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Mary Ellen Smith

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  • Female, 24, Luv 33
  • from colchester
  • I am Engaged
  • Profile views: 1,377
  • Member since: May 2007
  • Last active: Jun 17
  • www.bebo.com/butterflygal1989
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i like chillin wiv my mates and sam is my best friend and i love my baby that i am goin to have soon i like smoking weed and smoking fags aswell i am a chilled person don't like to cause trouble but there we go
i like millwall and celtic they are my football teams and i like any music to listen to aswell

if you want to add me on msn then my addy is butterflygal19@hotmail.co.uk add me if you want to k

bless tap bk if you want to
i like hardcore, grime, garage, hip hop and reggea drum and base
green street and football factory and i like scary films
millwall and celtic i like football
Scared Of
Happiest When
i am partying and drinking

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    Mary Ellen Smith 0 Replies
  • millwall

    You call me "Cracker", "Honkey", "Whitey", "Milky Bar" and you think it's OK.

    But when I call you co-co pop, Nigger, Pakie, Towel Head, Chink or any other offesive name you call me a racist.

    You say that whites commit a lot of...

    Mary Ellen Smith 0 Replies

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  • Stacey Stephens

    hun jj told us he nt with u 

  • Jay Ahmed
    Jay Ahmed

    I just scored $729 in four days spending time online! All thanks to - http://x.co/KTHn trust me, you will be happy

  • luv Annie Stawicki

    I am gd thank u

    4/12/10 via Mobile
  • Kym Rowlands
    Kym Rowlands

    hey remember me

  • Xx Baby Sammy Xx
    luv Xx Baby Sammy Xx

    well thats good to hear wen u guna bring him to me so i can see him??? xxx

  • Xx Baby Sammy Xx
    Xx Baby Sammy Xx

    not bad not bad hows the baby

  • Babee Stacey
    Babee Stacey

    oi u lil mug wait untill i see u.. y do u keep shiting on people that help u out... u are theiving lil twats u wont even give jade her stuff back.. if u want to no were i am im in halstead again now.. so swivle on ur skanky boyfriends cock would share u the luve but i dont love dogs that much they dont have a wash haha just like u

  • Babee Stacey
    luv Babee Stacey

    yes corse we are mates the only reason i didnt think i was mates with u because u was with sam.. im kl with u i think u are a nice person and would never halm u in anyway.. i may give u the mouth but really and truthfully i wouldnt hurt u.. you should no me by now im not nasty like that only if they have done something seriously bad.. and im pregnant again.. and when i see sam im gna nock 10 touns of shit out of her.. lol... w/b.. xxxx

  • Es

    look i dnt fuking no yuu but just leave stacey the fuck alone she is a lovely girl just leave it out she has helped me out in the past soo im doing the same... leave her the fuk alone b4 i fuking start... i dont fuking lyk yuu alreadyy so i suggest yuu just fuk off and grow up b4 yu realise yu have nuffin...

  • Babee Stacey
    Babee Stacey

    how about u shut the fuck up. u chat so much shit.. now hanging around with scabby sam u will learn one day u lil cunt.. i dnt mean to be nasty mary but u shit on ppl that liked and helped u out even marc and jodie and that from town house.. they even helped u out nd u shit on all of us..they may be tlking to u now but i aint ever gna coz i warned u so many times.. nd when i see sam i aint gna beat her up she aint fucking worth it.. i aint going dwn for that..nd tell david to shut up and grow up to.. and as for karron.. she cant have a fish let alone me.. i aint scared of none of u.. david thinks he is hard but he really aint nuffing nd never will be.. he told me he was gna smash me up ages ago nd im still breathing now haha grow up the lot of ya..

  • 7/8/09 via Mobile
  • Babee Stacey
    Babee Stacey

    u still with david.. and living at karrons..... y u always get lippy to pple when u no they have helped u out.. i cant believe that u lot back stabbed us man its well out of order we helped u out so much nd u threw it in our face.......

  • Babee Stacey
    Babee Stacey

    i new u lot had it.. u dirty lil thieves.. see thats y no1 likes u all coz ur theives.. and yh maybe his house anit like that but it is now known as a slapper house.. .. just like u nd karon u dirty skanky bitch.. nd dnt start getting lippy to me..........CUNT,WHORE,SLAG,PROSTI  TUETE, BITCH,SLAPPER,MUG,WANKER,UR KIDS GNA BE BETTER OF WITHOUT U THE POOR BOY I FEEL SO SORRY FOR HIM.. HAVING A MUM LIKE U....

  • Babee Stacey
    Babee Stacey

    and there is no way on this earth that u are going to split me andy and sam up again coz everytime u lot chat shit we get stronger and stronger.. so go die bitch.. u need to have a bath coz u smell like my mums cunt and man thats bad.. and stop bull shittin about my bitches bloke yh coz u gna get smashed da fuck up.. nd stop saying sam cheated on him ....coz she aint..

  • Babee Stacey
    Babee Stacey

    oi u dirty lil sket.. y should we be mates when all u do is back stab ppl it out of order.. anyway im bck with my bitch nw {sam} like it should of bin instead of hanging around with a dirty lil slag like u. u smelly fishy bitch.. u aint gna get tyler bck not wit goin out with a pervert.. that thinks he is hard when he aint jack didaly shit apart from a pussy just like his pissy knickers mother.. that killed her own kid.. how sick is that.. and for paul sniffing lil girls knickers.. wrongens.. oh and im going to get u done for fraud for spending tylers money cause u shouldnt even be getting that money coz if u aint got that poor kid then u shouldnt get it .. if u want money go do ur normal job and stand on the corner of a shop for sex then get money that way just like the old days.. hey u dirty lil prick wait untill i get my hands on u.. u gna be on hospital food 4 da rest of ur life.. ha ha ha gutted u looser... no1 likes u anymore.. u fishy fishy bitch

  • Thomas James
    Thomas James

    im just at home u

  • Xx Baby Sammy Xx
    Xx Baby Sammy Xx

    hey hows u?