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My 360 got returned today! Back of the net!

10/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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These people aren't chaps, they're twats!
Me, Myself, and I
I am Forrest. More commonly known as "Ginger" or "Lela's Husband". I am a student at Strathclyde University, this means discounts at Burger King, HMV and Borders, I am exempt from Council Tax and Jury Duty and Get Money for sitting in a class for 2 hours a day. Oh yeah, It also helps me get a Job or something like that. My days mainly consist of doing nothing at all. I go on Encycmet, Squadron 40, Bebo, MSN, and sometimes myspace. My favourite band is Metallica (I stay clear of the mainstream stuff) and could give you numerous facts about them that you don't know. This includes St. Anger. I also love Extreme Metal. As long as it's over 300bpm or under 30bpm, has satanic undertones, or is Norwegian, I'll listen to it. I also listen to Prog Rock like Rush and Pink Floyd, and Genesis, as well as Obscure Thrash Metal bands like Sabbat and Onslaught. I have a Lelabutton, she is the most amazing babin in the history of anything and I love her lots and lots <3. I have a band and like Sudoku.
The Other Half Of Me


She&#39;s Sexy, Epic & Listens to Onslaught. &lt;3 =] xyz

Lela &lt;3
Linda "Lela Cleb" Donnelly is my wifey. I love her with all my heart. I live with her & we are amazing. We will never split up. Ever. She is my babin, my snugglemuffin flavoured jellybean, who I love very much. =] >2 but <3, uvwxyz
My music tastes are usually reserved for people who are mentally ill, really. It ranges from hyper obscure Swedish Death Metal bands who only ever released demo cassettes or went and became garage bands like Crematory, Nirvana 2002, Carbonized, God Macabre and Leukemia as well as all revivalist bands like Bloodbath, Nominon and Maim, to cringingly middle-age Dad rock like Fleetwood Mac and Phil Collins. Couple this with a massive affinity for Thrash Metal bands like Onslaught, Gama Bomb and Lawnmower Deth as well as love of 70s Prog and you have a rough approximation of every incredibly uncool music genre known to man and my music taste, My 5 favourite bands are Metallica, Carcass, Bathory, Sepultura/Soulfly and Beherit but I am also a big fan of the following, seemingly random bands: Slayer, Leonard Cohen, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, anything to do with Napalm Death, Reverend Bizarre, Ulver, Celtic Frost, Obituary, Entombed, Grave, Autopsy, Burzum, A-ha, SunnO)))
More Musical Idiocy
Because there never is enough room for just ONE music column. The following is another list of bands which I have killed any possible semblance of "cool" they might have had by calling myself a "fan" of: Asia, Municipal Waste, Emerson Lake And Palmer, Anthrax., 3 Inches of Blood, Darkthrone, Death, Bolt Thrower, Primal Fear, Ensiferum, Turisas, Alestorm, Meshuggah, Cathedral, Swans, Blasphemy, My Bloody Valentine, Sarcofago, The Stone Roses, Extreme Noise Terror, The Verve, Akercocke, SSS, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Franz Ferdinand, General Surgery, Dragonforce, Dornenreich, The Beatles, Aborted, Black Sabbath, Arch Enemy, Death In June, Haemorrhage, Chimaira, Firebird, Fear Factory, The Hellacopters, Machine Head, Belphegor, Vader, Marduk, Behemoth, Decapitated, Kataklysm, Amon Amarth, Enslaved, AC/DC, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth, D.R.I., Pantera, Gorgoroth, Devildriver, Mayhem, Immortal, Heresy. If you're an idiot and still in any doubt as to what I like, check iLike below.
Reading Materials
My Newspaper tastes vary between a Guardian, an Independent or the Times when I have money and the Daily Record when I don't or need change for the bus. I read various magazines including Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance. As for books. If it isn't about "The War" then I probably don't care.
Things which are not Awesome.
Not being with Linda. :( The fact Boss won't release the millions of unreleased Bathory songs which lay hidden and unappreciated. Dave showing the same episodes of Top Gear 3 times a day. Being tarnished with the reputation of being a drunken bigot who's main interest is attacking non-descript members of various European police constabularies because I happen to support Rangers. My Inability to turn up on time or organise anything at all without it being a catastrophic failure. Deftones, Faith No More and Alice In Chains.

