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It will be a big dirty moist fact squatting on your brain like an octopus and you don't want an octopus squatting on your brain do you?

12/30/07 | me too! | Reply

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Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo

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  • How did it happen???

    Cleopatra's death; how did it happen? we all know she was bitten by a asp (snake)alongside her maids but why did she do it?

    theory 1

    Cleopatra and her maids decided that pillow fights weren’t good enough so they tried asps...."asp fight!"

    theory 2

    Cleopatra decided that snakes were 'in' thing in the fashion world...her snake wasn't dead when she wore it as a waistband...

    theory 3

    Cleopatra received a pack from Antony saying 'to my love' she opens it to find it spring loaded with snakes like the prank of the jar of nuts they then bite her she throws one at her maids yelling “every freakin‘ time"....Antony had a grim sense of humour

    theory 4

    Cleopatra wanted to be the first woman to use snakes as a bra.…

    theory 5

    Cleopatra thought the snake bite would make her look distinguished upon recieving the snake bite she decided that 'snake bites' should be her groups ‘thing’...

    theory 6

    Cleopatra somehow knew that girls would perform a dance about her death Choreographed to 'S.O.S' she thought to end the agony as soon as she could..

    theory 7

    Cleopatra designed new weapons to fight against all invading forces.. one was called the 'asp-apulte' a snake launching machine made from snakes upon demonstrating it's abilities in battle, it broke somehow...

    theory 8

    A box containing asps arrived at Cleopatra's door with a sign saying "don't touch ya dumb bitch or you be dead'. Cleopatra thought reading was so yesterday.....

    we will update!!

    ***written by leah and josh***

    0 Comments 253 weeks

  • Stupid Things my Friends have said.

    The following is a list of stupid things me or my friends have asked or said:

    "If a person has no blood pressure can they still live?"

    "If the sun wasn't there it will still be hot in Australia"

    "Real estate agents are dead to me"

    "Did the school's pond burn down?"

    On hearing Peter Andren died "That's soooooo sad.....Who was he?"

    Friend "Wasn't hitler that football player that plays for the red team?" Other friend "do you mean Manchester United?" friend "yeah that one" Other friend "no"

    "Oh I get it, I know what the first fleet was"

    " Are size P Boobs illeagle?"

    "Really were're the 5th fattest nation awesome....wait"

    "What's eBay?"

    "Do boys have virginities?"

    "How does north move?"

    "Hey if you put more songs on your Mp3 does it get heavier?

    "Clouds only appear to be going the same speed as the earth they are actually staying still and the earth moves"

    Teacher "who says deadly?" Friend "Steve Irwin"

    "This mince is nachos without the chos"

    "This mince is spaghetti bolognase without the bolognase"

    "I an I.Q of 136 ( 130 being borderline genius) I guessed the questions"

    "This cheese tastes like fingerprints"

    "Times new romans is dead to me"

    "I've never seen a urinale before...at least not live"

    "Why are you taller when you are doing a handstand?"

    "Is Hamlet in Macbeth?..... Oh Macbeth I know that story no wait that's Hamlet"

    "China should have a sorry day for Australia"

    "Why is there an China town but not an Australia town?"

    That's it for now post more sayings and i'll add them to the list.............

    5 Comments 289 weeks

  • Feuer frei!

    Whoever knows pain becomes criticized
    from the fire that burned up the skin
    I throw a light
    in my face
    A hot cry
    fire at will! *

    Bang bang

    Whoever knows pain is raised
    from the fire that burns in desire
    A sparking thrust
    into her womb
    A hot cry
    fire at will!

    Bang bang
    Fire at will!

    Whoever knows pain is dangerous
    from the fire that burns the soul
    Bang bang
    The burned child is dangerous
    with fire that separates from the life
    A hot cry
    Bang bang
    Fire at will!

    Your happiness
    is not my happiness
    it is my misery

    Bang bang
    Fire at will!

    0 Comments 290 weeks

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  • Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo
    luv Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo

    yes.. Im not to sure why, but something dragged me here

  • Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo 9/6/10
  • Amba-Louise
    luv Amba-Louise

    I love you Joshurah

  • Amba-Louise

    I see where I stand in your list of friends :(

  • Jade.P
    luv Jade.P

    oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love you AWWWWWWWWWW ya slut....wait u called me a slut josh.. a slut

  • Jade.P
    luv Jade.P

    for yesterday.. happy birthday my love

  • Chevi McPickles
    luv Chevi McPickles

    suck on it bitch!! you should lend me a random anime... just coz i said so. my ear hurts

  • Jade.P
    luv Jade.P

    house keeping?

  • Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo
    luv Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo

    :) shanx joshi! Lovin back!! whats new kiddo, we never tallk these days.. or for like a week, whatevas rel e :p

    5/18/09 via Mobile
  • Jade.P
    luv Jade.P

    well one bad decision cant effect our whole relationship josh my gosh hahahahaha well thats why u need to make mine anyway, coz what if i do the wrong thing???

  • Jade.P
    luv Jade.P

    josh make my life decisions for me :(

  • Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo
    luv Splish Splash Rubber Duckkie-Xo

    JOSHI!! I love you kiddo! Have some lovin.. [=

    5/6/09 via Mobile
  • Jade.P
    luv Jade.P

    joshii i loooooooooove you! alot like ALORT!

  • - Sammi -

    hey my love add SamanthaJ635 its my new one doooo it

  • Amba-Louise
    luv Amba-Louise

    i dont hate u joshii i just dislike u ALORT! nah i love u