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im da next"the freak"

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  • Male, Luv 4
  • from United States
  • I am Single
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Da Best Linemen In Da State
Me, Myself, and I
~*74 Til Da World Blow*~
What color should I die for?
How old do I grow before my love of the color grows cold?
Help me choose a symbol my friend can die for.
The star?
A Hat?
a hand sign?
It all makes sense?
Who wouldn't die for a color or symbol?
I would......wouldn't I?
You can...won't you?
My baby brother should..... shouldn't he?
Are these symbols that hold us together, the meaning of life?
Is a color as important as Freedom or a symbol and hand sign as virtuous as Love?
What madness have we
Soujia boy Lil Boosie Lil Wayne Lil Webbie J.Holiday Plies T.Pain
Scared Of
GOD and nobody else
Happiest When
Wingfield go all da way 2 da championship and bring back da trophy
Tru Nigga
Gs and Whitten and mi kinfolk ballaz at wingfield

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Lil Wayne - Prom Queen Instrumental

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  • Bun B

    bun b (talking):
    Man fo real I love being from the dirty south mane
    It made me the G I am today
    made me the hustla I am today
    the grinda, the baller, the gangsat I am today
    A lot of people got opinions, issues, and problems with what they see comin from the south but we doin well n the south mane, but ima tell you like this: fuck you dog, this the south nigga we been, gonna be here, and we ain't goin no mutha fuckin where
    take it hoe you like it, hate it or love it ho.

    bun b:
    It's that candy paint, 84s
    belts and buckles chrome and grill
    leather seats, stitched and tucked
    TV screens and wooden wheels
    Swade roof, neon lights
    whole tire swang and bang
    top drop, blades chop
    big wheel just hangin man
    white ts, fitted hats
    jordans or da dickies (dickies)
    that swisha sweet cigoriilas filled up with the stickey
    15s bamin
    and the base keep kickin
    cadillac do slammin
    on dem 4 4s tippin
    we ain't trippin just flippin
    these haters dip when they see us (when they see us)
    cause they can neva beat us best us or be us
    I'm a G thats a genius
    besta just respect my duggie man
    it’s the south, ain't nothin above it and thats why I love it mane fo real.

    Rick Ross:
    Pray at night, we sellin white
    Got one key tryna sell it twice
    Yellow stones all in my shit
    Yellow bones all in my dick
    Honeycomb I call my crib
    Money long, that’s on my kids
    I rock Peter, my uncle chad
    UGK you can’t fuck wit dat
    Niggas fake, they hate my candypaint
    And all the paper that your partner make
    Shakin dice like a face of life
    Champaign just ain’t tastin right
    Haterade they Gatorade
    Look at these seats, they gator made
    Friend or foe niggas never know (know)
    Never know when you finna blow

    David Banner:
    Do you scrape up the curb
    Then was sippin some syrup
    Then was blisted, twisted, since this pimp got in dat herd
    But I handle my issue
    I got several pistols
    That won’t whistle, missles not gristled from fatty tissue
    Mississippi’s my home
    Till I’m die and I’m gone
    I know I put it on my back held dat bitch up alone
    Put no label but docking
    Pride split into fractions
    I hit the ocean on heavy bustin back at the crackin
    Ya’ll know (Ya’ll know)

    8 Ball:
    Lets talk about Pimp C, Bun B
    8 Ball, MJG
    Big Boi, Dre 3000
    Scarface, Willie D
    T.I.P, Young Jeezy
    Birdman, Lil Weezy
    Trick Daddy, Young Buck
    So So Def, Jermaine Depri
    J Priss, rap-a-lot
    Juicy J, DJ Paul
    Slim Thug, Lil Keke
    Chamillionaire, Paul Wall
    We all different, but we all rep the same thang
    God first, family then money in the south mane.

    They call me pimp tight, MJG
    The dirty south, it’s everything I want, everything I need
    Everything I’m hungry for
    When I’m outta town gotta get home just for it
    Everything that I been raised to love
    The wheels that my grandmamma gave to us
    Racial profilin, police harass are regular days to us
    You say door, we say doe
    You say four, we say fo
    You say whore, we say ho
    You want more, but we want mo
    What else is there left for me to do
    This the dedication from me to you
    The south, I know you gonna see me through
    So until I die, I wanna be with you
    You’re everything.

