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Lawrence O'Kane

fatboy slim an deadmau5 2day! bar time me finks.lol

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  • Male, 26, Luv 22
  • from strabane
  • Profile views: 5,943
  • Member since: March 2006
  • Last active: Jun 18
  • www.bebo.com/Lorny_08_
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Me, Myself, and I
Me on the 'DISCO' Boat.lol Wat a MAD wknd dat was.lol :)
My Top 10 Dj's
#1. Tiesto #2. Eddie Halliwell #3.Sander Van Doorn
#4. Paul Van Dyke #5. Dj Scot Project #6. Marco V
#7. Lisa Lashes #8. Deadmau5 #9. Armin Van Buuren
#10. Randy Katana, the list goes on.
All the Rocky movies, Saw 1&2, America Pie, Road Trip, Van Wilder, Pulp fiction, The green Mile, anchorman, Goal. the list could go on.
Footbal, Gaelic and enjoy playing and watching the Snooker
Scared Of
Myself sumtimes...lol ohh aye also knowing that I will be getting a hangover in the morning.lol :)
Happiest When
When I am getting drunk, out with my mates, when I am drunk and then sleeping.lol
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Scot Project - I want your love

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  • Vodka Prayer

    THE vodka PRAYER
    Our vodka,
    Which art in optics,
    Hallowed be thy drink.

    Thy will be drunk,
    (I will be drunk),
    At home as it is in the pub.

    Give us this day our thriced distilled,
    And forgive us our spillages,
    As we forgive those who spill against us.

    And lead us not to incarceration,
    But deliver us from hangovers.

    For thine is The vodka,
    The smirnoff and blackcurrent.

    0 Comments 317 weeks

  • March

    Attractive personality.sexy. Affectionate.Shy and reserved. Secretive.
    Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity.
    Sensitive to others. Loves to serve others. Easily angered. Trustworthy.
    Appreciative and returns kindness. Observant and assesses others.
    Revengeful. Loves to dream and fantasize. Loves traveling. Loves attention.
    Hasty decisions in choosing partners. Loves home decors. Musically talented.
    Loves special things. Moody.

    0 Comments 373 weeks

  • do it!! :)

    1. Who are you?
    2. Are we friends?
    3. When and How did we meet?
    4. Have you ever wanted to punch me?
    5. Give me a nickname and explain why?
    6. Describe me in 1 word
    7. What was your first impression of me?
    8. Do u still think the same?
    9. What reminds you of me?
    10. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    11. How well do you know me?
    12. When was the last time you saw me?
    13. Ever wanted to tell me something that you couldn't?
    14. Are you going to put this on your blog and see what I say about you?

    11 Comments 378 weeks

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close What Is Your Partying Personality?

Wild Alcoholic

You alway consume the most beer at the party. You party to drink, and you drink to party. While we are all impressed by your drinking abilities, some of us are worried that you'll need an intervention if you are going to quit the habit. At the end of the night, we will find you passed out on a sofa, mumbling, and smelling of cheap whiskey.
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close What military position are you?

What military position are you?

My result is: Automatic Rifleman

Armed with the M249 SAW, the automatic rifleman combines awesome firepower with quick maneuverability. The automatic rifleman is essential in providing overwhelming volumes of suppressive fire from medium to long range. No fire team is complete without the Automatic Rifleman. The Automatic Rifleman provides a fire team with a belt-fed machine gun. The M249's high rate of fire, and large ammunition capacity gives a squad/fire team a weapon that maintains a consistent rate of fire to provide cover for the unit. However, this weapon has its drawbacks, particularly weight. Due to this, the automatic rifleman is the slowest among the classes available.
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What colour best suits your personality?
What Rocky Horror And The Picture Show Character Are You?
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What Kind of Music Are You?

