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i fuckng hate hiar cuts :( :) :( :) i love u jess

11/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from my fucking big mad cardbord box
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Me, Myself, and I
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 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒│ /▒/
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┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●ρєα¢є●●
☆    ▦    ☆

ℓ o α ∂ ii и g...
██████████████] 99% ρєяƒє¢тιση
════☆♥════════════════ i hate school but i like to party and i love having a girl firend
hip hop r&b rap
scary films
soccer surfing football
Scared Of
nothing scares me
Happiest When
sleeping partying talking going fishing and camping and surfing and having a girl firend
importint things
send some love i need some come on i know u want to

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  • Haneen

    Got a new facebook account..... add my profile http://goo.gl/KCYur

  • Ickdays.

    nothing much brro :L wbu?

  • Jebus

    thankss :P

  • luv Courtneey-

    havee thee lovee cuuz ; howws thee gurlls goinn aye ayee ;) or aree you still going ouut wihd daht chickk :L loveeyaah (=

    1/15/10 via Mobile
  • Fuckyou

    mathheww; sduinn? how are you ? .x

  • luv Courtneey-

    ahhy` cuuz waaht youu doingg ? havee thh` lovee youu wannted agess agoo :L wjeen we gunna see you nest ? youu and alisom didi go to nan and pops last night to say goodbye to aunty rutth coz shes gone baq up too kempssey :( anyway sill talk to youu soon ; loveeyouu;x

  • Melz Kuz
    Melz Kuz

    mat got msn bro?

  • Melz Kuz
    Melz Kuz

    yeeekuzzzz i went it was gun (Y) yeah go next year :L :L hot chiks brahh :L

  • Melz Kuz
    Melz Kuz

    mattyyy!!:L :L how u going brahh im good good:D

  • Courtneey-

    heey breww (CUZZ ) good hbu ? nutthingg mucch hbu ? loveyoutoo.x laayderss

  • luv JeSs.

    heey thanks for the love ttul byee love u

  • Courtneey-

    heey cuzz yeah i knoee :L yeah ive been alriight hbyuh ? aha. saturday i was wid mhy boyfriend nd some maytess lolsdd :L we walked past yuhr housee i was gunna knock buht yuhs werent homee :( lolsd i dont think he wants to meet yuh ahah :L bye olve yuh cuzz

  • luv JeSs.

    Heey Wat up too anywayz Bye Love ya xx

  • Serenababesx

    your what?

  • Serenababesx

    wtf?????? ur funny ;) my ass

  • Courtneey-

    Aeey I wanna go too sleep buhtt ii carntt :L Imm soo fckiing tiredd Coz da wedding was last night nd now imm Up till lieek midnightt AGEN :L Anywaays Imm outt layterss lovee yaa !

  • Serenababesx

    sebouhs doing nothing ahhhhhhhhh ok

  • Courtneey-

    Ohh umm okaay :/ But aree yhuu comingg tonightt or waaht ? :L

  • Courtneey-

    Yeaah Omg ii wanna go Butt were having ae BBQ att myy housee toniightt Soo yeah tha kidss might go Oii yhu comiing toniight ? Andd yeahh tha wedding was awesomee :DD Loveyaa

  • Serenababesx

    yeeeeeeeeeeep sure am lebanesss and syrian :P


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