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Lydia Coulls

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  • Female, Luv 493
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  • Last active: 4/3/11
  • www.bebo.com/Eyelids_x
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About Me

Yeah Boi!
Me, Myself, and I
Hey I'm Lydia,
I'm 16
I Laugh Alot
I Live In Falmouth & I Love It!
I Love Being With My Friends...They're Goodens.

Truro College ;)
The Other Half Of Me
Aisa White

Aisa White

Turn around bright eyessss!

I Like
Friends, Family, Music, Shopping, Money, Beach, Our Boat, Sun, Zac Efron, Chad Michael Murray, Hollyoaks, One Tree Hill, Listening to the Rain in Bed, Hot Chocolates in Work, Parties, Drama, Gossip, Cornwall, Holidays, Beach Bbq's, Laughing, Smiling, Singing, Relaxing, Joking, Indian Food, Big Brother, Coldplay, Fruit Gums, Truro College.
glowing_eyelids@hotmail.com - Gay as i know!

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Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart

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  • LYDIA.........

    LYDIA _______

    I _____ LYDIA.

    LYDIA is _____.

    If I were alone in a room with LYDIA, I would _____.

    I think LYDIA should _____.

    I want to _____ LYDIA.

    Someday LYDIA will ___.

    LYDIA reminds me of _____.

    My memories of LYDIA are _____.

    LYDIA can be _____.

    The Worst thing about LYDIA is _____.

    The best thing about LYDIA is _____.

    I am _____ with LYDIA.

    One thing i would like to know about LYDIA is ___

    LYDIA _____ me.

    LYDIA made me ________.

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  • David Blizzard
    luv David Blizzard

    Ye man, i dont dish this loves out often... possibly once every 3 years, so treasure this

  • Taron

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on JoeyBeardcxiee@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Taron

    I pulled in $541 in 2 days using the internet! It came from - http://bit.ly/93eSld You will love me for this!

  • Racheyy Cakess
    luv Racheyy Cakess

    Heyyy You Okkk ? Writeee Backk Lu x

  • Brett Millington
    luv Brett Millington

    lol im sorry about that :( how have you been? tell jake i love him :D xxxxxx

  • Brett Millington
    Brett Millington

    hello stranger!! (no love :( ) xxx

  • Racheyy Cakess
    luv Racheyy Cakess

    Fuckkkingg Monkeys xx

  • Racheyy Cakess
    Racheyy Cakess

    Heyyy Lol:L Yeahh Im Good Thankyou :) Been Up To much ? Writeee Backk x

  • Racheyy Cakess
    luv Racheyy Cakess

    Heyyyy Lydiaa I Got That Pic Of You & Dinorr On My Bebo !! :L You Ok ? Only Saw You Breifly At Connors Lol Write Backkk xx

  • Racheyy Cakess
    luv Racheyy Cakess

    Lol :L There No Snow Now :( xxxxxxxx

  • Kieran Lean
    luv Kieran Lean

    Seen as its you ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx

  • Kieran Lean
    luv Kieran Lean

    Well, seen as i'm on for the 1st time in ages, ill reply to u :D lol. I'm sure you'll get this AS SOON as your in from work ;) Love You Lots :P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

  • Steve Roe
    luv Steve Roe

    You love it. xx

  • Steve Roe
    luv Steve Roe

    i love lydia, she has chlamidia, i want kids-with-her, her name is lydia!!!! xxx

  • Emily Ridgeon
    luv Emily Ridgeon

    get better soon lol i miss you love you xxxx

  • Emily Ridgeon
    luv Emily Ridgeon

    love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Brett Millington
    luv Brett Millington

    i dont no if anyone ever told you.. but your gay :) x

  • Kieran Lean
    luv Kieran Lean

    This is your 479th love not even jokin :P xxxxx