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Clarky Bruv

siingle soldier ... walkin head held high haha 3 on 1 nd still culdnt do a propa job

7/15/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 142
  • from inurmumsbed
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 1/4/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Rob Clark Brevvv... -Qualified Lifeguard.. -Yerrr Bruv.. MIKE, WE BAD BOIS 4 LIFE!!
dance nd rnb
Mike Boh
Your 1 Funny Fucka.. <-- Legend! YE BLOOD, NO BLOOD, WOOO BLOOD!! LOL
well wat can i say we avent nown each ova that long eva nd u iz a crazy fuka bt i av a lot of respect 4 ya.
well ya live near me nd u iz da funniest fuka ive eva sin it is always a laugh wen we av a kick about dwn the wreck
u iz da best u iz always gt fags dats y i like ya nah jkes u iz cushty well lunch times are flat out boi its always a frill to wonder if we're goina get caught
me sis nd bro
ite wat can i say... dis gal is always dere 4 me no matta wot... if im in shit she dere... love ya bbe dis boi is always da 1 who will always b da 1 i turn 2 male wise if i need im

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  • Man u all da way

    Rooney wears a magic hat.
    And when he saw Old Trafford,
    He said I fancy that.
    He didn't stay with Everton,
    Because there fucking shite.
    He signed for Man United,
    Cos were fucking dynamite

    Park Park, where ever you may be,
    You eat dogs in your own country,
    But your not as bad as the f*****g Scouse,
    Eating rats in their Council house

    he plays on the left, he plays on the right, that boy RONALDO makes beckham look shite.

    Wayne would rather be a devil than a scouse!
    No more robbin grannys or your house
    Wayne would rather be a devil
    And play with Gary Neville
    Wayne would rather be a devil than a scouse

    Hes RED, Hes WHITE, He not afraid to fight Rio, Rio.

    Hes RED, Hes WHITE, He Conquered Europe over Night Rio, Rio

    Hes RED, Hes WHITE, He knows that Leeds are Sh*te Rio, Rio.

    Have U Ever Won The Treble? Have U Fuck!
    Have U Ever Won The Treble? Have U Fuck!
    Have U Ever Won The Treble? Ever Won the treble?

    0 Comments 282 weeks

  • wud u eva

    1. fuck me?
    2. kiss me?
    3. make out wid me?
    4. do nothing wid me?
    5. hang out wid me?
    6. tell me to go away?
    7. cuddle me?
    8. chat with me?
    9. drink with me?
    10. sleep with me?
    11. ask me out?
    12. make the first move?
    13. watch a movie with me?
    14. make me a midnight snack?
    15. take a shower with me?
    16. let me take control of you?

    8 Comments 298 weeks

  • WHAT IS YOUR MANCHESTER UNITED DREAM TEAM? from past 2 present players


    MY DREAM TEAM (id luv 2 mention more but i cant remember anybody) LOL

    1.peter schemichel


    2.gary neville
    3.steve bruce
    4.nemanji vidic
    5.dennis irwin


    6.cristiano ronaldo
    7.paul scholes
    8.ryan giggs


    9.Eric Cantana
    10.wayne rooney
    11.george best


    12.edwin van der sar
    13.gary palister
    14.david beckham
    15.ruud van nistelrooy
    16.sebastian veron
    17.jaap stam
    18.mark hughes

    1 Comment 313 weeks

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  • Lisa Babe
    luv Lisa Babe

    Hello babe, you okay? X

    9/18/09 via Mobile
  • Josh M
    Josh M

    yh im k thanks brv n nm reli lol finished college now lol where u livin now? wb

  • Josh M
    Josh M

    ite boi how u been? wb

  • Hiswifey

    hey hun im doing ok thanks hope all is well tap bk love ya <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hiswifey

    hey babe hows things with u x luv ya x

    2/21/09 via Mobile
  • Dan Fox
    Dan Fox

    ite son ows u

  • Claire'

    Hello babe you okay i aint seen you in ages w/b x

  • Hiswifey

    hey hun how are you long time no see when u coming to visit us lot again then babe luv ya xxx

  • I Bet Yuu Would
    luv I Bet Yuu Would

    Babe Aint Spoke To You In Ages.! :o Howz My Rob Been..?? Bet You Miss Me lol N Why Aint I In Any Of Ur Pic (Fit Girls) Aha lol Anywayz Hope Your Alryt Babe Miss You Loads Love4EvaBabe.Ox

  • James M
    James M

    ROB BOI!!!!! Merry christmas m8

  • Lisa Babe
    Lisa Babe

    Heeyy Babe, You alright ?? Havnt spoke to you in agggeess ilu'x

  • Yess Youu Aree Hott
    luv Yess Youu Aree Hott

    Robbbbbb =] hows you been? aint seen you in ages:( when you next down eccle sthen? have some love =] w/b xx

  • MrS Hall
    MrS Hall

    Ello Clarky bruv, Howz you not seen you in lil while again now. I not been upto much workin realli, oh some good new aj not need he just got alli bad lower bak muscle damage. And now is under going physio. He doing dro therapy in a swimmin pool very fri morning until futher notice from the physio. W/b xxxx

  • Sophie

    Heyyy Haven't Heard From Ya In Ages!! How U? Been Up To Much? xxxx

  • Sandra L
    Sandra L

    hi bert can u please get in touch with ur dad and matthew as they are really worried that they havent heard from you love you are not in trouble we all want to know that you are ok xx

  • Matthew Town

    Robert, just contact somone in the family so that we know that you are okay.

  • Bonnie
    luv Bonnie

    hey bbe hope u ave had a gd birthday ly xxxxxxx

  • Sophie

    Happy Birthday Babe! Love Yoooo xxxxxx

  • Lisa Babe
    Lisa Babe

    Did you acctually show up today ??