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I feel a party coming on!

9/10/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 24, Luv 26
  • from Crieff!!
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  • Member since: May 2007
  • Last active: 1/23/10
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Me, Myself, and I
I've been a member on Bebo for over a year now, still can't work the bloody thing. Please someone give me a wee hand!!!! ALL WORK AND NO PLAY... MAKES TINKERBELL VERY BORING !

Well a view bits and bobs about me. I'm pretty boring now that I’m getting older, I can be really blonde and stupid sometimes but it passes! I'm quite gullible as well so if you want to play any practical jokes or tell me something that isn’t true then I’m the lass. I said it was cause I was special... But I don't believe that anymore!!

Well I stay in Crieff but its pretty boring here, spend most of my time out at horses. I love getting all dressed up to go out partying and getting drunk, now that I'm legal that is?! I like it when it’s the start of the month as I get paid and that's when I hit the shops! LOVE IT!! Your more than likely to see me spinning abt up the street. I love to talk so if you wonna send me a message then please go a head....
I like any kind of music apart from that heavy mental stuff!! Doesn't make any sense to me! I'm quite liking the View, Jamie T and all that lot. I'm also a big fan of dance music. Oh, the Script are awesome..
The Hills Have Eyes 2, so good better than the 1st one! Love everything with Adam Sandler in it.. Peter Pan, woo hoo! Really wanting to see Wanted and Hancock. Indiana Jones was amazing!!
Well most of the time you'll find me at the stables looking like a wet day, riding ma boys (I've got 2 male horses just if any of you's thought it was something naughty!) and generally mucking about! I support Rangers but I couldn't tell you where abtz they were on the league cause I get rather confused with all that!! LOL. I'm pretty good at all sports actually!
Scared Of
I'm scared of spiders, I can handle the wee 1's but when they get to the size of a chocolate button then i'm out of there!!
Happiest When
I'm happiest when everything is going good, i.e. work... I like sleeping in on a Sunday morning and waking up so that I can turn ma pillow over so it’s all cold on ma face!! Strange.. Love going out to clubs and pubs with ma mates. Love a Mc D'z too!!!
You'll find me 5 days out of 7 working ma little socks off at Gleneagles Equetrian Centre. I love my job but there is nothing better than the good old banter!! Your chat has to be amazing to work here, lol?

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  • Bebo site

    Jst if any of you's thought that this was ma BEBO site well you are right it is but I’m trying to make it up at the mo!!

    Tinkerbell 0 Replies

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  • Lucienne Moorer

    You have to check this out http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • NikkiBaaby.

    Aww bless! :) How was your weekend anyway my lovely? Hopefully see you soon, go get dinner or something and go for a cheeky wee spin! :D xxxxxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.

    Need to see you very soon honey! :( xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.

    Missing my terz!:( xxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.

    Need to see you soon terz been ages :( bad times. We will make up for it with the banter we have. :D xxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.
    luv NikkiBaaby.

    heres your love back toots (: will need to get something sorted out soon, seems like years since i last saw you. <33 -xxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.

    hey my honey. :) i just wrote to you haha and didnt realise you had written to me lol.. aww i just noticed that he is gorgeous like. Bless. oh im so tired now like its annoying i can hardley walk haha :L well the power went off in blackford so me and my brother decided to go a long cycle haha and ended up going 4 and a half miles.. i owe you love tomorrow sweetie i sent it all today! -xxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.

    missing you honey :( -xxxxxx

  • Greg Jones

    Im good thanks. How are you? Those socks are pretty retro! Trust the weather to get better when I work! You upto much this wknd? Taking me a wee spin? Pm. x x

  • NikkiBaaby.
    luv NikkiBaaby.

    Aww honey thats not so good! :( bet she is looking nice though ;) Hmm maybe, i need to find out if im seeing your brother tonight or not but ill let you know! :D Oh thats good im glad then, yeah thats always the cure ;) xxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.

    Lol funny you say that because im watching that to in the middle of sorting my hair out! :) its really good like! :D Aww thats cuuuute, where yous 2 off to? In his new car? :) are you's going out after you have been to that bbq? i hope it doesnt rain for you either, that would just ruin it! Yeah come see me tomorrow night if you want to darling, will speak to you more about it when you next call! :P I know im gona mention it to them and my brother to could be really good banter like! :) Hehe, was a good wee chat though made me giggle haha, i know i get fed up of the same dvd after dvd! :L all because your ill! :( bad times. Aww well im not revising just now as you know lol but write back when you can honey, i will give you some more love tomorrow! :D xxxxxxxxx

  • NikkiBaaby.
    luv NikkiBaaby.

    Ooooh hello honey!! :D Nice to see a wee comment from you there :) im glad your feeling better thats really good! :) Im not doing anything at all tonight apart from revising the theory and catching up on all the soaps ;) saddo that i am! Nope not tonight :( working late my poor baby! lol.. Oh god i know i still laugh now thinking about it all like we were all on top form that night ryan, me, you and my brother what banter it was will deffo do it again soon :D Work was really busy today like as you know because i text you! :P but yeah wasnt to bad better than being bored lol! Oooh that sounds fabulous just gimme a call darling and we will get it arranged.. x x x x x x

  • NikkiBaaby.

    Hello there sweetie! :) Havn't wrote to you before haha! :P a first for everything i say! Anyways how you doing? God last night was so funny i was still giggling when you left like, the talks and laughs hahaha! :L cant beat them! :P Im just waiting on your baby brother coming to see me :) i know what you will of been thinking all day today haha! :L Speak soon honey. x x x x x x

  • Greg Jones

    cars looking mint! heres me looking for another banger. oh well. x x

  • Rebecca Grace
    Rebecca Grace

    Hi:D Would u add this profile, if u don't mind, it would b much appreciated, thx:D xxx

  • Sarah Macaskill
    Sarah Macaskill

    Haha! I was telling you HP was out this week!! It's not! I was getting confused cause I'm going to see X Men!! :L Sorry friend Have a good night on Saturday? Looked like you were enjoying yourself! :L I was sober in Perth for once!!! :O xxxx

  • Sarah Macaskill
    Sarah Macaskill

    Haha! Me neither! How sad are we?! I'm actually gonna book tickets! :L xxxx

  • Ailsa Murray
    luv Ailsa Murray

    lol u didnt say u were practically asleep lol aww thats sad im not even gonna say goodbye to sarah! i txt both kirsty and angela last sat night to find out whats happening up there and to ask if the thought they would need me in over the summer and not one of them replied! im not happy! also just been to a show that i had invited robert to but it was at the same time as thedance class and he said he didnt know whether he was gonna come to the show or go to the class and he didnt get back to me at all so i assumed he was gonna go to the class but he didnt so hes in the bad books as well! lol xxx