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i miss the days that things actually happened on bebo haha, its a load of shit now.

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  • from Cambridge
  • I am Single
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Me, Myself, and I
my name is Chloë
and I really hate touching bins.
i drink + smoke to much
+ i want a halfcasted baby boy called Kenzie.

I have MSN ask me for it!

"Chloe darling, is a fucking BABEEEEE! [;
She makes me hard, & makes me feel soft at the same time. She has talents beyond belief & she looks good even when she's passed out on the floor, wasted off her rock."
from lucy. brap
chloelele makes me go "dayuuum!" everytime i see her. my favourite thing to do with her is hit the bottle or disucss nipples. Is damm good fun.
The Other Half Of Me



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  • Erinshikari
    luv Erinshikari


  • Samoaweathehartiz

    Haeyah haozyt hpe yoa k3pyn w3l holah bak x

    3/28/10 via Mobile
  • Samoaweathehartiz
    luv Samoaweathehartiz

    Datz bebz 4yah hav a hart nd welkum 2 mah page :-)

    3/26/10 via Mobile
  • Samoaweathehartiz
    luv Samoaweathehartiz

    Add meh ub gurl :-)

    3/20/10 via Mobile
  • 3/18/10
  • -Nh.Dm.

    text me baybeeeee. xxxxx

  • Kiran
    luv Kiran

    I miss you :( ily

    1/6/10 via Mobile
  • -Nh.Dm.

    lol I dnt use facebook much baby :( you should text me :'( cause I miss youu xxxxx

    11/26/09 via Mobile
  • -Nh.Dm.

    Chloe babieeee. How are yooh? xxx

  • Kiran
    luv Kiran

    Chloe i love you gf ♥


    Hey dude if you get a chance please check us out,become a fan and tell us what you think!Would be much appreciated!We are releasing a new album in December.peace

  • Summer Nekole
    Summer Nekole

    Hellows :) How are you? your stunning and i hope you had a really good halloween :D bye byess xx

  • Pixie Awesome
    luv Pixie Awesome

    offft hello sexy. :)

  • luv -Nh.Dm.

    I miss you too :( how come you don't text anymore :( xxx

    10/17/09 via Mobile
  • luv Dumb'Ass

    Megans Profile ''courtney is silly, i dissagree with her comment. silly courtney, silly.'' Chloe This Arguement Is Just Between Me And Megan. So if you dont mind keep your nosey bad tasted self out of our arguement missy. ;) ;) iloveyou really <3

  • luv Christina

    need a good old chat soon [: love u Xxxx

    10/4/09 via Mobile
  • luv Christina

    Love you so muchhh xxxxxx

    10/4/09 via Mobile
  • Erinshikari

    hello chloe. marry me :)


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  • blabla, don't use bebo now, so i just post stuff so i can copy and paste it another time to save tim

    AFI, Ai Takahashi, All that remains, All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold, Baby Shambles, Betty Curse, Bikini Kill, Bloc Party, Bratmobile, Bring Me The Horizon, Brokencyde, Chiodos, Circus Of Dead Squirrels, Crystal Castles, CSS, Dashboard Confessional, Disturbed, DIOYY, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Enter Shakari, Flyleaf, From Autumn To Ashes, From First To Last, Geoffrey Paris, Hadouken, Hawthorne Heights, Head Automatica, Hollywood Undead, The Horrors, Katy perry, Kill Hannah, KoRn, Mika Nakashima, Millionaires, Mindless Self Indulgence, Morning Musume, Nightwish, Panic! At The Disco, Partyshank, Peaches, Placebo, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Robots In Disguise, Shitdisco, Slipknot, Soho Dolls, Stonesour, Trash Fashion, The Used, The Veronicas, Vidoll, You Me At Six

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  • ffvdsgds


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  • I say a lot of random things. I'm pretty open minded. I like to party, but I prefer chilling out on normal days. I love the summer, because I can lay in the grass and cuddle with whoever's nearest. I love the rain, though, mostly because I love kissing and dancing in it. I like kissing and dancing in general. I ramble a lot, but sometimes I just don't want to talk. Sometimes I just want to make out, sometimes the thought of other people repulses me, though not often. Oh dear, here I am rambling again...

    Chloë can be a bitch sometimes. You'll probably be offended by something I say. I refuse to censor myself. I don't care if you don't find me funny or agree with what I have to say: not everyone thinks exactly the same way. It takes all kinds to make a world. If you disagree and it bothers you that much, just distance yourself from me, and our lives will continue on unaffected by that of the other's. Get over yourself. Before you send your silly hatemail think of the kind of person you are. I'm completely content with myself, are you? I have a life, and it's amazing.

    Chloë is who she is. I'm trying my best to live my life to the fullest. I am completely content with who I am and the choices I've made. I've made a lot of mistakes, but that's not what matters. What matters is that I've learned from them all, and that I'll never make them again. I'm not perfect, I'm not the skinniest or the nicest girl in the world. I'm not the funniest, or the coolest. I'm not the most popular, but I'm not unknown. People will hate me, people will love me. There's nothing I can do about that.

    Chloë is god-free. I wrote "god" with a lower case "g" to imply that I don't only mean the Christian/Jewish god. I mean all gods. I am not against religion, but I find the entire concept of it to be bullshit. "We can't explain the world right now, so let's make up stories and tell them to our kids." I don't see how fables written in a really old book constitutes truth, but oh well. I don't really care what you believe, and I'd enjoy it if you didn't talk about it, or try to get me to believe the same thing. I am very much Atheist, and have been for a while. I don't think it's cool or trendy, I just think science is a lot more plausible.

    Chloë is done. I'm done explaining myself. No matter what I say or don't say, people are going to judge me, and I'm fine with that. I'm perfectly fine defending my beliefs and listening to you defend yours: my opinions will not change. The best way to get to know me is to get to know me. Stop reading my profile and thinking you know who I am. It's just MySpace. I can be whoever I want here. That's probably why I love it so much.

    0 Comments 201 weeks