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Steven O Leary

Omg deres a friend online :D im nt d only sadcase in d world :D

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  • Male, Luv 408
  • from Killarney wat a borin hole of a place!!!
  • I am Single
  • Member since: May 2007
  • Last active: Feb 3
  • www.bebo.com/SmokySteve
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
im steve,im 22 nd livin life as much as i can!! if u no me uno me nd if u dnt dats ur loss!!!! :L
A Lesson I Learned:
>Dat I shud learn 2 calm d fuck dwn wen drinkin
>Never drink 4 12hours nd stay away 4m vodka(I was force fed)
>€5 cocktails r a gud idea at d time nt an our l8r
>Bottles r 4 drinkin nt 2 be thrown
>Birds makes u mre drunk nd cheap crates r cheap 4 a reason
>A hoodie cnt b used as a balaclava
>Food goes in ur mouth nt thrown across denjoes
>Dnt roar at ppl's mothers
>Taxi drivers r cunts nd dnt play wit poles
>Chains belong wit locks on gates nt in my pocket nd dnt dismantle chairs
>U cnt go d full way round d wheel in d funhouse no matter hw much u av ad 2 drink r who holds u
>Nd it is possible 2 get stuck in d slide!! :L :L
The Other Half Of Me
Lil Mis Turbo

Lil Mis Turbo

It was love at 1st sight...ill never 4get her starlet :p

era a bit of everytin really sure i spose dance, trance, euphoria den a bit of rock...
pretty much nytin wit cars, bikes nd explosions :L
Scared Of
heights, needles nd flyin :( :(
Happiest When
pickin away at cars :)
Bad Habits
bitin my nails, throwin my fne, talkin b4 i tink, bitchin nd crackin every bone possible!!!
Everytin dat aint processed peas, shades, paki's (i dnt want a big issue r a rose), signin on, bein sick, backstabbers, heat, cold, early mornins, planes, doctors, dentist,
hospitals, schools, teachers nd all others employed by d goverment!! (tanks 4 d dole tho) :L

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  • Stuff nd stuff!!!

    Name: Steve
    Nicknames: Smoky Steve
    Eyecolour: Blue
    Haircolour: Light Brown
    Long/short: Short<<< very at times
    Single/Taken: Taken by my bby
    Birthday: 23rd December
    Year: 1989
    Siblings: 2 brothers
    Shoe size:: 8
    Height::5ft 9
    Where do you live: In a house
    Piercings?: Ahh no!!!
    What schools/College have you gone to: Lissivigeen, St. Brendans college

    F A V O U R I T E S
    Favorite kind of trousers?: Jeans
    Band/Singer(s): A bit of everything
    TV show: Lost
    Colour: Blue
    Movie(s): Trainspotting
    Number: 13
    Boys Names: Mine :)
    Girls Names: Justine
    Animal(s): Cat
    Sport: My balls!!!
    Month: December...my bday nd xmas in 1!!!
    Breakfast: Depends
    Food: Double cheeseburgers
    Beverage: Coke nd Heineken...cnt live wit em cnt live witout em!!!
    Favorite cartoon character?: Does tom nd jerry count??

    H A V E Y O U E V E R . . .

    Given anyone a bath: Npe!!!
    Taken a bath/shower with someone: Ooohhh God Yes!!
    Bungee: Ahh fuck no!!!
    Made yourself throw-up: Npe!!!
    Gone skinny dipping: Npe brr cold!!!
    Eaten a snail: Eww
    Slept naked: Maybe...
    Put your tongue on a frozen pole: Yeah priceless!!!
    Liked someone so much it made you cry: No
    Been in love: Npe
    Broken a bone: Npe
    Played truth or dare: Who hasn't??
    Been in a police car: Yes :L
    Been in an ambulance: Npe
    Come close to dying: Had a few close calls
    Been in a sauna: Yes
    Been in a hot tub: Yes
    Fallen asleep in school: Yeah in my leavin cert!!!
    Broken someone's heart: Dunno
    Had your heart broken: Npe
    Cried when someone died: Does my cat count?? :L
    Cried in school:Yes
    Felt lonely: Alot
    Fell off your chair: It was pushed 4m under me i swear!!!
    Saved MSN conversations: Fuck msn
    Saved e-mails: See above
    Fallen for one of your best friends: Npe
    Used someone: Npe
    Been cheated on: Npe

    W H A T I S . . .
    Your good luck charm: Does my licence count??
    Best song you ever heard: Maniac 2000
    Your room like: Spotless
    Beside you: Justine :)

    Memory: Green Ibiza
    Friend: Allan

    Memory: 2 many
    Time of the Day: Morning

    1. What are you doing now: Tellin Justine wat 2 type :L
    2. Wearing: Clothes
    3. Better than yesterday? Gettin better everyday

    1. Is: Sunday
    2. Got any plans: Attack d wife<<<CAR!!!
    3. Dislikes about tomorrow: Im goin 2 miss my bby

    EVER HAD. . .
    Chicken pox: Npe tank fuck
    Sore Throat: Alot
    Stitches: I gt glued bak 2gether a few times
    Broken nose: Ive lost count

    DO YOU...
    Believe in love at first sight: Depends
    Like picnics: Depends who its with
    Like school: Npe!!

