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i love kung fu

7/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i play for dursley rugby club its awesome.

i go to K.L.B it alright some cool people go there.

i mountain board it is awesome but im not to good.

|__Dursley fan club _|_| ___\
|_________________ |_| ___|
|_(@'@)____________|_| (@)

10 reasons to date a rugby player
1. We can do it 80 minutes straight in 15 different positions
2. We’re used to scoring big and taking pain
3. We aren’t afraid to get dirty
4. We’ll make you scream for more
5. We like to show off our moves, and don’t stop till we score
6. We,ll make you weep
7. Kicking ass is the same as smacking it
8. We’re always on the top of the game
9. We know when to take charge
10. We like it rough

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The Other Half Of Me
300, monty python and the search for the holy grail, spider man 3, lethal weapon, die hard 4.0, the mighty boosh seasons 1, 2, 3, mr brooks, family guy every season, the simpson movie, 28 weeks later, i am legend, the longest yard, dodgeball, johny english, meet the spartens, the epic movie, hot fuzz, the dark night

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Dead Man Walking.Former america's badass and now hes back to what he does best.planting his next tombstones left right and center and toying with enemy minds in the squared circle

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    Surfing Princess

    I netted in $565 in three days being on the web! It came from - http://x.co/KTFT You will love me for this!

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    I just profited $311 in a few weeks doing easy things! I learned from - http://bit.ly/aSxqfU You owe me one!

  • Dr Silentfart
    Dr Silentfart

    Oi. You

    4/23/09 via Mobile
  • Susies Is My Best Friend
    luv Susies Is My Best Friend

    lol good times much love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Susies Is My Best Friend
    luv Susies Is My Best Friend

    good night on friday? did your mum see my cock? much love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Slightly Individual.
    Slightly Individual.

    Heyy Luke :) it's emily (ellens friend) :D from skiing :L soo how are you?? im making friends :L :L wb x

  • Beth

    Oh well thats no help is it luke! :L Did it scare the pants off of you? ;) :L Bless you! Yess :D x

  • Beth

    Hello Yes i know the cooking homework!! which one was it? did you not hand it in today with your folder?! :L lol And no i havent blocked you on msn :s x

  • Fullerboy

    at home sleeping and complaining about being ill u?

  • Fullerboy

    shit at farcry, shit at farcry? yh iam shocking arent i ah well least i aint shit at the real thing wink wink so u watch it or il stick my size 13s up ur narrow ass fool

  • Harry Foote
    Harry Foote

    ok mate i will dw i will every game lol we beat churchdown 58-0 lol was such a good game :D love you 3 lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Harry Foote
    Harry Foote

    i know mate i was weirs i just had this huge burst of energy lol twas pretty unny lo love you budd :P xxx

  • Harry Foote
    Harry Foote

    i am very good luke good game toda lol funny when i played for stow :L wb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Harry Foote
    Harry Foote

    hello luke how are you? :) wb ]xxxxxxxxx

  • Ll

    You Broke My Pen Again :O This Isn't Good Enough Luke :L How Was Your Day? xxx

  • Laauren.
    luv Laauren.

    Yay! Thankyou lukey-poos :)

  • Sophie
    luv Sophie

    haha, Msn chat for that. ;) Year 10 is going well thanks, Science afterschool is gay though. I started off in the other room and you started off in our room! Haha I never see you around school anymore :( I want A3 back :( So how are you finding year 10? Haha Ly, xx

  • Char Aqui
    Char Aqui

    Same. I had to replay it like a million times cos it was so funny. I laugh every time. C xxx Love You. I hear the rugby was good - no? I hope you wooped their asses - otherwise I'll be angry. :L

  • Char Aqui
    Char Aqui

    I've gotta say.. That video is hilarious. :L :L :L Wanna mint? Tht girl must b sooo embarrassed and if shes not she should be. C xxx Love You.