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X.X Jodie X.X

Is excited 4 SUNDAY :d :D

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  • Female, 23, Luv 527
  • from NEWCASTLE
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 2/1/09
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Well hello der am JODIE!
i live at newcastle nw (blakelaw) hahah proud of it haha wif the mam 3bros hu i lv very much stil miss the country tho haha. I lv goin oot on a weeknd getin pist wif all me pals yas no hu ya r xxxxxx

The Other Half Of Me
Rachael -X-

Rachael -X-

my best friend rachy k lv u soo much xxx

i lyk a bit of everyfing bt not hippy shit lol i lyk radji stuff da best tho haha
GREASE OF CORSE haha erm honey dirty dancin all the fridays i jst lyk oot really
hahah carnt wait girlies guna b fkin mint rock on da 6th july hahah
JODIE, KILLY, WANI, ERIN, EVEY, AMY TTT, LAU LAU, ND BAILS i lv ya sooo much guna b the best holl eva! WHOOP WHOOP mwah xxxxx
Scared Of
bees wasps sharks nd spiders
Happiest When
sleepin, wen am wif me pals nd family nd DRINKIN nd havin muny
best m8
my best friend is called rachael kilday nd i lv her lots nd lots i live next door 2 her nd i lv spendin lots of tym were her she is da funniest kid i ana nd she is a propa laf u be around bt she is also very annoyin haha lyk wen she nips nd puls ya hair haha nd watches me every sunday drive off in me drivin instructas car nd makes videos of me nd propa megs me bt kilday i lv u 2 bits nd duno wot ad de wif oot u hpe ur in my life 4eva nd eva mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
me fenham pals nd wrk
i wud jst lyk 2 say i lv kilday, erin, wani, eve, lau, bail
 s, amy, greg, filly, lecta b, ben, wrighty, tony, gary nd big dave dazal (gt 2b added nt dat shan lol all of yas mean sooo much 2 me i duno wot i wud do wif oot yas i swear dwn urs the funniest kids ave met in me life hahah lv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
wel i wud lyk 2 say i lv chez very very much i wrk wif her nd shes the coolest lass eva makes me laf all the tym wif the stuff she cums oot wif nd the faces she makes chez i lv u loads nd ur 1 of me gud pals lv ya 4eva xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • about meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Name-* Jodie Donaldson
    Birthday-* 26th February
    Star Sign-* piesces
    Where Do You Live-* *Fenham Newcastle*
    Current Living Arrangments-* me ma nd bros
    Current Hairstyle-* black nd blonde
    Eye Colour-* brown
    Shoe Size-* 5
    Biggest Fear-* *bees wasps spiders sharks
    Peircings-* *ears nd bellybutton*
    Siblings-* 2 brothers
    Biggest Ambition-* *erm b a mint hair dressers nd marry sum 1 wif a mini cooper
    Best Friend-* rachael gay kilday lv yoooooooo

    [_Have You Ever...*

    Smoke-* iiiiii still do coz i wanna b a rebel
    Swear-* yep yep nt loads tho
    Want To Get Married-* nooooooo
    Want To Have Kids-* maybe
    Go To School-* *Nope am a wrkin girl nw hehe
    Get Along With Your Parents-* iiiiiiiii
    Trust Other People Easily- nop
    Gotten Drunk-* iii every day coz im an alcoholic
    Made Food Yourself-* iii coz me mas shan
    Watched T.V-* obvvvvvv
    Hugged Someone-* nar nat
    Got Mad At Someone-* all the tym miss kilday n bitch hahaha
    Made Your Bed-* aye bt nt every day
    Bought Something For Yourself-* ayeeeeeeeee
    Bought Something For Someone Else yep coz am soooo nice


    Colour-* *pink*
    Number-* 7
    Holiday-* all of da 1s wen kildays been der whoop whoop
    Season-* summer
    Movie-* grease
    Singer-* fuck nas timberland or rihanna
    Flower-* duno dnt get dem very often :(
    Scent-* Jean Paul Gautier or fantsey
    Animal-* dougals monkeys haha kilday is 1 dats y a lv her
    Ice-Cream Flavour-* mint choc chip
    Fruit Or Veggies-* fruit
    Yellow Or Pink-* pink
    Black Or White-* black
    Computer Or Phone-* phone
    Morning Or Night-* nightttt
    Pepsi Or Coke-* coke obv
    Dog Or Cat-* dogs defaz cats r mingin
    Love Or Lust-* none
    Hip Hop Or R'n'B-* r nd b

    [_ABOUT MYSELF...*

    A Good Thing About Yourself? make peeps laugh sumtyms coz am dopey
    What Do You Always Think About? sexxxxxxxx nar man drink
    Whats Your Mobile RingTone? the way i r

    [_5 Things You Cant Live Without...*

    [_HAVE YOU EVA...*
    Broken A Bone-* me wrist nd rib
    Dyed Your Hair-* yeppppp every day

    [_When Do u...*

    Cry-* wen am sad
    Write-* at wrk or colly
    Get Confused-* every min of every day

    [_WHAT I...*

    Am-* best kid ever
    Want-* *to be on holiday with all my friends getin black nd pissed
    Have-* a mint family n da best friends eva
    Wish-* i had a mini whoop whoop
    Hate-* wen lads r wankas nd lasses lv der sel
    Regret-* nofin, everything happens for a reason
    Love-* all my family n friends, pink things n being in twn SWEATY gettin drunk wid every1
    Fink Ov Thu Quiz-* sumit 2 do

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  • wot do ya wanna b?

    *What do you want to be?*
    Wana Be My....
    My Mommy =
    My Daddy =
    My Nan =
    My Gramp =
    My Big Bruva =
    My Lil Bruuva =
    My Lil Sista =
    My Big Sista =
    My Lil Cousin = steph
    My best buddy=
    My Boyfriend =
    My girfriend=
    My Sexy Love =
    My Sexy Ass =
    My Sexy Hubby =
    My Sexy Model =
    My Idol =
    My Baby =
    My Bitch = kildayyy
    My Drinkin Partner =kilday
    My Valentine =
    My Sexy Boi =
    My Secret Admirer =
    My Stalker =
    My Posin Buddy =
    My Singin Buddy = kilday lv ya xxxxxxxxxx
    My Dirty Dancer =
    My Bit On The Side =
    My Hardcore Gangsta =
    My Partner In Crime =
    My Party Animal = KILDAY
    My Sex Buddy =
    My One Nyt Stand =

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