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Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo

haha, this profile has gone from 440 hits a month to six... that makes me smile! facebook it maytee :)

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Dan McArthur, Adam and Matt's Gloucester misadventures.....

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  • Mystery Trains

    .....Guess where I'm going this weekend!!


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  • Cheltenham

    - Right. To all those of you who don't understand my not-so-small obsession, I decided I owe you an explanation:

    Cheltenham Spa is a town in Gloucestershire, near Bristol, [go look on a map all ye ignorant Mid Sussex children!] with about 110,000 inhabitants - so roughly half the size of Brighton. It's about 100 miles away in a straight line, and 150 on the road/railway. I've never been there.
    Why, I hear you ask, is that a reason to quest for it?
    Well, it's a long story, but I'm bored. It all started in the Summer of Luuuurve [Shack] - 2006 - when I first heard tell of the place from a girl I met:
    "Where's Cheltenham?"
    "Near Gloucester"
    "Erm.... Where's Gloucester?"
    "Ooook...... Never mind!!"

    And call me weird, but I was thinking like: "It's like I've heard that name somewhere before!!"
    So then I look on a map and see where it actually is.
    Ohhh, over there.
    And thought nothing more of it, right...?

    Well....no. *rolls eyes*
    That should have been the end of it. BUT, this mystery town kept coming up all the time from random sides of my life. And it still does.
    Some examples:
    - Year 11 included a plot to build a Cuckfield-Cheltenham zipwire!!
    - Whilst knowing NOTHING of St. Trinians, I bet adam "that Cheltenham will come up somehow in this" - and yes. Yes it did. Which blew my mind completely!
    - Of the past two newspapers I've read, it was the subject of three articles
    - Remember Dan Mcarthur - one of my best friends at WP, year 8-9? He disappeared completely? Well I got back in touch with him recently, guess where he is.....
    - If Sarah takes me to Cheltenham, I'm buying her a lava lamp! And she also has a MSN stalker from there... And claims I'm gonna get married or something there.
    - I was at my grans on Christmas Day, and some friends of hers I didn't know showed up randomly.... Past "Oh, we're from Cheltenham" I heard very little!!
    - The mysterious Mr. MARK has been to Cheltenham, but never thought to let us know until last week! Grrr!!
    - The OS map of the surrounding area is "Explorer 179", right? But every map shop I have looked in has had something along the lines of this: 177, 178, 181, 182..... IT'S A PLOT [probably]

    So there you have just a few that I haven't forgotten of the many reasons why... I probs haven't explained very well. But basically, we (me and four of my partners-in-crime) agree that it's downright bizzare, and some magical wizard is trying to lead me/us to buried treasure or soemthing....

    One day this summer, I'mma go'a Chelt. And things will never be the same again. I don't know why....
    they just won't.

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  • My Life in memorable quotes.... Now with lower saturated fats!

    Arranged in chronological order for your reading pleasure! They get older as they go down; WP is near the bottom, and the oldest is from about year 8? Enjoy :D