    L A S T P E R S O N...
    Who called you & why: Dad general bullshit
    That you called & why: Justine to meet me at d post office
    You danced with: Justine....I actually danced!!
    Who makes you smile: My bby
    Who was the last person to annoy you: James
    You yelled at? Dad
    Text you: Me cuz
    You Text: Me cuz
    Who broke your heart: No1
    Who told you they loved you: My bby

    Best: Reen
    Craziest: Reen
    Loudest: Reen
    Quietest: Twiggy at times

    1. Missing someone: Why wud i b doin dat she's ere
    2. Mood: On top of d wrld
    3:Feeling: Unreal
    4. Wanting: Insurance, nct nd a speed limiter :L

    0 Comments 218 weeks

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  • Lil Mis Turbo
    luv Lil Mis Turbo

    Yea till i stole yhu'r halo therefore stole yhu'r Innocence along wid it ya aint gtn it bk either :P Catch

    1/5/13 via Mobile
  • Lil Mis Turbo
    luv Lil Mis Turbo

    Haha i know yeah how random lyk. :P How i mis dese Bebo dayz. But can't delete my profo. Man your sick wid ur milf of grannys. :L Ahh how are yhu so certain that i luv's ya lol. Ere catch again considering your soooo good at it!!

    1/5/13 via Mobile
  • Lil Mis Turbo
    luv Lil Mis Turbo

    Heya fuckface how's things ya gobshite its so random im here chatten cha on de phone while typing this wonderful comment. You need ta update your profo haha Steve s butterboxs Steve s butterboxs hahahahaha hahahahaha Starlets OMG aren't you stuck in the ninetys with your lilltewoods butterbox that yhu so much. But ya know i ya really or maybe not hahahahaha here's sum catch if you can shit for brains!! :P HERE IT COMES >>>>

    1/5/13 via Mobile
  • Justine
    luv Justine

    eres a lil bak just 4 u baby :* :) x x x x x x :*

  • Lil Mis Turbo
    Lil Mis Turbo

    Heya stranger how's tng's??:) long tym no chit chat!!

    9/14/10 via Mobile
  • Justine
    luv Justine

    Eres a lil lovin bak baby :* x x x x x x :*

    9/9/10 via Mobile
  • Justine
    luv Justine

    tankies kindly eres sum back ere catch x x x x x x x :*

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    Its ben ages since i gave u love so ere u go baby :* x x x x x x

    7/27/10 via Mobile
  • Justine
    luv Justine

    God day were stingy comments x x x x x x :* x x x x x x

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    bebos such a bastard cnt repost 2 soon lik...wel mayb i feckin wana lik :L :L ne ways eres love num 400 :o yayness woot weekend 2geta again yays :)) yeah so i dunno wha im gna do while ur out drinkin doe :o il find sumit sure :)) x x x x x x x love u x x x x x x :* :)) :*

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    Droppin in wit a second love 4 u dat makes it 399 :o x x x x x x x :* :))

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    baby i wonder wha point 9 of a cent looks lik :L :L x x x x x x x :*

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    Bubbly...clean...wit d bra :L ...whos suckin ur nipple :L :L ....awh *massage* x x x x x x x :* :*

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    Awh *scratch* *scratch* x x x x x x x :*

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    My voice is goin 2 :( x x x x x x x :*

  • Hayley Fleming
    Hayley Fleming

    oh justien grl im so worth it hahaha!! it is ur fault steve, it always is :L

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    Eres my 2nd 2 :) and hayley stole both our last 1s but shes so worth it (hayley u beta read dis u sexy beast ya :L :P ) ne ways love u baby x x x x x x :*

  • Justine
    luv Justine

    Shit neva ticked d box duhhh!!!:L :L x x x x x x

  • Justine

    Hello eres sum bak 4 u baby :* (mine can b lazy 2 :L ) x x x x x x

  • Hayley Fleming
    luv Hayley Fleming

    awh u crator wit ur sore bak :L :L