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Tiko Kine

<b> Whoever watched Nightmare on Elm Street ! Juss remember Dont Fall Asleep ! </b>

3/13/11 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Heyy Kosraens are so filthy
Me, Myself, and I
Heyy my name here is Tholman Luey but please just call me KIMO..life down in seattle is all good except summer... summer suckz right noww... but whatt the heck i made Neww K0WUCKZ...:DD :DD D
Just the Kosraen kine and some rap!!!
The Expandibles, Takers
I Like To Play Ape-po, BaseBall, Football, N BasketBall
Scared Of
Happiest When
Wit My KoWuckz!!!!
.::* N3W $K0oL *::.
=>=>=>*Th3 N3W $k00L*<=<=<=
*****(Founder-Leader-Superintendent) Robby: "Juggernaut"
****(Principal) Travey: "The Joker"
***(Librarian) San: "Wolverine"
**(Nurse) Marc: "Iceman"
*(Sex Education Teacher) Fourenson: "The Daredevil"
(All-Star Athlete) Dison: "Ironman"
(Coach) Kila: "Silver Surfer"
(Cool Kid) JT: "Cyclops"
(Counselor) Jason: "Ghost Rider"
(Janitor) Mac: "Colossus"
(Class Clown) TJ: "Flash"
(Band Instructor) Palik: "The Beast"
(New Kid) Marston: "Batman"
(Bully) Killin: "Sabretooth"
(Nerd) Kimo: "The Thing"
(Lunchlady) Roro: "Nightcrawler"
(Pervert) Jun: "The Hulk"
(Security) Robar: "Venom"
(Foreign Exchange Student) Sidel: "Gambit"
(Teacher's Pet) Alik: "Spider-man

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Long Gone by Akon Ft. R. City ~ NEW TO 2011 ~

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  • Crip Kine
    Crip Kine

    hey yo wats up mannnnn.....>!!! havent see you in a long time wat good wit chu buddy...??? hollar DUBz

  • JoonBen

    hey sul samme2

  • San B
    San B

    lol, nooo i got no ride to practice tonight!.:( aha

  • San B
    San B

    ahahha .u should..

  • BLack Guy
    BLack Guy

    YeaH u DiD iTs ON MY CoMMENTs

  • San B
    San B

    ahaaha yeaaap:L

  • San B
    San B

    LOL HEY! i just heard the funny song u were talking about..ITS comedy ! :L :L theres a video of it too

  • BLack Guy
    BLack Guy

    BoNGK YouR ThE ONE THaTs GaY FoR GiViNG ME a HeaRT

    12/20/10 via Mobile
  • Marston Jr
    Marston Jr

    really?!! damn

  • Marston Jr
    Marston Jr

    Black VS. Mexican??!! In reply to: " " Girl Friend " Lil Crazed ! Kent Station was Crazy Dang Girls Be Scratcing Each other like they killed somone daMN " by Tiko Kine

  • Elisa Charley
    Elisa Charley


  • Elawid Atom
    Elawid Atom

    aye bra howzzit ?? well i jst wanted to drop by n say wazzup to my braddah .... oh n tell yo big daddy to buy yur ticket .. oh n howz da fam n everyone else ?? oh n mill creek too ?? well yea bra i miss ya guyz alot .. can you tell my mom dat i need my credit card ! well den bra shootz talk to ya later ..

  • STholmanluii

    Hey you...any news from Tjay them yet???Let me know cuz they haven't call us.....oh and go on msn now!

  • Maura Thoma
    luv Maura Thoma

    hey you....its me again....wheres everybody??is ninac morin stil there???if she is then tell her to go on msn again....aite???nga sano pac!!!Thank You My Dear:D

  • Maura Thoma
    luv Maura Thoma

    hey kimo!!!i just signed in on windows live messenger....could you please tell ninac morin to sign in???nga sano!

  • Brandon Phillip
    Brandon Phillip

    ahaha...lol i kno but yeah i might come bacc and visit in tha summer or i might go to kosrae

  • Brandon Phillip
    Brandon Phillip

    im movin to oklahoma bro

  • Brandon Phillip
    Brandon Phillip

    im moving on december

  • Shrue P
    Shrue P


  • Aaron

    yeA and im 14.. sheesh dat waz fast! L0L


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Name :   Kiom....i meant kimo
Nick Name :   D.U.B
Birthdate :   1997
Birthplace:   Hawaii
Current Location:   Honolulu
Eye Color:   Black
Hair Color:   Black
Height:   About 6????
Weight:   idk
Piercings:   Nope
Tatoos:   Nope
Boyfriend/Girlfriend:   o_0
Vehicle:   Nope
Overused Phrase:   idk
Food:   CraB
Pub/Disc/Restaurant:   Buffet the Chinese
Candy:   Twixx
Number:   patsia ... patsiluo.. patsikolu ... akorahkor...;)
Color:   soowoop bra ,,,
Animal:   berthuh
Drink:   hairysona
Body Part on Opposite sex:   everything ...
Perfume:   MJ legend
TV Show:   wat eva floats da boat
Music Album:   good kurl gone badhazz
Movie:   wat eva is good
Actor/Actress:   BRAD PITT :)
This or That
Pepsi or Coke:   sprite
McDonalds or BurgerKing:   mickey Donald
Chocolate or Vanilla   vanilla
Hot Chocolate or Coffee:   Coffee
Kiss or Hug:   o_O
Dog or Cat:   Kosho
Rap or Punk:   island vibez
Summer or Winter:   summer of course ... WTF?! :P
Scary Movies or Funny Movies:   comedy
Love or Money:   i love money
Bedtime:   wen eva i feel like :P
Most Missed Memory:   GRANDPA .. I MISS YOOH N LOVE YOOH ♥
Best phyiscal feature:   NGA NUKIN
First Thought Waking Up:   dang my breath stinkz
Ambition:   WTF ?
Best Friends:   malemitez n nooh skool ;)
Weakness:   Idk
Fears:   IDK
Longest relationship:   IDK
Cheated Your Partner:   Nope
Ever been beaten up:   NOPe
Ever beaten someone up:   YEPPP
Ever Shoplifted:   Yeah When i was a little RAsCAl
Ever Skinny Dipped:   NOPE
Ever Kissed Opposite sex:   IDK
Been Dumped Lately:   NOPE
Favorite Eye Color:   BLUE jst like PALik's
Favorite Hair Color:   Black of gourse
Short or Long:   IDK
Height:   ABout 6
Style:   I-land style
Looks or Personality:   ATOM
Hot or Cute   KATO
Muscular or Really Skinny:   SKINNY
What country do you want to Visit:   IDK
How do you want to Die:   IDK
Been to the Mall Lately:   NOPE
Get along with your Parents:   yess
Health Freak:   nope
Do you think your Attractive:   idk
Believe in Yourself:   of gourse
Want to go to College:   yess
Do you Smoke:   no
Do you Drink:   no
Shower Daily:   yes
Been in Love:   sometimes
Do you Sing:   couple of times
Want to get Married:   Dont ever ask me this question it scares me
Do you want Children:   NOOOO...????
Age you wanna lose your Virginity:   IDK
Hate anyone:   YESS i guess
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