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One Bullet, One Kill - The Honourable Code of those silent assassins.

10/28/07 | me too! | Reply

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Global, But I'm In The UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is a Band For All The Snipers out there and all those future Snipers.
God Bless You (and me) all!

One Man, One Rifle, Four Bullets, One Kill.

Snipers have to undertake a rigorous 8 week long selection course in Wales where they are trained in the 6 basic sniping skills of shooting, observation, stalking, judging distance, map reading and sniper theory. On operations they have to operate deep into enemy territory to report on enemy movements and kill vital enemy personnel, all whilst remaining undetected.
Snipers are respected by their comrades and feared by the enemy. Snipers are experts at camouflage and concealment and rely on their cunning to survive. They must be very patient, very fit and an expert at shooting.

For Even More Information, Visit

Happy 2 help you =]

Jamie Harding
Parachute Regiment Sniper
(well someday anyway lol)

Check Out My Book Too:


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SAS Snipers Training.

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  • Karkat

    I'm thinking about turning a Boyys .55 calibur anti-tank rifle into a sniper rifle. What do you think. Obviously modifications are going to need to be made.

  • Mr'Ho

    m21 all the way barette 50 al the way

  • Harleigh

    me and my l96 warrior airsoft rifle my favourite rifle except for the m82a1a SASR barret

  • Connor Clark
    Connor Clark

    how long do you have to train to become a sniper

  • Rfg

    think fast shoot faster

  • Rfg

    when u get down that let god gide u

  • Steven Mcloughlin
    Steven Mcloughlin

    fenian bhoys right get da fuck out of here more and more of you will just die so fuck off

  • Kayleigh
    luv Kayleigh

    Like everyone else on this i would like to be a sniper in the future though i`am not the best at readin distances so i might just let better people guard me from far away lol

  • Beveridge

    thats cause it is a sniper :L :L

  • Inconnu

    Hey that sort of looks like a sniper over th-

  • Jimbo

    I have made a skin which has some sniper rifles in itXD If you like you can use it , search for sniper rifles battlefield 2 , call of duty 4 , guns. Hope you like it , its one of 3 of my skins i made...

  •  John.K

    hi hows you :)

  • Beveridge

    again you dont realy need to have a math qualification to be a sniper...they teach you all of it if you get the chance to become one

  • Tom Choo Choo
    Tom Choo Choo

    wat maths do i need if i wanted 2 b a sniper ??

  • Beveridge

    dont have to join the marines to be a sniper, you can be a normal soldier and be a sniper

  • Robert Louie
    Robert Louie

    People that say they'll be a sniper...95% of the "Future" snipers will fail during the schooling. And also, from my understanding and insiders. You have to be screened to be on your way to being a sniper. Meaning, you have to join the Marines or some shit, unless you live in some foreign country, where as..This information is pointless. Thus concluding, not "Everyone" is fit to be a sniper, you have to learn SO much things in little time. Be prepared!

  • Scott Doherty
    Scott Doherty

    fucking yasss snipers !!! honerd by commrades feard bye the enemy haha :P

  • Jamie

    life long dream to be a sniper 2 and a half years ,, WATCH OUT

  • Dylan Murray
    luv Dylan Murray

    did any of ye check out the cheytec m 200 light intervention sniper rifle fuck sake all ye can do is name the fucking rifle's out of cod like wat the fellow said down below