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When life gives you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail;)

10/1/09 | me too! | Reply

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Nipple Eastside (y)
Me, Myself, and I

. Mark Rigby....Practically Orgasmic


Brown Hair
Blue Eyes
Year 9
Taken :)


Now lets take our chances
Please give me your answer
It's all up to you so please take me away
We've waited for so long
I can't say it feels wrong to close my eyes
When all I see is you

† R.I.P. Brett. Never Forget You †.
your everything iv ever wanted i never would have imagined you would change my life like you have.out of every Smile in the world yours is the one i would want to see everyday its my favourite Smile, cause its the only Smile that makes me warm up inside when i see it. your eyes i could stare into forever with no care in the world. your amazing and my absolute everything your the only one that can make my heart beat faster, and slower at the same time. im not sure how i did it before you came into my life but i know for sure i now couldnt imagine my life without you, and i dont want to i need you because without you im nothing.i truly feel like the luckyest girl alive to have such an amazing guy in my life your perfect baby i love you.-
Miss. Sarah Whelan

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  • To Do List

    - Get a job
    - Go down to Melbourne
    - See Sarah more
    - Do well on my report
    - See Carl Barons's new dvd
    - Make me knee better so i can run
    - Finish my English Essay
    - Visit the family
    - Get another bebo diplay picture
    - Swim 400 meters in under 9 minutes
    - Steal the scarecrow from Bonython with Conor

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  • Lyrics Wall (:

    Secondhand Serenade- Awake
    With every apperance of you
    blinding my eyes
    I can hardly remember the last time i felt like i do
    your an angel disguised.

    Will you stay awake for me
    i don't wanna miss anything
    i don't wanna miss anything

    I will share anything
    i'll give you my heart on a string
    i just don't wanna miss anything

    And if its a hero you want
    i can save you
    just stay here.

    Fort Minor- Believe Me
    Back then i thought you were just like me
    Someone that could see al the pain i could see
    But you prooved to me unintentionelly
    that you would self destruct eventually

    You turned and walked away, ashamed
    All you got is the memory and the pain, nothing make sense
    You stare at the ground and hear my voice in your head
    when no-one else is around

    I guess that this is where we've come to
    if you dont want to
    then you dont have to believe me
    but i wont be there when you go down
    Just so oyu know now
    your on your own now
    believe me.

    Linkin Park- Bleed It Out
    Yer here we go for the hundreth time
    Hand grenade pins in every line
    Throw 'em up and let some shine
    Going out of my fucking mind

    Filthy mouth
    No excuse
    Find a new place to hang this noose
    String my up from atop these roofs
    Knot it tight so i wont get loose

    Truth is you can stop and stare
    Rub myself out and no-one cares
    Dug the trench out, layed down there
    with the shovel out of reach somewhere,yer

    Some-one pour it in
    Make it a dirt dance floor again
    Say your prairs, then stomp it out
    When the bring that chourus in.

    Breaking Benjamin- Breath
    I see nothing in your eyes
    annd the more i see the less i like

    so sacrifice yourself
    annd let me have whats left
    i know that i cand find
    i fire in your eyes

    you take the breath right outta me
    you left a hole where my heart should be
    you gotta fight just to make it through
    cause i will be the death of you.

    The Red Jumpsuit Apparatuis- Cat And Mouse
    Am i suppose to be happy
    When all i ever wanted
    It comes with a price
    Am i suppose to be happy
    When ill i ever wanted
    It comes with a price

    You said you would die for me
    You must live for me
    We made plans to grow old
    Believe me there was truth in all those stories i told.

    Hilltop Hoods- Clown Prince
    Its your round
    If your at the back of the bar
    So just bounce
    Like your banging in the back of your car
    We turn it out
    Hilltop we've been done since...
    I'm the "Clown Prince".

    Billy Talent- Covered In Cowardice
    Twisted tounges will place you in the catagories
    Face to face
    you'll her them tell a different story

    Loose lips may sink ships
    but honesty's forever
    Eyes of envy
    try to cut and try to sever

    Cowards that hide behind their words
    Don't care if feelings will get hurt
    Their eyes are blinded by the rage
    Beware the voice without a face

    When your insecure
    they're pent up pricks
    with only hated to inspire
    Level heads prevail, revenge wont make it better
    Trust your instict like you trust whats in the mirror.

    Blink 182- Dammit
    It's alright to tell me
    what you think about me
    I wont try to argue
    or hold it against you

    I know that your leaving
    you must have your reasons
    the seaason is calling
    your pictures are falling down

    The steps i retraced
    the sad look on your face
    The timing and structure
    Did you hear...he fucked her.

    And its happened once again
    I'll turn to a friend
    Some one that understands
    and sees through the master plan
    but everybodys gone and i've been for to long
    Well i guesss this is growing up

    And maybe i'll see you
    at a move, sneak prview
    You show up on the arm, of that guy
    And i'll smile, and you'll wave
    We'll pretend its okay
    This cherade; it wont last
    When he's gone i wont come back.

    Good Charlotte- Dance Floor Anthem
    She's going out to

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  • Afh-X
    luv Afh-X

    heyy mark :) i'm doing alright thanks, and yo? i'ma miss you heaps too, but we'll hang out in the holidays i hope it's okayy that you weren't there, it did suck though just hope your knee gets better LAV YUU!

  • Afh-X
    luv Afh-X

    MARKUSSS! yeahhh have love, love (:

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    lovee you bubba. xox :D missing youu.

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    Heeeey baby. want to come over monday? :) im working till 7 tonight, then going to dads. i miss you a wholeeee lot. loveyou baby forever and always (L) :D

  • Sarah.

    hehee tomorrow is friday silly head. and yeah well im working. i'll find out what time ; and then ill let you know. love you too baby. oh so much. and you said sorry abillion times i forgive you, and im sorry too. forever and always (L)

  • Sarah.

    i cant remember im at dadddy's. no you're amazing. i love you muchly :)

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    i love you ; soooooooo oh so very oh so much :) hehe. i'll never let you go, never leave? :D you're amazing baby. ( L )

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    i love you. and that'll never change. (L) you're my world i need you. xx

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    Hey Baby .. Miss you heaps. if you want to still come over we'll pick you up at 5:30 ; just call me bit before then to let me know you still want to ; if i dont hear from you i'll call you. i love you so much annd miss you so so much :( found some really cute songs i have to show you!! ...they remind me of you. love you more than words could ever explain :) xxxoxo (L)

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    i love you baby forever and always (L) xxx

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    how long will i be waiting to be with you again im gonna tell you that i love you in the best way that i can i cant take another day without you here your the light that makes my darkness disappear. when you look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me, everythings alright when your right here by my side when you hold me in your arms, i know that its forever i just gotta let you know that i never wanna let you go. i love you mark more than anything, forever always baby (L) xxo miss you more than ever.

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    i miss you baby love you forever and ever. (L)

  • Sarah.

    nawwww. me either bub ; its gonna be awsurrrrm :D haha. you amaze me more each and everyday (L)

  • Sarah.

    your the reason i dont give up ; :D thank you baby i love youuu always. (L)

  • Sarah.

    and thank you for making me smile ;the first smile today :) you make me so happy ... such a crap daay i felt shit 5 minutes ago ; but you changed that. :D (L) its gonna be okay hey :) loveyou

  • Sarah.

    theres a stick ' ill step over it but no marks gonna trip and fall :L thank you im not going anywhere either i promise ! i love you so muchh you have no idear. i dont know what id do without you. your the most important thing in my life ; i love you so much. (L) forever and always baby not a day less ; xxoxoxo