    0 Comments 256 weeks

  • gd

    the real gangstar
    War Code Iz 7-4-14

    6 Star G'z

    My 6 pointz=Love Life Loyalty Wisdom Knowlege Understanding

    If I Die Show No Pitty
    Send My Soul To
    Gangsta Citty Digg A
    Hole 6 Feet Deep Lay
    The 6 Point On My
    Chest In Tell King
    Hoover I Did My Best
    Lay The 3 Point Clown
    On My Head And Tell
    King David Another
    Disciple Is Dead


    ---folkfolk--folkfolk folkfolk---


    we G'z are always out
    we G'z don't fuck around
    we G'z don't run our mouths
    we G'z never back down
    we G'z slang them drugs
    we G'z got them guns
    we G'z kill five o's
    we G'z fucked those hoes
    we G'z are always strapped
    we G'z are like that
    we G'z pull them triggas
    we G'z killed them niggas
    we G'z are rowdy rowdy
    we G'z are bout it bout it
    we ain't scared to throw it up
    we G'z dont give a fuckK

    AsHeS*2*AsHeS*N*dUsT*2*dUsT* In*FoLk*We*TrUsT*iN*sLoBz*We* BuSt *If*U*KiLl*A*sLoB*U *WiN*a*PrIzE* If*U*KiLL*a*G* yOuR*wHoLe*FaMiLy*DiEs* 6 PoPpIn * 5 DrOpPiN* 6 fLyIn * 5 DyIn * 6 BaNgIn * 5 HaNgIn *6 PiMpIn * 5 LiMpIn * 6 BuCkIn * 5 DuCkIn *6 gUnNiN * 5 RuNnIn* 6 fLaGgIn * 5 dRaGgIn * 6 RiPpIn * 5 DrIpPiN *LeT iT rAiN*LeT iT dRiP* BuSt*A*sLoB* iN*dA*LiP *AnD*mAkE*hIs*fAGgoT*aSs*CoLo R*dRiP* LeT iT rAiN*LeT iT tHuNdA *BuRy*A*sLoB* 6*fEeT*uNdA* SpReAD*Yo*wInGz *&*raIsE*eM*hIgH* G'z*&*D'z* sHaLl*nEvEr*DiE HoLd*Da*6*aBoVe*Ya*HeAd* RaIse*KiNg*DaViD*fRoM*dA*dEaD * HoLd*A*fIrM*GrIp*2*YoUr*sWoRd *RaIsE*yOuR*PiTcHfOrKs*We*At* wAr* DeAtH*BeFoRe*DiShOnOr* FoLkS*aLiVe! *BoUt*DaT*SiX *nO*lUv*Fo*fIvE* B.o.S.s, S.o.S* wE*hAvE*wOn! *aLl*AiN'T*wElL* bUt*AlL*iZ*oNe..


    0 Comments 269 weeks

  • Y they call me Mr.Badazz

    wen u c dat blu u kno dat a badazz iz in da room and shyt gon stop me 4rm shuttin every thang down. u think diz shyt a joke tri 2 run up and watch dat how ill mak u an xample 4 all dem otha niggaz dat think dey a badazz 2

    1 Comment 319 weeks

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    all ya'll niggaz that wuz talkin shit to my boy dro need to chill the fuck out especially that lil lame azz ivl ay nigga you aint real u just violated when you came on this page and said fuck gangsta bitch but everybody knoes

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    nun chillin

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    a ole bitch azz nigga dont neva bring yo bitch ass on mi page wit dat bullshit my nigga if u a JOKE than dats wat dat is my nigga........n my nigga u aint gone whoop shit ole joke ass bitch.....cuz i'll bring u da drama like da dj ole weak azz fuck boy................OLE JOKE ASS BITCH

  • Quez Robinson

    y yo oleJOKE ass comin on our page talkin shit............ yall aint nun but some JOKE ass bitchs............................  .....n like i said fuck LARRY HOOVER ole JOKE ASS........................ BITCHES.................fuck all u JOKE ASS ................BITCHES

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    we out of skool

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    wuzup nigga

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    Fred Brown

    watz up boi