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The Oran Heron fan club

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  • Group created: May 2007
  • www.bebo.com/WeloveOran
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is a place for all you girls and guys to share your love of the fabulous Oran Heron! *smirks*

With him being so dreamy how could you not want to look at him all day???

<< ye would like :P

**a litte word from Oran**
ok first thing is first. i do no agree with the start of this site. i'm NOT that interesting and you would have to be clinically crazy to want to be associated with this s(h)ite, so its beyond me. i will however plug any gigs and stuff that i have. if your are interested, keep an eye out for the blogs. if you want to talk to me properly, use my normal bebo or ask for my msn. my bands include:

1)Assassinate the Itch - for those who wanna rock!

2)Cafe Cubana - for those who wanna nice goove!

3)Armando P.*spanish accent* the P is for Passion! - for those who wanna hear acoustic tool and other shenannigins!

anyway, i don't know how long it will be before this is taken down so none of it is to be taken seriously.

peace out my wonderful fans lmao

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  • bye bye

    alright there people, Oran here. i'm off to the life festival in the mornin, buildin a stage beside a lake in gort in galway for tetris safariat the life festival this coming weekend. the news is that i'm more than likely to delete this shambles of a fan site(no offence laura). so you have about a week to say your good bye's to this thing.

    peace out

    0 Comments 319 weeks

  • Memory

    well, I want to know your best memory of your time with Oran. It can be anything, short, long, recent, agggggeeeeesssss ago. Up to you and also up to you to go into the details mwhahahahahahha.

    3 Comments 323 weeks

  • The night I seen oran

    Like OMFG I like seen him LAST night!!!

    he was looking fine!

    he can aparantly be seen at Search on a friday night and then in a pub called Kearneys! Look out, he might set fire to your heart with his hottness!

    *faints after smirking*

    0 Comments 323 weeks

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  • Queen Of Jagermeister
    luv Queen Of Jagermeister

    har de har, since i seem to be the only one still alive on bebo i now make it my goal to fill this page with my comments hehe, is bored! gosh isnt student life great hahaha

  • Queen Of Jagermeister
    luv Queen Of Jagermeister

    wow this group is still running wtf? definately deserves an award for some kind lol is heron even still alive i havent seen him in months lol!

  • Louise
    luv Louise

    You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do on the discovery channel...

  • luv Yeosie McFriedegg

    *chant* Man-GIN-A! Man-GIN-A! Man-GIN-A! Do it, Kelly! Do it or I will!

  • Edel Sweeney
    luv Edel Sweeney

    WTF?!?!?!?! I thought this thing was cancelled agessss ago!!!! lmao! Meh well some loveee for ya!

  • Laura Mooney
    Laura Mooney

    How is this still here? *confused*

  • Paddy Okane

    im confused, why? Why not?

  • Raymond O' Boyle
    Raymond O' Boyle

    HERON,u give me AIDS:D

  • Queen Of Jagermeister
    Queen Of Jagermeister

    LOLS im a member!!!!! Canadian love Oran!

  • Patricia Rogers
    Patricia Rogers

    if u all love oran and want to see him free wheeling backwards down a hill then doing a big skid come and see my flashbox lol