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  • Male, Luv 20
  • from nowhere :'(
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Me, Myself, and I
howdy :D da names Steve Sutton, I live in Oswestry.although not officialy living with her i stay with my girlfriend lucy watson alot, love her to bits. anything you wanna know apart from the stuff posted just ask :) .. obviously not the most interesting person in the world, here is some general info :D

Age: 18
height: 6ft - 6"2
weight: 11st
build: Slim
shoe size: 11
hair colour: Dark brown
eye colour: brown
marital status: in a relationship
favourite colour: Red
favourite shade: Black
lucky number: 3

Feel free to add me at Angel_boy56@hotmail.com :D

http://www.consolegrab.co.uk/?r=98066 go on this link to get a free console of your choice aswell. it take a few mins but worth it trust me :P
all kinds! lol just not def or heavy metal
like all films aswell lol errrm favourites are probably
hell raiser, freddy got fingered and moulon rouge :L
basket ball and rugby
Scared Of
Losing my friends
Happiest When
I feel my friends can talk to me, with my friends and when i'm with my babe.
pissed off when
people lie to me or go behind my back
The Other Half Of Me
Lucy W

Lucy W

Lucy my baby love you so much!

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  • Plz do this

    What is your name?
    Are we close?
    How well do you know me?
    Are we or have we ever been best friends?
    What did you think of me when we first met?
    Do you still think the same?

    Opposite sex:
    Do you or have you liked me in "that way"?
    Would you ever go out with me?
    Would you ever kiss me?
    Would you ever fuck me?
    Could you ever love me?

    Would you Ever save my life in risk of your own?
    Ever wanted to tell me something you couldnt?
    Would you stick up for me in a fight?
    Would you call me if you needed some1 to talk to?

    What is your overall opinion of me?

    anything to add?

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  • My star sign

    A Masculine Positive Cardinal Air Sign
    Polar or Opposite sign: Aries
    You can charm your way out of anything.

    Libra Traits
    Positive Traits

    • Diplomatic and urbane
    • Romantic and charming
    • Easygoing and sociable
    • Idealistic and peaceable

    Negative Traits

    • Indecisive and changeable
    • Gullible and easily influenced
    • Flirtatious and self-indulgent

    Libra Likes: gentleness, sharing, conviviality and the "finer" things of life
    Libra Dislikes:injustice, violence, brutishness, disharmony, quarrels and bad manners

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  • Ina Greer

    hey yo hit me up if you wanna get freaky with this gal on cam, my msn is ranchogjfczb@hotmail.com byes :]

    11/10/08 via Mobile
  • Danielle Hudson
    Danielle Hudson

    klkl.. u add me i cnt b on ere lng atm x

  • Danielle Hudson
    Danielle Hudson

    hey.. fink i vaguely memba u! :S lol hw is Stevey? i sent him a msg a wile ago bt nva gta reply!:( hws evryfink ova ther?

  • Makenzie Wyatt

    sup Bryant This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane22red@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    8/7/08 via Mobile
  • Brooke Wilkerson

    omg Zenon Bebo is being stupid! I cant upload my pics for some reason. =o( Hit me up on msn messenger jane81bmw@live.com xoxo jane

    7/19/08 via Mobile
  • Bettina Sutton
    Bettina Sutton

    hi bro...dont no if u ever go on the internet any more but i thought id send u a msg any way.......hope your ok...and i hoe to see you at some point when i come home...love u x

  • Danielle Hudson
    luv Danielle Hudson

    hey how u been? miss u!! xx

  • Stteeph

    coooooooooooey!!!!...missss me much?!hahaha! i no i no!!!...most ppl do!!!...u well gta cum out soooon...aint seeeen ya 4 ages ya biiiig geeeeeeeek!!!! :P lv yaaaaa xsx

  • Lucy W
    luv Lucy W

    just givin you my love Love you a&f xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx"Luv 4eva"xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Lucy W
    luv Lucy W

    love you lots babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Stteeph
    luv Stteeph

    hey geeeeeeeeeeek face!!!!! ;) u k?! fort id giv ya pic...so u dnt 4get me!!!!:P ...u can av my lurrrrrrrrrvage 2day 2 (im feeeeelin generous 2day can u telll?!lol!)...coz i lurrrrve yhooooo like...a fish loves water!!!...n bum lurrrrrrves the toilet seat!!!! :D wb lv ya muchnesssssss!!!!...xsx

  • Bettina Sutton
    Bettina Sutton

    hi bro ite ur big sis...the 1 u like...haha....hows u ?...havnt heard frm u 4 a wile...im ok...still up in scotland...gaz is hear now...got a new job...im actually in work now as i am writing this...so i better go ...take care...love you xxx