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  • Arfenhouse

    Someone uploaded all the Arfenhouses on Youtube...

    Ahhh, the memories...

    GIMME ALL UR MUNEYZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111


    And no, I'm not smoking anything :)

    Random Forrest Trivia #2: Forrest is the 14th Largest Economy is the world.

    0 Comments 312 weeks

  • Games List

    I stole this from Sandy out of Boredom...

    Top 100 Games, Fill out which ones You've played.

    1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [x]
    2. Resident Evil 4 [x]
    3. Super Mario 64 [x]
    4. Half Life 2 []
    5. Super Mario World [x]
    6. Zelda: A Link to the Past [x]
    7. Halo: Combat Evolved [x]
    8. Final Fantasy XII []
    9. Tetris [x]
    10. Super Metroid []
    11. Yoshi's Island [x]
    12. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [x]
    13. Ico []
    14. Super Mario Kart [x]
    15. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 []
    16. Street Fighter Anniversary []
    17. GoldenEye 007 [x]
    18. Final Fantasy VII []
    19. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [x]
    20. Civilization IV []
    21. Okami []
    22. World Of WarCraft [x]
    23. Metroid Prime [x]
    24. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time []
    25. Sim City 2000 [x]
    26. Advance Wars []
    27. Rez []
    28. Perfect Dark []
    29. Deus Ex []
    30. Shadow Of The Colossus []
    31. Katamari Damacy []
    32. Project Gotham Racing 2 []
    33. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night [x]
    34. R-Type Final []
    35. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty [x]
    36. Battlefield 2 [x]
    37. StarCraft [x]
    38. Virtua Fighter 5 []
    39. Secret Of Mana []
    40. Wario Ware Inc: Minigame Mania []
    41. Gran Turismo 4 [x]
    42. Rome: Total War []
    43. Bomberman []
    44. Super Monkey Ball [x]
    45. Company Of Heroes []
    46. Quake III []
    47. Far Cry []
    48. Puyo Pop Fever []
    49. Animal Crossing []
    50. Shenmue []
    51. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire []
    52. Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness []
    53. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 [x]
    54. Chrono Trigger []
    55. Counter-Strike [x]
    56. Guitar Hero [x]
    57. Soul Calibur []
    58. Tempest 2000 []
    59. StarFox 64 [x]
    60. Pac-Man Vs []
    61. Manhunt [x]
    62. Jet Set Radio Future []
    63. Lumines []
    64. System Shock 2 []
    65. Darwinia []
    66. F-Zero GX [x]
    67. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved [x]
    68. GTR2 []
    69. PilotWings 64 []
    70. Ridge Racers 2 []
    71. Ninja Gaiden Black []
    72. Killer7 []
    73. Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-a-Move) []
    74. Thief: The Dark Project []
    75. Burnout 2 [x]
    76. Ikaruga []
    77. Football Manager 2007 []
    78. Doom II [x]
    79. Secret of Monkey Island []
    80. Virtua Tennis 3 []
    81. Robotron 2084 []
    82. Lemmings [x]
    83. Nights []
    84. Phantasy Star Online []
    85. Silent Hill 2 []
    86. Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast []
    87. Mr. Driller [x]
    88. Sega Rally Championship [x]
    89. Tomb Raider [x]
    90. Devil May Cry [x]
    91. Super Smash Bros. Melee [x]
    92. Resident Evil [x]
    93. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door []
    94. Gitaroo Man []
    95. God of War []
    96. Wipeout [x]
    97. Tekken 3 [x]
    98. Sensible Soccer []
    99. Psychonauts []
    100. Crackdown [x]

    0 Comments 315 weeks

  • The Planets Have Aligned & Fate has Struck...

    YES, I MADE ANOTHER BEBO TO REPLACE THE ONE I MADE AGES AGO. I hae succumbed to public pressure & the constant nagging of Linda at her lack of an other half.

