Under The Caravan Is The 1 We Brang Down For Ken K..?? Dad Dont Believe Me E Think i Got On The Back Of Your Bike... Y Wuld He Think That... :L haha Neway Mushhhh... Time To Find My Cat See I~f She Brought Me a Ticket... :L Mush Wat Was Are Sayin..!! It Werent Shut Ya Legs.... Wat Was It..!! We Use To Say It Like All The Time Lol... Luv Yhoo Long Time Bruvvaaaaa xxxx

  • luv Slammer Jammer Steve

    heya dobbers lool hey told you i lost it lool Yeah when is your next garden bash then holla back ly steve x

  • luv Chloe Fowkes

    hey babeee, you okk? watcha up too not spoke inaa whileee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Nataliee'
    luv Nataliee'

    yeaa i can tell.. them abs are amazing :P haaaa.. oh yes well i get that regularly :D .. people just seem to think that i should get an award for it or sumfin? its soo god damn sexy! just like your left ear! godddd orgasmic! :L yeaa i kno my right one is pretty ugly.. its like beauty and the beast.. the left one bein tha beauty and the right bein tha beast :L ohh yesss i would loveeee a ice cream, and your choc muffins :P love you malteser girl :D xx

  • His Babiiee.
    His Babiiee.

    Oi Mush i See How it Is Yeah Aint Seen You In Like a Week And Now im Not in Your Girldem... Cheers Mush!! xxxxxx