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Me, Myself, and I

Tbh ; i dont think anyone knows whats going on with little maddie, we can all just hope & pray shes guna come running back to her mummy & daddy where she belongs soon enough :/


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wheres my rent bitch

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  • <3 Dont comment if <3

    Dont comment on This page If Yur gunna Say Whats tha point in this nd Why have Yu got this on here, Because this page is for Maddie nd i dont want Yu commenting stupid comments on here.
    I made this page i will write whatever i want on here.

    Also dont comment on this page if Yur gunna say its tha parents fault because blaming people for what is happening isnt gunna get anything sorted or help find little maddie!


    But Feel free To leave a comment for little maddie.
    Thanks xx

    0 Comments 311 weeks

  • <3 Bring back maddie <3

    Please sign this with a message if you want maddie brought back to her family where she belongs....<3

    22 Comments 324 weeks

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  • Ministry Of Sound Junkie
    luv Ministry Of Sound Junkie

    i am sooooo sorry 4 wot has happon to u it must be really bad i dont no wot to say really coz it is sooo bad i cnt amajin ho u must fill right now but i do have a ruth idear when i heard i was so sad i cnt amajin ho called do this but it proves there are terrbole ppl owt in that big wold i am sooo sorry 4 wot u are going throw i hop she comes bk i hop u do no she will never forget u got to have that ringing in your mind 24 7 love u hop she comes bk

  • MonogAmy

    i feel sorry for her an all, but tbh her mum is a complete dick head. One . who leaves a little girl in a room on their own anyway? in a foreign country especially! and two. if she was Sooooo upset why would she be writting diary accounts all over the papers making money out of the loss of her little girl? it's sick. x

  • Mark Whitton
    luv Mark Whitton

    i hope she comes back soon, i cant imagine how it feels for her family, my thoughts are with you all xXx

  • Alice.

    Offt, Still Not Backk :/ xx

  • Kayyleighh X
    luv Kayyleighh X

    I hope some one finds her or the kiddnapper gives her bk but we all have to have faith

  • Samanthaa'X

    Come Home Hunni...x Love You....x

  • Alice.

    iiloveyou ♥

  • Sarah Baby
    luv Sarah Baby

    <3 poor lil thing!!

  • Nathan W
    Nathan W

    Bring her home its been to long the lil girl needs her family and not 1s that aint talkin care of her

  • Kayyleighh X
    luv Kayyleighh X

    i think she notlikely to cum bk i hope she will who would kidnapp a cute little girl. i hope im wrong though fingers crossed

  • Madz

    what has this innocent child ever done to anyone. its fucking cruel. i don't want to bring peoples hopes down but i don't think she's got much chance of being rescued. poor thing. i hope the do find her. :( :( :( :( xxxxxx

  • Luciie X X
    luv Luciie X X

    hey they think thet they have found the man who yook her he is a right minger and looks like a kiddie snatcher if this man is reading this all i got to say to you is that you are a sick man and you should be killed. i hope you havent killed her you spaz.

  • Amster
    luv Amster

    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  zzzzzzz bring her back very soon

  • Colm Power
    Colm Power

    see if this was any other wee girl that wasnt british they wud do fa it wud be nowere near the news. hope she comes bck like but think about the other ppl that get lifted on holiday not jus her

  • Luciie X X
    Luciie X X

    there is always hope

  • Luciie X X
    Luciie X X

    We need maddie to come back safe. who eva has taken her you should be ashamed of yourself taking a poor child like that if your reading this plz bring her back safe and well. you have seen how much stress her parents have been through and imagine how you would feel. WE ALL NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND NEVER GIVE UP

  • Charlotte.X

    please bring her back

  • Alice.

    Your Talking Out Your Arse Mate.. - The News Actually Said That The Parents Are Know Longer Suspects!! >:( ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓ ↓↓↓