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Michael W

"Slaughter me deadless!!"

12/12/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 34
  • from Tamworth
  • I am It's Complicated
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About Me

"Slaughter me Deadless!"
Me, Myself, and I
i grew up in tamworth and it is my home, but now i live in Toowoomba, and have for the last 2 years. its pretty good, but the guys from tamworth are still my bros for life. im doing grade 12, and its sick. i was a sport house captain, but was naughty, and it got taken off me.yes i know, im a rebel. i love my music, and listen to it everyday, lots. I am currently part of the band "Midnight Tides", and have been for the past 6 months. we play metalcore/deathcore music, and are progressing with every song. I love the band, and writing music. everybody thats reading this, shood go to www.myspace.com/midnighttides and check it out. i am a Christadelphian, which is very similar to a mainstreme christian. i do beleive in the bible, and everything in it. i beleieve this life is a test, and i wanna do the best i can so that one day, i may live in gods kingdom forever with him
Midnight Tides, Divine Heresy, Beneath the Sky, Trivium, Job for a Cowboy, Poison the Well, slipknot, Emmure, Fear Factory, disturbed, bring me the horizon, korn, metallica, stone sour, mushroomhead, becoming the archetype, Children of Bodom, mudvayne, In Flames, the used, linkin park, nickelback, soilwork, sevendust, All Shall Perish (best high scream ever!), Dragonforce, Through the eyes of the Dead, ParkwayDrive, Walls of Jericho, All that remains, Atreyu, As i lay dying, Breaking Benjamin, Fear Factory, System of a Down, Rob Zombie, Rise Against, Cradle of filth, Papa Roach, Still remains, Avenged Sevenfold, ACDC, Meat Loaf, Murderdolls, Underoath, Wednesday 13, Winds of Plague, Offspring, P.O.D, basically metal of all sorts, exept for death metal like cannible corpse, that should die. i also like a bit of soft stuff like MCR and FOB. i dont like swearing, and dont do it myself, unfortuantly all the music i like has it, but i wont change cos of it.
Anchorman (by far, the best film ever made), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, War of the Worlds, Disturbia, Summer Heights High, The office, American Dad, Supernatural, The Chaser.
soccer cos its awsome, croquete, watching footy cos i suck at it, V8 supercars.
Scared Of
nothing. although i dont like spiders, falling( like giant drop) and being center of attention in large groups.
Happiest When
doing random crap with brothers, going mental with Midnight Tides, driving mums Rav 4.
is a nice sorta fellow.

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Job for a cowboy- entombment of a machine

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    my b'day party

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  • Hayley Askin
    luv Hayley Askin

    !!!Heya Big Mik!!! =D

  • Nieves Gutermuth
    Nieves Gutermuth

    heyyy whats up of every possible phenomenon, whether physical, m

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • Nieves Gutermuth
    Nieves Gutermuth

    heyyy whats up are the Regents or Angels who rule over the Cosmi

    8/23/11 via Mobile
  • JL
    luv JL

    well hi there friend. how's grade 12 going fo you? pretty much haven't seen yo all year, so i think we should catch up soon. i'm coming to your graduation thing. and yeah that's all i have today. don't drown JL

  • Alice

    hey fat head! i havent been on here for yeeeeears. r u gonna come to the combined meeting this sunday? i doubt toowoomba is invited. but you should come anyways. and we are all gonna try and make an effort to come visit you some sunday :) anyways...see you around!! xx

  • Beau Tindall 10/4/08
  • Beau Tindall
    luv Beau Tindall

    Ive given yu sunshine ive given you rain Guess your not happy unless i open a vain.

  • Alice
    luv Alice

    hello i came on here to tell u something, & then i forgot & signed out. so i had 2 sign bak in afta i had already turned russells comp off & put everythin bak the way it was so he didnt know i had been in here lol. & its not even that important. this says its in reply 2 some comment u sent me ages ago.. well its not. so neyways... i pretty much made the coolest half a costume eva! im so proud of it and it looks sooo cool. 4 staceys party this is. & seein as u told me i had 2 go 2 stephens 18th.... im tellin u u hav 2 go 2 staceys 21st! also she said u were invited. so yeah thats all i had 2 say. its awesome & u will miss out on seein it cos im neva showin ne photos of it 2 u & i will make sure ne1 from toowoomba doesnt take photos of me in it. hahahaha. but its okay if u dont come. seriously. i will sho u a photo of the coolest costume ever. i slept in till 11:45 2day which i thought was gross. and then i ate a choc chip cookie for breakfast. cya!!!!!!

  • Jason Lee
    luv Jason Lee

    hey man wats been happenin, i was chillaxin here thinkin fuck i miss mike lol, like not in a faggot way lol but yeah when u comin down again man? and whyd u comment everyone but me ? lol anyway ima call u tomorrow sometime i reckon? sound like a plan to me lol anyway dude itll be good to hear from an old mat eyeah? we will see lol peace bro

  • Tanni-Take.That.Decepticon
    luv Tanni-Take.That.Decepticon

    OMG I havent seen u since the formal i think shit i missed u and our weird weird art lessons with drawing crows being abducted my aliens lol haha good times.. anyway hows you up to lol... yr 12 sucks as usual and yeah i'm still taking art ohhh i am ranking 1 in english standard well still pretty good i think and funny cause an asian getting good marks on english pretty funny... anyway just turned 18 kinda fun but feeling old haha lol how deffently gona catch up i got my P's thank god but have been like my brother and sister's driver everywhere lol i got a major art to do pretty shit and got an english assignment dur on friday pretty shit to then the singleton thing anyway dude u hav grown like alot from your picture u look awsome i still look like some old rachy lol o well... i cut my hair shorter lol took of like 1 foot of hair haha pretty funny everyone didnt really hav a reaction to it only told me not to cut my hair lol anyway when u coming back next i wana catch up lol ttyl