    -"I'm a VERY strong Christian" - One month later.... - "What branch of Christianity are you from, then?" "Oh I dunno.... Marks and Spencers!" - Haha nice one elaine...! :P
    -"You can't draw pizza into a wire." - Bloody retarded physics course..... Sound advice there, though!
    -"The Eye of the Crimson King IS UPON YOU!" - Sinister inscription in the loos at college!! Anybody care to interpret...?
    -"But Jack... What are you gonna do when you get a girlfriend?" "Hate her." - Mr Summers on relationships and shopping... =S
    -"...And that's why I don't put a laptop on my vagina." - Rebecca Shortall frets about wireless networks
    -"So the image gets processed by your eyebrain to be the right way up....." - Science professors are eccentric but 'eye-brain'?!
    -"OK so: We need to go to Cheltenham, find the fountain of youth, drink some water and be healed, then go back to Eastbourne and destroy the Wishing Tower" - Yeah, life is basically one giant medieval quest.
    -"Whenever I think of the people of Cuckfield I just have a mental picture of a midget army - with webbed hands!!" - Tim Johnson, the only communist in Mid Sussex
    -"Does the 'S' in your necklace stand for sarah then?" "Nahh, stands for slut" - well, at least she doesnt hide from it :L
    -"Yeah but its soo hard not to grope other people!!" sarah quote, again... yes she is fairly perverted.
    -"Its like oh my god its halloween..oh what are you doing? Nothing but its like halloween!" - Emily on why halloween sucks. She's so right, we get all excited and then do nothing =\
    -"Matt, you know what we really need? a GREAT BIG BUCKET OF MONEY!" - (Disco) Stu
    -"Small dogs are so pointless. That's what we have cats for" - My sis
    -"Strangers are just people we havn't freaked out yet." - Tom....how true is that?! :P
    -"We actually did detective work and concluded....we ROCK!" - Sarah on herself and Emily!
    -"Are you a feminist?" "No..." "Good! We're gonna get on well then!!" - More from that train...
    -"Go on, pinch his arse!!" - A 5 hour train ride with complete strangers!
    -"WIV'FIELD: LION SIGHTINGS REPORTED" - The crappy local paper, it made my day!! :D (see other blog lol)
    -"Conventional isn't a word I've ever associated with you, Matt!" - Mel on the varndean induction day
    -"OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THOSE POOR INNOCENT TEDDIES" - An Epic Oakmeedian (and adam & matt) trip to Shoreham :)
    -"The postmen hate us...we'd get shit through the letterbox every morning...." - Shoreham
    -"WHAT YOU DOIN IN ERE?! GET AHT!" - Yeah. I dont think the postmen did appreciate our giant hide and seek much. :L
    -"Sorry, I've got a bit of a gingerbread orgy going on here...." - Shoreham again....a real misadventure of a day. :D
    -"The Oakmeeds lot are actually pretty funny for their randomness, I mean can you imagine anybody else dressed as a condom in public?!" - Partner in crime in Shoreham!
    -"Yeah, well one day we'll reproduce, and then there'll be more of us! HA!!" - Partner in crime.
    -"You ask me for a poem. I offer you a blade of grass..." - Kinglish, crap poetry!
    -"Oh yeah George, the birth of modern music, I'm sure they suck!" - Dan Scott gives George Knight a well-deserved correction on what the Beatles are like! Kingsters English :D
    -"Roses are red, Violets are blue...I'LL FUCK YOU WITH A RAKE" - A mysterious inscription on the wall of the Poker Rooms, which may or may not have been added by Collette.... =S
    -"Beware the Ides of March." - Minkler's Dire Warning.
    -"ARGGGGHHHHHH!!! The SPHERE!!!!!" - Matt+Adam+Dan Scott+Peter Landriani+PE = TROUBLE. :L
    -"They're twins, that's all" "So why did I see them kissing earlier, huh?!" "Erm.... they, er, love each other very much....." "Oh, OK" - Just for kicks, we persuade my sister in year 7

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    They are giving away mac book air's http://alturl.com/73w8r

    8/13/11 via Mobile
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    NOSTALGIC SHIT. How sad! xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Fallom
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    Yeah i think ive kinda figured that one out lool. but thought id try JUUST in case lol. lewes is great ish lol. exams coming up which sucks , but mehr. and im gd thanks . Youu? and i'll facebook yah in a bit. chat soon smelly :P

  • Fallom
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    ahem... HELLOOO. how you doing these days? Missing me and paige yet? and our silly asses. Me falling over in tutor..ALOT. Paige making animal noises lol. Annnd i cba to type anymore so chat back soon (:

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    OBJECTION! No silent H, ergo not me.

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    wha u on a bout lol

  • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo
    Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo

    vv ahaha. erm, complete randomer?!! =S.

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    ''HA, and the point in this is....? Mid Sussex can fuck a dog in the arse x '' Shut Yuur Mout Yuu Silly Cunt =] x

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    Just to keep the bebo loving going! xxxxxxxxxxx

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    Just a question. No scariness intended.

  • Gunther
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    June the nineteenth perchance?

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    http://www.theanswerbank.co.uk/Food-... SARAH IS ALWAYS RIGHT. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Sarah Holloway
    Sarah Holloway

    and what effect exactly has changing your language had? xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rhii

    no lol he's president of the student exectutives or something :S and it was pretty much them who had to come in, though i did see a few people who still had to come in but i doubt you had to... haha omg how funny :P well it WAS for a bottle that now contains the elixir of eternal life fromt he fountain of youth! i'd say it was pretty much worth it ;) x x x

  • luv Rhii

    Haha the famous expedition to cheltenham ;) have fun? i was talking to adam at college today(: you blates gotta give me some...where did you steal said water from? :S x x x