    So aye, I probably be Graffitting your White Board & posting Obscene Comments on here from now on.

    I was gutted by the fact that the About me bits were so short. Hence, I wll post a piece of Random Forrest Trivia on every blog now.

    RANDOM FORREST TRIVIA #1 (01/06/2007):

    Forrest plays a mean game of Switch.

    Album of the Blog:

    I also will put an album I'm currently obsessed with right now.

    Dornenreich - Durch Den Traum:

    I have been awaiting this album since March when I ordered it in Avalanche. I got it yesterday & FUCK ME, this is awesome. Thee's not really much Screaming, mostly whispers & there's lots of Classical Guitar over the Black Metal base.

    All the songs are untitled & the lyrics are in German & untranslated. Yay. Nonetheless, at the moment, this is my favourite Black Metal album ever. I've went back changed a few of the songs I made in Guitar Pro already because of this.

    ATM, Dornenreich > Burzum. :)

    Next albums I'll be getting are:

    Drudkh - Blood In Our Wells
    Nachtmystium - Instinct:D ecay
    Dornenreich - Hexenwind
    Burzum - Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
    Megadeth - United Abominations
    Megadeth - Hidden Treasures


    0 Comments 321 weeks

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    see you on sunday :] ? xxx

  • MaggieMonoxide'Xx 1/17/10
  • Lucifer-Shall-Rise-Once-More

    Dude, i'm officialy in love with yew!!! I not only love Metallica, but LIVE for them! Yew listen to Slayer, Megadeth, Blue Oyster Cult, Poison and what not??

  • Slippery Jim
    luv Slippery Jim

    Hahaha that's epic man, my horde of B26s shall darken the East-German sky!

  • MaggieMonoxide'Xx
    luv MaggieMonoxide'Xx

    aha! your comments made me laugh, i will take that advice :) I have totally failed credit english readin. i know for a fact because i didn't even finish the paper. computing was sooooo unbelievably easy :) i finished in 20 mins and that includes looking over my paper. So yeh i have Geography and Craft and Design tomorrow. They are two of my strongest subjects so i will be fine :) xxxx

  • MaggieMonoxide'Xx
    luv MaggieMonoxide'Xx

    D: D: Davidd! Help! Prelims start tomorrow!! D: D: any advice? D:

  • Lelabutton
    luv Lelabutton

    He he :) A-boo :D I couldn't see my comments on my mob for some reason last night :( Love you so much <3 xyz

  • Geebolarama.

    Yeah. "Hey guys, lets cancel our UK tour last minute, we got the Slayer support! It's all uphill from here! :) " Maybe...if the worst did happen and it got postponed to next year. May mean someone better could support. DevilDriver/Caliban/Mudvayne would be delightful.

  • Geebolarama.

    Well I do appreciate the effort. But if your slagging and pun's cause Karma to kick in and mean Slayer cancel, and I don't get to see them in the Barrowlands, I will take it as my own personal cause to DESTROY YOU. Thats no lie. Haha. Aaaah, haha. Awesome. I'll send you a request right now then. I gots GTA, Call of Duty 4/World at War, and a few more. But dem's my most played ones just now.

  • Geebolarama.

    I'm declining that last comment. Gee does not care for slagging of Tom Araya. Anyways, whats your XBOX Live name?

  • Geebolarama.

    Eh...gonna name these Filler tunes? Every song on it can not be filler because A] Dave Lombardo is seriously stunning throughout the album. And B] Every song is great. I'm actually preferring it to Christ Illusion. It grabbed me first listen. And it sucks about Tom's back, but they haven't postponed the dates yet...so hopefully they make it. Man, I'm listening to "Human Strain" right now. HOW can you say this album takes a while to get into? Jesus Wept. Though I kinda giggled at the "Back Serenade" pun...

  • Geebolarama.

    World Painted Blood is incredible. Like seriously.

  • Mikey
    luv Mikey

    haha cheers forrest! happy birthday to you too ;D

  • MaggieMonoxide'Xx
    luv MaggieMonoxide'Xx

    David.. i think wednesday is the last time you will see tom :'( xxxx