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Me, Myself, and I
Watch the video on chinese fur farms!

Animals raised for their fur spend their entire lives in filthy, cramped cages with no shelter from the blazing-hot sun, the rain, or freezing temperatures. They never receive veterinary care for any diseases or injuries they suffer, and they all die horrible deaths at the hands of the fur farmers, who drown them, electrocute them, or break their necks. Millions of other wild animals suffer horribly after being caught in steel-jaw leghold traps, snares, or underwater traps.

want to stop this?
don't wear or buy fur!
join www.peta2.com

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  • Live in Britain?

    Did you know that Canadian black bears are killed for the hats the queens guards wear? These bears suffer agonising deaths when they are shot or when they bleed to death in traps, and they sometimes leave behind nursing cubs who then starve to death.

    Want to help?

    Then go to http://www.peta2.com/TAKECHARGE/t-be...

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  • Until All Are Free
    Until All Are Free

    ALL animal abuse is morally wrong & needs stamping out NOW!!!

  • Cheekoff

    can u add me plz

    1/17/09 via Mobile
  • luv Lucy M

    I want to stop animal cruelty full stop!!!! did you know some people use hamsters for fur!!!!! horrible! horrible! ppl!

  • Beke
    luv Beke

    This is a difficult one. animals being raised for fur and going through pain is wrong (duh), but when pests like foxes or rabbits are shot anyway its best not to let their beautiful bodies go to waste

  • Stop chinese fur farms
    Stop chinese fur farms

    Heres a page against chinese fur farms Please join Its awful what goes on in these places !

  • Army Of One
    Army Of One

    This is a call for signatures to a petition to help stop the LIVE skinning of cats & dogs. Yes that's right, LIVE... Imagine someone going up to your dog or cat and skinning it live. This is happening today in 2008 in China and it is DISGUSTING. 1) Head to http://animalsaviors.org 2) Watch the video to see it for yourself (see warning) 3) Sign the petition thanks lisa x

  • Bel
    luv Bel

    Thankyou for joining everyone!!! Good to have ur support :)


    hey if u h8 animal testing pllease join this band

  • Lizzie Delaney - CryBaby

    Brilliant page =] I adore every animal and i am 100% against cruelty of ANY kind!!!

  • Army Of One
    Army Of One

    Foxes being trapped by people who don't care Their fate is to be slaughtered just for a coat of fur Money making murder, why can't people realise Beauty of a fur coat is not worth those tortured lives Show at least you care, stop financing this death trade Refusing to buy fur coats may help to change their fate Animals being bred by people full of greed Their fate is to be slaughtered just for your selfish need Money making murder, why can't people realise The tasty food upon your plate's not worth those tortured lives Show at least you care, stop financing this death trade Refusing to eat body parts may help to change their fate