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Captain Kathryn Janeway

All hands, secure primary systems and prepare for Taurellian boarding parties. Let's give them our usual warm welcome.

10/10/11 | me too! | Reply

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Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager!
Me, Myself, and I
✔Verified Official Roleplyer ★
✔Original Profile & Official.©

In late 2370, I was given command of the USS Voyager, a new Intrepid class vessel. Our maiden voyage in 2371 included the mission to track down Maquis members in the Badlands.

After docking with Deep Space Nine, we set course for The Badlands and proceeded to follow the Maquis ship. We were hit by a large displacement wave and hurtled 70,000 lightyears to The Delta Quadrant by an entity known as The Caretaker. From then we gained new crewmembers and have made some good progress on modifying our ship to accommodate for the unusual situation.

As we carry on through The Delta Quadrant, it can only be assumed that we will run into problems along the way. With a good crew and fast ship, I'm sure we can overcome these problems and make our way back to The Alpha Quadrant. Seven of Nine is settling in and the rest of the crew are now working harder than ever to make our journey every bit the success we hope for.
Any of the great classic musical composers from the various cultures in the Alpha Quadrant. I've come across a few whilst in the Delta Quadrant.
I regularly use some of my free time in the Holodeck.
I enjoy all manners of Sport, Running, swimming, Badmington, and Hoverball, I usually play against Seven. Her competitive streak keeps me on my toes.
Scared Of
There are not many things I am affraid of, the only real thing is not fulfilling my promise to get this ship home.
Happiest When
With my Family and Friends or back home in Indiana.
Starfleet Personnel Number:
The Other Half Of Me
Commander Chakotay

Commander Chakotay

A fine Officer and a dear friend

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  • To all of those on my friends list and those who have sent us various messages...

    Both myself and my crew would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind words and encouragement during our journey through The Delta Quadrant.

    The support you have all shown for Voyager and her crew has helped renew our enthusiasm and determination.

    I would also like to apologise to those of you whom I have not managed to contact within the past few months, Starfleet are continually sending us data during our monthly transmissions and fitting anything else into our response becomes more difficult.

    Once again I thank you for your encouragement and comments,

    Captain Kathryn Janeway, USS Voyager

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  • Ryan Dougherty
    luv Ryan Dougherty

    Sit on my face and tell me that you love me <3

  • The Doctor
    luv The Doctor

    "Please state the nature of the medical emergency" >>> Remeber me??? - are you all still active? - i would love to get back into it again.

  • Commander Chakotay
    Commander Chakotay

    *Chakotay turned his attention to Kathryn*

    "Agreed, I'll speak to B'Elanna about making the adaptations to our shields"

    *Seven turned from her console entering the conversation*

    Seven: "It would be adviseable to inform the Doctor. He will be able to synthesise a medication to repel the biological effects of the anomaly"

    *She added maintaining her confident tone*

  • Commander Chakotay
    Commander Chakotay

    Seven: "We are unable to ascertain the nature of the phenomenon at this range, I would suggest a short range study, it will then be possible to adapt Voyagers systems to compensate"

    *Chakotay arched an eyebrow and looked to Seven*
    Chakotay: "You sound pretty confident about that Seven"

    Seven: "I am" *She stated bluntly, before looking to Janeway* "I will continue with my analysis Captain"

  • Commander Chakotay
    Commander Chakotay

    *Chakotay and Seven of Nine turned to face Kathryn as she entered the room.*

    Seven:" Captain, astrometric sensors are detecting an intense phenomenon spanning the sector we are about to enter. It would appear that space is being distorted at the subatomic level"
    *She delivered the news in a cold tone of voice*

    Chakotay: "What's even more unusual is that this phenomenon has only recently started"

    Seven: "It would appear that the anomaly is expanding into the adjacent sectors. To navigate around safely taking into account the rate of expansion it would take Voyager approximately 23 months and 11 days, with an average velocity of warp 6.2"

  • Commander Chakotay
    luv Commander Chakotay

    and I just noticed your comment XD I've been taking a break from it, but yes, yes I am ;-)

  • Commander Chakotay
    luv Commander Chakotay

    =/\= Chakotay to Janeway, please report to astrometrics, Seven of Nine has found something you'll want to see...

  • Lieutenant Coveney
    Lieutenant Coveney

    Hello captain i have been busy in engineering for ages.

    6/23/11 via Mobile
  • Commander Chakotay
    luv Commander Chakotay

    I apologise for my late reply Captain, the Borg were not making it easy to cut through their jamming signals!

  • Jonny
    luv Jonny

    Hey Captain yoou okay, how's life on Voyager I would to be in the Delta Quadrant, I know How Voyager returns home and I also have good news about the Former Maquis on your crew that they will be Pardoned and Starfleet will honour your commissions and the EMH will be kept online with the help of Commander Data and Captain Bruce Madock he will win the right to become sceient but dont tell any of the crew this and I wont tell you how Voyager gets home due to the Temprol Prime Directive. wb soon Ma'am

  • Joseph Adama
    luv Joseph Adama

    Joseph Adama was walking in the park with his son William, trying to explain to him about what it had been like to come to the planet Caprica as a child. "Most of my family, including my parents, died in the Tauron civil war. So my brother and I came here as orphans. When we arrived they drove us to this orphanage. I remember this field of wildflowers on the side of the road. It might seem strange to a Caprican, but there are no flowers on Tauron. Not one. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life. All the colors, the petals, the softness... and I wept. Openly. For the first, and last time." His law schooling had been funded largely by patrons within the Tauron mafia; as a result, he owed them a debt and was frequently called on to defend mobsters, bribe court officers, and deliver "messages" to government officials. But he wanted more than this for his son, he wanted him to understand their true heritage.

  • Commander Chakotay
    luv Commander Chakotay

    =/\= Red alert, Captain Janeway to the Bridge ( Haii :) )

  • Vampha Ordo

    an unmarked ship is located by Voyegers sencors it was heaverly dameged with only one life sigh on bord the life sign was out cold it drifts through space the cocktpit window was badly smashed the engiens were burnt out the life sign showed little movment as it seends out a destress signal

  • Seven Of Nine And TheNewdoctorandsjs
    Seven Of Nine And TheNewdoctorandsjs

    Seven of mine was in her regeneration room and watched you walk in and looks at you "Captain May I ask what brings you down" Seven as she was showing signs of been human which was never rengerating until she got her work done and also having other things on her mind and that was making more of her Borg side of her show

  • Captain Kathryn Janeway
    Captain Kathryn Janeway

    hey want to RP ?

  • Commander Elizabeth Tucker
    Commander Elizabeth Tucker

    Liz smiles, "Yeah, we got the dilithium, and i manged to bring back the shuttle in one peice unlike Tom."

  • Commander Elizabeth Tucker
    luv Commander Elizabeth Tucker

    "Captain!!" Liz runs down the corridor to catch up, "How have you been?"

  • Lieutenant Coveney
    luv Lieutenant Coveney

    *Passes you in the corridor* "Merry Christmas Captain!"

  • The Doctor
    luv The Doctor

    Hello Captain, My Name is The Doctor. I Mean no harm to you and your crew. I came across a destress signal from a few lightyears back and traced it back to your ship do you need any assistance xx Love The Doctor xx

  • Thomas