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Gary Johnstone

To all my Bebo friends - I no longer maintain this profile, please contact me on Facebook or myspace.com/ garyjohnstone. Love and hugs, G x

11/25/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Eastriggs
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About Me

slow and steady wins the race...
Me, Myself, and I
Hello. My name's Gary. I like music.

Three things you will come to learn about me is that I'm always doing something fun, I'm usually hammered while I'm doing it and because of (sometimes despite ;-) ) my best mates Grimbo, Neil and Zakk who i love being around, I am usually in a good mood!
Clapton Is God.
John Mayer is Jesus.
Angus Young
BB King
Joe Walsh
Robert Cray
Brad Paisley
Noel Gallagher
Buddy Guy
Matt Bellamy
Chuck Berry
Jerry Lee Lewis
The Shining, Cadillac Records, Crossroads (not the Britney one!) Anchorman, Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2, Jurassic Park 3...and Jurassic Park 4 is in production!!!
I think others think I'm...
Up my own arse, talented (but not that much), 2/5 attractive, obsessed with my hair, hard working, forgetful, a good friend, a bossy boss, a perfectionist, putting on weight (so?), probably not that good at sex, shallow, honest and an all round entertainer.
I think I'm...
Fun, honest, paranoid, an acquired taste, daring, mostly happy, surprisingly good at point 8 above ;-) , quite lazy, good banter, a short fuse, sometimes moody, intense (in a good and bad way), dedicated, alcoholic, a Rock and Roll Star, on a different plane to most people - sometimes i say really stupid things that there's no way of backpedalling from, and sometimes i speak my mind and sound like a dick...
Happiest When
On stage. This usually happens four nights a week in some way, shape or form. Life is good.
My office...
Is the stage.

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  • Got a few more ideas...

    1. G Fox and the Blues Bandits (cheers Grimbo!)
    2. Bluesin' G and the Funkin Bees (geddit - Blues in "G" and the Funk in "B"s)
    3. Ben Dover and the Turner Hounds (eh? ...ah right, a gay joke...)
    4. Booze, Babes, Blues and Boogie
    5. Clap You Bastards, I've Got A Gun!


  • What should i call my new blues band?

    1. Husky G Stone & the Blues Bonanza Collective
    2. Slim G Fox & the West End Wailers
    3. G Funk Twice & the Thrice Nightlys
    4. Stone Cold Stone & the Bath Street Bangers
    5. Rocket G Funk & the Red House Riot


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  • 'Sex and the City', a biker festival and an unhealthy love for John Mayer.

    'Sex and the City', a biker festival and an unhealthy love for John Mayer - it can only be my new blog.

    For someone who plays 20 gigs a month, I'm a pretty boring person. My long awaited night off last night was spent arguing with virgin media over £15, washing dishes, dying my hair, flipping my mattress and setting up a mini studio in my flat. However by the time I'd completed my pathetic and thusfar fruitless attempt at a sound proof guitar amp booth, I found out the hard way that it was not.

    Apparently my upstairs neighbors are trying to sleep at 11.46pm on a Wednesday.

    So i proceeded to record some nice quiet acoustic guitar. Discovering during the process that I can't play acoustic guitar for shit.

    Giving up on my progress-proof nocturnal recording session, i got stuck into dying my hair and watching Sex and the City. Like a little bitch. This kinda stuff is what happens when I'm left to my own devices. I'm better off running about mental trying to be in 3 places at once! Tonight I may attend the rock radio jam session at Sammy Dows. My good friend George Sinclair assures me it's a hoot.

    Gonna sleep for a long time tomorrow before we head off to Dundee! 3 Card Trick are playing at The Social. Great fun. However the show is a little out of the oridnary as we have opted for the no bass player route, instead aquiring the services of your friend and mine, Owen "The Killer" T Muir. I'll be playing bass for half the night and guitar for half the night, with Neil on drums and Owen tinkling the Ivories as only he can! I love it when a plan comes together. Me and Owen used to be 2/3rds of a Jerry Lee Lewis tribute show which always got the crowd rockin!

