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Mrs Agnew

Me & Ian are gonna have a wee tiny baby!! 25th May. OMG sooooo exciting!!!

11/20/08 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Hey there, anyone that knows me knows all about me, anyone that doesnt and wants to know then just ask :L
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Love you to bits baby xoxoxoxoxox

lik all kinds of music especially ones i can have a good boogie to and sing along with!!
never have any time to watch films cus im too busy planning my wedding. Its cracks Ian up - he has been wanting me to watch Armaggedon since we got together but we just havent got round to it!!
lik most sports - watchin them anyway lol! specially football - Man United!!
Scared Of
wasps big time, hate them, dont really like johnny longlegs either yuk
when im drunk haha!! or when im with Ian & Freddie but especially when i get a day off work - it bores me to tears

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Ian getting his LEGS WAXED for Children In Need

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  • luv Caron Milliken

    Well Mrs Agnew, any sign of this baby yet lol I'm still betting on an 8 pounder lol We buns D, epidural all the way !! Nah, you kno i'm only kidding - you're gonna be a great mum and God help anyone who says different lol C xo

  • Diane Taylor
    Diane Taylor

    hi love not lonf now til the baby comes congrats to u both xxxx

  • Suzanne Hesketh
    luv Suzanne Hesketh

    hi danielle congrats on ur news, u'll love being a mummy!! my sis is due in middle of jan, cant wait, my first niece/nephew whoop whoop!! all the best take care!!

  • Mia Xiong

    :0) howdy Check out this link to pimp out your profiles hehe! www.instant-offer44.com cya

    7/14/08 via Mobile
  • Kelly Lowry
    Kelly Lowry


  • Suzanne Hesketh
    luv Suzanne Hesketh

    Well ive really just kept in touch with jade, but jade has kept in touch with lindsay clarke & sarah bell and of course laura mcmilly!!! The wedding last year was brilliant, we all had a ball, we're gonna go back 2 cyprus next year cos we really loved it!!! My sister has just found out she's pregnant & shes over the moon, shes not due until jan!! Yeah ur gonna have 2 get urself a baby, motherhood is great!! ha ha!! Did ur cousin have a girl or a boy, i bet ur really broody!! Me & mark have been 2gether for 12 years coming in august, how scary is that, we are very happy, we're 2 bloody eejits!!! Its lovely 2 hear from ya! keep in touch!

  • Jenny

    :L :L :L :L wat have i done???

  • Suzanne Hesketh
    luv Suzanne Hesketh

    hello danielle, its suzanne hesketh (bennett) here, i remembered that u were getting married on the same day as jade so i decided to look u up, hope u dont mind i had a nosey at ur pics!! u looked gorgeous on ur big day!! & u's both look very happy!! i have some pics of jades wedding on my bebo if u wanna have a look!! i'll have to add u as a friend cos my bebo's private!

  • Diane Taylor
    Diane Taylor

    Congratulations Danielle Good luck for the future xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jenny
    luv Jenny

    ok il have a look :L :L i duno its some mask that was in his friends house!

  • Joanne

    congratulations hope u had a brillant day you certainly got the weather for it!!! xx

  • Tori
    luv Tori

    wow ur gettin married in lik 2 hours :D :D how scary! n look at ur wee counter down to ur wedding :( 0 days lol have sum love n congratulations for when u read this! luv uuu xxx

  • Jenny
    luv Jenny

    oooooooooooooooooo only 1 and half days 2 go :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D so exciteddddddd xxx

  • Louise O'Doherty
    Louise O'Doherty

    Hi - good luck with the wedding preparations and see you saturday for a celebration.

  • Darren Taggart
    Darren Taggart

    my turn lol aye can see that happenin soon like me n keilty forever im grand jus bit sore jus outa hopsital lol, found a wee old nurse she sat motherin me was funny like

  • Haggis

    its him im marryin your blowin out, ilove u taggart,

  • Haggis

    as if were goin next week but u dont know bout it yet , tag is gettin married next tuesday