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&; your gone. just like that.

5/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
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&&; in the end, its not the
years in your life that count,
its the life in your years.
    Peyton Elise Brooking;
thank you for always being there; you really are my bestfriend. TOBTBF will last a lifetime and so will all those memories.(: Cresent moon face; we could laugh for hours about things like this. I never want to lose you, you mean so much to me and I hope that we are like this for a long time to come.
PEB; iloveyou. bestfriends. -Ges; 20-06-10.        

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  • Peyton.

    Hacked!(: PEBforGES; best friends. ily.x

  • -Arhh.
    luv -Arhh.

    i'll be there to the end. fuck the rest?! YES.

  • luv Gabby.

    Peyton; Your always there when I need you, thank you for always listening and never judging. Gotta love our chats and LMAO moments.(: Love you bestfreind; TOBTBF!

  • -Arhh.

    Nope. Its gonna be forever.(L)

  • -Arhh.
    luv -Arhh.

    my bestfriend. that one that has always been there for me. threw everything.

  • -Arhh.

    my best friend.

  • Hardcore Raver Quinn
    luv Hardcore Raver Quinn

    samee best gal tu hang with ly :)

  • Kylie

    I love peyton

    5/19/10 via Mobile
  • Nicholass

    peyton likes my cat haha x

  • SkidMac


    5/8/10 via Mobile
  • Hardcore Raver Quinn
    luv Hardcore Raver Quinn

    hey love and im pritty shaw it was nice seeing yu again :)

  • Kylie

    oii yaaa

  • Nicholass

    woulda coulda shoulda. yeahh pretty ordinary peyttyyy ha x

  • Anthony

    aha. mail it too meeeee ay?

  • Anthony

    siccck. do you got msn?

  • Anthony

    do i know you x

  • Nicholass

    i no aye lol you shoulda came out friday night how you beeen babe lol x

  • 4/25/10
  • luv .Tiberi

    hahaha loving your face peyton LOVEYOU;

  • XD
    luv XD

    haha im nottt lol hahah yo gonna be in shitt lol ily


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You bring out the best in me, our friendship is the one thing i couldnt possibly live without i cherrish it so much & i never ever want to lose you baby girl. I love it how you can always make me smile no matter what mood im in & i know your always there for me through the pain and the tears to keep me strong, i love you & we are never ending, I promise(:

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Josh Rogers

You mean so much to me, i can trust you with pretty much anything && everything. When im with you all i do is smile, You make me laugh so much its crazzy(: me and my lil step ladder, You know it's the same difference, Were not ticklish at all Ha' Love those memories they mean alott to me(: i dont know what i would do without you joshy. i Love you. Bestfriends, Foreverr.

Aleesha baby we have had so many unforgetable memories that will stay in my heart forever.(: <3 Pewe50Birds,Our song- im on a boat,Webcam fights,Tpain, jumping on beds, falling off windows, chillin at the park,Stalking boys, elavators&stairs, Merry christmax, Fcuking barsterd. little kids skate thongs & our Photo's(: Lovee Itt. I need you in my life Tdawgg, Always. We are never going to fade babe. I Promise(: i love you, Bestfriends.

TOBTBF. It's simple, what would i ever do without you by my side. You mean so fcuking much to me gabb, you honestly are a true best friend, i know i can always count on you to be there for me and i know i can always come to you when somethings wrong & even tho i pick on you're damn sexxy legs Ha' i still love you(: You are just so Adoriel & im pretty sure you're the blondess chick i know(:
i love you presh, BestFriends.

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Kevin Rudolf - I Made It (Cash Money Heroes) [Full Version] (Feat. Birdman, Lil wayne & Jay Sean)

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