    If anyone from Dundee fancies a night out, I'll be bombing about after the show for a bit. Staying at a room in Number25 that night. Neil's leaving for holidays early on Sat and Owen's got work in the morning, so me and a few of my Dundee mates are gonna head out and see what happens. Gimme a shout if your about and we'll hook up.

    Saturday should be interesting. Me, George and Des from Carnaby Street are playing the annual biker festival up at Drymen Showground. Usual Suspects and Ariel View also playing. Then heading to Cosmopol to celebrate Crawford Smith's wedding party. George and me will be heading in for a jam with any drummer who's up for a proper rockout! Bear in mind I'll be getting paid in booze so expect the unexpected...

    Sunday. The day of rest? Fuck no. The day of hangovers and more musical whoreage, selling our services of top notch tomfoolery and frantic fretwanking to the highest bidder. This weeks winners - Bar Bliss in Kirkie (blues in bliss) from 6-8.30pm and Ivory Blacks 'Blues vs Rock' from 10pm. Sometimes i wonder how i got to the point where apart from 2 or 3 days a week in the office (gotta pay the bills) i just get to pick my favourite musicians and play my own songs at great venues all over Scotland. Doesn't get much better than that!

    I know it's only rock and roll but i fucking love it.

    Just before I go - and on a slightly more emotional note, my top 12 favourite songs at the moment are all coincidentally contained within the album 'Continuum' by John Mayer. Most importantly the song 'Dreamin with a Broken Heart'. Sometimes i just find the lyrics of a song to be so touching and identifiable that i need to just stop what I'm doing and listen to every single word from start to end.

    "When you're dreaming with a broken heart
    Then waking up is the hardest part
    You roll outta bed and down on your knees
    And for a moment you can hardly breathe
    Wondering was she really here?
    Is she standing in my room?
    No she's not, 'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone..."

    Another song with the power to move you with its simple lyrics yet regrettable and chilling message that life aint always gonna be a bed of roses, and to make the most of the good times and people around you, is 'Stop This Train'.

    "Once in awhile, when it's good

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  • You wanna jam live onstage with Gary?

    It's amazing when people come to our shows and they love it so much that they wanna join in by bringin their instrument next time they come. It's what music is all about. If that's how people feel when they see me play my blues stuff or rockin out with the boys then it means I'm doing my job right as a full time rock and roll star - a clever journalist once said of Hendrix "girls wanna be with him, guys just wanna be him..."


    (and this following section is gonna make me sound like a total c**t, but it's gotta be said!)

    It's when people start coming to the shows EVERY week with their instruments EXPECTING to get on stage with us. It's starting to happen at every regular gig we do! Now pleeeease don't get me wrong - I love all the people we play random jams with - it adds to the show because we're lucky enough to know some amazingly talented individuals all over Scotland and God knows sometimes as a trio it's hard to entertain folk all night with just a gutar, bass and drums! But it can't get to the point where we've got three or four other random people who don't really know our set just gettin up and busking with us for the whooole night! It's ridiculous - where do you draw the fuckin line? You've got to remember that the reason we're at that venue every week is because we're a tight, well rehearsed and professional group of people who are committed to providing our audiences with a quality show night after night. They don't just wanna see two hours of "winging it!" (unless it actually is a blues jam night - that's what they're there for!)

    So in summary, if you fancy jammin with us I urge you to come to a gig or two first and see if you can add to the band in some way. If you can, send us a message or an email at mexigary@hotmail.com and we'd love to arrange a night where by all means, you can join us on stage for a while in front of the awesome audiences we have these days... but for fuck sake don't get in a huff if you're not on all night, don't expect to be using (and possibly breaking and having to pay for) any of our gear, and finally due to the fact that we have cars and council tax to pay for - don't expect a split!

    You can have the fat groupie tho...

    Hope that hasn't put anyone off but if you've been to see me and the boys recently you might know what I'm talkin about.

    Regardless of all this pish, luv and hugs are still in order - xox x

    P.s. There's a space below where you can rate my projected arrogance from 1 to 10. 1 being the lovely cuddly Dave Grohl end, 10 being Bono.