My result is: Dance

You have WAY too much energy. It probably has something to do with your recreational drug habits, but who knows. Your favorite place to be is anywhere that's so loud you can't think, so dark that everyone looks good, and so crowded that you're swimming in a sea of your own sweat -- or at least it seems that way. Why else would you hang out at dance clubs all the time?
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What Type of Heart Do You Have?
Are You Sexy, Flirty, or a Slut?
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Which shoe are you?
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Which girl from yr8 would sute u best as a friend/girlfirend?
With book from the twilight series do you like best?
What Xbox Charecter are you
What Anime Would You Star In?
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  • Rian Mac Giolla Easpaig
    Rian Mac Giolla Easpaig

    I netted in $618 in three days doing stuff on the computer! It's all because of - http://x.co/KTGE friends help friends!

  • SmexiBum

    Y Wer U At ??...

    5/2/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    Aw dunno wot im gna nw :L ah well it was a dump ne wi

    4/25/10 via Mobile
  • SmexiBum

    Naw It A Big Suprise I Nva Party Lyk :L Happy Days Dn. . Tel Ronan 2 Tx Me Bk 2 Da Wee Fckr :L

    4/18/10 via Mobile
  • SmexiBum

    Aye Course Partyin Flat 2 Da Mat :P Wbu ??.. Wer U Ot Lst Nyt :O

    4/18/10 via Mobile
  • Five Door Mafia
    Five Door Mafia

    Heard ye kept the trend alive lad.. us nightshifters not bothering ty turn up ty our own leaving do's.. Kudos my friend.. lol

  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    Aw aye fk itll cost ye a fortune dwn der. Who did ye end up in sion wi :DD

    3/13/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    Fk wer did ye go partyn :D go 4 da crk fink ders still tickets left :DD

    3/13/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    Yes of course cant wait :D marco v playn in cookstwn da nyt aswell :DD

    3/13/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    luv Emma Hetherington

    Wot abut ye did u's go t sligo yest :DD wee red boy 4 ye :D

    3/13/10 via Mobile
  • SmexiBum

    Awk Wat Bou Ye Lawrence :D Aw Dnt Chat Saa I Av Been Partyin Flat Since Thurs Avnt Slept Yet R Ntn :P Wbu ? Wer U In Derry Wit Ronan Lst Nyt :O Aw Wel I Wud Giv Ya Sum Bt Me Has Nne Lft :( :L

    3/7/10 via Mobile
  • SmexiBum

    Wat Bou Ye Lawrence :O :L

    2/28/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    luv Emma Hetherington

    Aye of course i njoyd mesel onli went hme cause i felt sick :( u still dkn

    2/14/10 via Mobile
  • Lucid Events Holding Page
    Lucid Events Holding Page

    Hey Everyone Incase you havent heard, FRIDAY 12TH FEBRUARY 2010. NOISECONTROLLERS are playing BAR SEVEN, BELFAST, Doors open at 8pm. Admission: £10 (Pay at door) DJs Bring your demo down on the night for your chance to play at our next event VIP TICKETS There are some limited VIP tickets which can be bought via bebo mail. These are priced £12. Please check our blog for more information. Buses to the event Should you or a friend be running a bus to this event please get in touch with us, we have loads of incentives for bus organisers! Please also check out our facebook event and spread the word! Thanks :D Sent to Lawrence O'Kane and all there friends! (if you do not wish to get this comment please remove us from your bebo list) Thanks

  • luv Wenz Patz

    Aw dats grand den its lik chattin dey a brick wall chatin dey dat wanker! :L :L Luvage returned :DD

    1/3/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    Gna get wendy t pt em up da marra der mad :L :L wer ye wrkn da nyt :DD

    1/3/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    Land dwn sittn dkn ere sat in al new yr as i was sick since tues :L :L Aw sum pics a u nd ronan fkn mad sir :DD :DD

    1/3/10 via Mobile
  • Wenz Patz

    Well fank u :L I said dey da bro all week dey bring it bk into u den he was aff den cuz his wayne was in hospital!

    1/1/10 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    Shit 1 avn t wrk xmas nyt :( bt sure ye can go mad nw da day ha

    12/26/09 via Mobile
  • Emma Hetherington
    Emma Hetherington

    K fanx :D ye al set 4 pl fck i cant wait culd hardly sleep last nyt :L :L

    12/26/09 via Mobile