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Emma Marie Cox

i miss all my friends that i have lost rip! lyndsay amy n bby jordan. ul never b 4gotten sleep tite angels. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

10/9/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from stamford bridge .. the best xx
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About Me

Bailey (L) my baby boy! xx- i love my lyf -xx just leave my man alone! x
Me, Myself, and I
yh the names emma
no1 sed u avta like me
yh am yorkshire n proud:)
i love my life
taken :) paul bailey ;)
evie sam and joe! x
i dnt giv a fuk wat
wankers have 2 say:)
Paul is perfect! i love u!
get ova it its true
my man my life
nw 4 all u little skets
fuk off x
The Other Half Of Me


i love u babe! 10/03/09 xx

Foxi u no im always ere 4 u ya da bestest mate eny1 can ask 4 a fink ur a ryt moody cow lol u no all ma secrets n whoo whoo da lad i tolt u abowt read ma tag lin fing ul undastand heehee xxxxxxxxx bestest gurl eva xx i love her loadz omg shes der thu it all xx luva pimp x
college gurls
adele <> wicked
gemma britton <> crazy little woman
gemma barker <> harliarious haha
louise harrison <> bludy amazin
chloe >< weird child lol ..
amy coxon fukin wicked ..
i love u guys so much u av all bin amzin ..
n hope it ull carry on ..
thaks gurls xxxxx
well .. im emma ha n am 17 u will all no me cz well ya no hah .. im gobby chatty just me! iv go out wi paul hes amazin always there 4 me .. n i will b 4 him .. well happy that we r 2geva n strong n no 1s guna fuk it up xxx i love u baby xxxxx
well ...... wat can i say about miss elvidge! she is the best m8 eva! n i will always be ere 4 her i hope she knows dat! so lora am tellin u now u eva need me n i'll always be ere! hope ur api wi mark which i no u r! lol ! u r 1 in a million bbz xx so dnt eva 4get da fings i say cz i say it ow it is ur gawjus n stunnin n everything about u is puurrrfecto! so dnt 4get it ok! 1 more tym of puttin urself down am guna rap ur ed rownd a fukin tree ok lol ! cya soon darlin luff yhoo! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
paul bailey
this lad is truley amazin iv been with him since 10.3.09! hes dun everything 4 me! hes bin ma rock! i just want him 2 no how much he really means 2 me n i neva wana loose him! iv met his family they r all wicked! his little brother is well cute! paul thank u 4 eveything u av dun 4 me! i love u loads ur perfect! hes all myn xxxx love u babe xxxx
my baby evie
evie is such a little princess i love her so much shes my world .. the best cusin ever ..
i dont no what i would do with out her .. she brings u up when your down .. shes such a little cutie .. evie i just want u to know i will be here for you when u need me!! love u little angel..

xxxx love u xxxxxx
i miss u ...
amy lousie hardy 28.12.97 - 18.08.08 lindsay coultermaltby. 10.06.90-18.08.08. and jordan riley squires.25.07.07-02.10.07 ur truly amazin rest in peace angles sleep tite i love u xxxxxx i am so proud 2 call u my friends xxx

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  • bestest of friends xx

    adele dixon: we onli met in september, the from the day we did i loved u ur such an amzin friend, im so gladd we met , we do the crazy shit lol.. there int put i cudnt tell u , seems wierd ya no knowin all we do after just a short tym .. but i love u so much xxxxxxxx

    gemma Britton: omg wat 2 say bwt u , ur amazin like adele we met at college n am so gladd we did bbe , i can tell u anything n we laff so much all the tym we do the dodgy stuff, thanks hun .. love u so much!! bag of sour skittles then yh? xx

    amy coxon: started college 2geva known u since september absolutly amzin .. i fink ur actully fukin wicked .. im so gladd we got frends n nw it aint guna stop .. love u xxxx

    chloe gemma n louise: u 3 r fukin ace u make me laff so much .. louise u eat all the time sausage roll thats all i hear u say lol.. gemma u just call me werid n sit n laff at me .. n chloe ur a bitch got me in to buyin scratch cards but i love u ..
    amzin m8s xxx love u all xxxx

    lauren fox: this gurl has bin there since the day we met bk a few years in the scholl woldgate . we have had our ups n downs 4 about 4 minutes until we crnt help but laff at eachother ,.. i can tell u out i love u so much u and ur family .. xxxxxxx

    laura elvidge:
    this gurl is shit hott .. love her so much bin best m8s 4 about 5 years nw n it aint changes but we have wanted 2 kill eachother plenty of tyms lol.. not that out ever happens we just laff .. love u laura thanks 4 everything.. xx

    debbie woodhouse:
    this gurl lives in am village is always there 4 me wateva i do .. i just getthe truth off her she dunt do none of the bull shit i love it dnt fink we have ever fallen out n we never will .. shes guna go far this gurl n any man that she gets is guna b the luckyist man everr.. n il kill ne1 that messes her about i love u deb .. ur family have bin nothing but awsum 2 me xxxx

    all my m8s no who they r .. n how special they r .. they r so important my life wount b complete without them .. i cannt name all my m8s there far 2 many but i love u all the same .. thank u 4 everything .. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • hiya guys xxx

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    Am I:-

    >A friend?:
    >More than a friend?:
    >A flirt?:
    >A psycho?:
    >Mood swings?:
    >Laid back?:

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    Clare P

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  • Rave Childd
    luv Rave Childd

    Heyyar =] Youu Okayy ?? Ant Spoke In A While :-/ Tapp Backkk :) Have Some Lovee x Love Mush Tasha Tasha x

  • Kelly K
    luv Kelly K

    Hey hey lng time no see! U ok hun hows lyf these days treating u well i hope? God been a while since i saw ya lol wubu2? Wb ly x x x

    9/4/09 via Mobile
  • Do One'
    Do One'

    emmmmmmmma, i was ill saturdayy hope you had a goood night though yeah ;) lol, wubu2 ? uok ? wbsoooon' loveyouuu xxxxxxxxxx

  • BaileyBadboy
    luv BaileyBadboy

    i love u loads xx

  • Katie T
    Katie T

    heyyya you ok xx

  • Linzi Louise. X
    Linzi Louise. X


    5/29/09 via Mobile
  • Linzi Louise. X
    Linzi Louise. X


    5/28/09 via Mobile
  • Her For Ever XxX
    luv Her For Ever XxX

    piss ed lol

  • Gemma F
    luv Gemma F

    Well i miss some of them but not all of them. Luv Gemma In reply to: "i miss all my friends that i have lost rip! lyndsay amy n bby jordan. ul never b 4gotten sleep tite angels. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" by Emma Ere Lovin All Hermatesx

  • Gladwin

    yh am gd thanxs darling i think u sud cum round 2 calums gt pissed n let me giv u a gd seein 2 lol w/b xxxx

  • Gladwin

    oryt mush hws u? wubu2 laterly? u gt out planned 4 2nyt or weekend u sxc lil thing lol w/b x

  • luv Sammyy

    i had to give yooou some loving :D love you emma :D xxxx

  • Sammyy

    i miss yooooou emma!!! i got a new phone 07884488876 !! gis a text i'll come through for a catch up!! how are ya and jodes? i love you xxxxx

  • Lil Foxi X
    Lil Foxi X

    yep gunna get her face smashed in by loads of people haha gud gud i still need to meet him face to face :) just at ma bros to see harvey coz its his birthday in 2 days haha ill ring u later luv u xxxx

  • Her For Ever XxX 1/8/09