    Proceed with caution ;-)

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  • 2 FREE pairs of guest list passes worth £10

    Hey there blues fans!

    Hope this blog finds you well. I've got a few exciting shows coming up with my blues trio, and I'm looking forward to them so much that I've gone into a mad mental guest list pass giveaway frenzy!

    First of all here's the shows in question -

    Sun 28th June - Blues on the River Festival, Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow
    My stage time's about 1pm on the ferry, due to the next gig...
    Sun 28th June - Dundee's Blues Bonanza Festival, The Social, Dundee
    First Dundee show since RocketFox played with The Subways.
    Mon 29th June - supporting John Mayall, 02 Academy, Glasgow
    This gig proves to be a surreal pleasure.

    I have 4 guest list passes for the Renfrew Ferry gig. Gordie from Gun and George from Carnaby Street will be joining me on stage for this show. Gonna be a blast! Remember it's a 1pm showtime, so a good excuse to drink in the afternoon! Not that you guys need one ;-)

    The tickets are also valid for the whole day on Sunday 28th - that's a whole lotta awesome free music!

    I could just give them away, but to create a sense of competition, if you can answer this question, 2 guest list passes are yours -

    What surname do the blues legends Albert, BB and Freddie have in common...

    a. Johnson
    b. Lee
    c. King

    Answers on a postcard. Or if you prefer, just comment here or send me a private message.

    Catch ye soon!

    G x

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  • Helloooooooo

    Well helloooooo sir.
    Thanks for the addy thang.
    Hope all is well with you sir, even if you never have any time wot wi all the 4,382.5 bands yer playin with.
    Will no doubt cya sometime soon.
    Want to come see the blues thang you do m8.
    Look out for you playin and get along soon.



    Al T 0 Replies
  • Better late than never
    Better late than never

    You're missing ballons! x

    Catherine 1 Reply
  • Gary

    Hey stranger can actualy see u know when im talking 2 u, u that said u dont bother wi many old mates n tht na only yolkin, so wots fresh?

    Gemma Smith 0 Replies

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  • Grimbo
    luv Grimbo

    hey bro! yeah work is goin well. Miss you guys tho. We should do a reunion gig at some point. If i can remember how to play....lol Good luck in Paris! x

  • Grimbo
    luv Grimbo

    dude i totally miss you! :) x

  • LLnicebbtgphaaf

    Hey dude. I know you'll probably be gigging or something but if you're free I'm doin an acoustic gig in Lauries on thursday and havin a parry on the 13th

  • LLnicebbtgphaaf

    Hey dude. if you're free on thursday I'm doin a wee acoustic gig in lauries. Lainey's playin. And gem n Andy are playin xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Dean Johnstone
    luv Dean Johnstone

    Aye, I got John Mayer's Continuum album and Stevie Ray Vaughan's Texas Flood album, definitely fun times.

  • 8/22/09
  • Lynne Elliott
    luv Lynne Elliott

    Sorry dont know if i got your txt... can we re-schedule? Hope your well smiles lynx xx

  • Lynne Elliott
    Lynne Elliott

    This is a really gay profile skin dude!! change it or be square ;) What happened to you on sunday, eh you forgot about our arrangement? Smiles wee lynx xx

  • LLnicebbtgphaaf

    dude. havin a party at my mum and dads on friday for my bday if you're up for it.

  • Lynne Elliott
    luv Lynne Elliott

    Cool I'll get thinking and get back to you, what about me house hahah thats cheap... There will be somewhere that suits the bill ;) Smiles wee old lynx :(

  • Lynne Elliott
    Lynne Elliott

    Monday night seems cool to me at the minute. Where do you want ot go for a drink??? Im saving as im going to Torronto inAug so none of your swave bars im afraid ;) Mwah mwah xx

  • Lynne Elliott
    Lynne Elliott

    Gary going to txt me about going for a drink before bedtime please it might help!!!! Im no 24hr machine like yourself :) Smiles lynx x x

  • Mummikins

    Hello Mr How Are You? x

  • Calum Mcninch
    Calum Mcninch

    Gary. I miss you and love you very much! HAHAHA!!! X