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Gavin B

i got a delivery today, almost all of it was correct.

6/3/08 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Yaaaar maties. I be a sea cap'n of a dutch transportation vessel named the Spanish Rose. I've been at sea now for at least 8 years. The last port of call was an old run down fishing village on the east coast of Scotland. The locals refered to it as Kirkcaldy. I am lead to believe this roughtly translates to shit hole. The locals were a rowdy bunch, none the likes i have come across before. However my preconseptions were short lived. The first night in port the local tavern was good enough to put us up and even start a tab. I asured the inn keeper that my coinage situation was shortly due for a vast change to the positive. He took my word as a gentleman, more fool him, and the rum began to flow. The next morning it transpired i has wagered my vessel on a game of munkey knuckles. luckily for me i seemed to have had the luck of a beginner and went on my merry way with pouch of rubies, a portly author and 17 buxom young maidens.

Till next time me harties.
sea shanties
the only film i be knowing of is the film i gets on me custard, yaaaar
sword fighting, buckaneering and wooing ladies of the upper classes with my wild tales of adventure
Scared Of
sobriety and sea monsters from the deep
Happiest When
drunk/pilaging either or, or both

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  • Gina Carroll
    Gina Carroll

    I netted in $594 in three days being on the web! It's all because of - http://x.co/KTFs You will love me for this!

  • Blair Mcquade

    not been up to much m8, just lots of driving and nae shit fae customers on the phone lol. the france thing wiz great mate, a week in scorching sunshine, 200km of beach rite next to us AND getting paid for it, cant be bad lol. glad your keepin well mate, a will really have to try ma ass of n get down n c u some time mate, if you fancy a swally that is

  • Blair Mcquade

    wots happenin dickhead? hows life treating you ya big poof? how goes it neebs and wots happening? are you good then? did ellen tell yi a said hi to you? hope your daen ok matey and getting on good. try reply this side of new year mate

  • DBa Shauny - D
    DBa Shauny - D

    Aye gettin sorted with royalties n aw that. Gutted gonna miss stus stag doo likes so have a good wan.

  • DBa Shauny - D
    luv DBa Shauny - D

    You fancy dancin on Friday gav?

  • Carolina Langley

    sup sweetie I was going through peoples profiles, and i think you are an interesting guy, and hot too. I was doing a lil cam show for my friends gettin naughty, hit me up on MSN my names carryovericrkd@hotmail.com pz

    11/10/08 via Mobile
  • Blair Mcquade

    am doing great shithead, am totally loving the job, its farbetter than being stuck indoors every day getting nuthin but abuse from aresholes on the phone, at least a get it face to face lol. i might just pop down in a few weeks to have a night out wi you chap and catch up on old times

  • Jade Manzur
    Jade Manzur

    hink were going to harlem txt me ur number have pm'd u x

  • Jade Manzur
    Jade Manzur

    Lol your not the only one, I think we were all out our tree that night - I still can't remember a lot of it. I'm good but think I have some kind of stupid ill bug - feel like crap today...Was out last night getting a bit merry as usual and me thinks I'm suffering today...again...

  • Bobby

    Lifes shit, it all sucks an i cut the top of me finger off. ooowwww. lol

  • Jade Manzur
    luv Jade Manzur

    Only 4 luv? awww...have another lol..How's it going anyway? :P x

  • Michele

    you need a haircut lol xxx

  • Peter Linnemann
    Peter Linnemann

    hello gavin. good to hear from you. life here has been interesting. i've done a lot of diving now and, besides seeing many blue spotted (irwin killing) stingrays, its very relaxing down there. no tattoo i'm afraid, not until i come back to scotland. i know the one i want but scotlands the best place for it for sure. i did lose my foot, but found it again, and superglue really is a mans best friend when various appendages are dettached. have a great night on friday, dont set yourself on fire. ( i still have a picture of you frantically blowing out your sizzling, blistering, everclear finger back in the hillside street days!) i presume stuart spread his good news to you? have you congratualted him? peace brother, pedro...

  • Lucy Duncan

    Hey Gav. How you doing? What you doing up at this time? :o) x

  • Michele

    wooo you getting posh these days smoking your own brand of giggs lmao xx

  • Blair Mcquade

    mind send me that info cap`n, if you diny mind that is

  • Lucy Duncan

    Hee hee, I had still taught myself once you showed me how to do it!! How is work? Sorry I took so long to reply, just back from holidays :o) x

  • Brian S
    Brian S

    hi gavin how you doin me old ship mate how crm treatin you. catch up soon Brian