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fk yeha (:

1/12/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

i like tofu
Me, Myself, and I
Eats jelly and assassinates peanuts

pacman is a cannibal

sometimes i wish i was a boy,
but then i would be an ugleh boy.. >.< huuu huuuu
what a dilema

"Crab People, Taste like crab... talk like people"

I have an L plushie


i would really love to learn japanese.. teach me?
The Other Half Of Me


Shes my Legendary loser!.. ahah i luv her! =] xox

Scared Of
Heights, sharks, planes, blue ringed octopus, blow fish, fish with big teeth and light bulbs on their heads O_o..... *shudders*
ok well.. i pretty much turned 18 on the 7th of october.. which is a while ago.. and i still haven't done anything remotley exciting.. which has me kind of bummbbeeddd!..
i watched MILK the other day.. such a good movie.. i thouroughly (SP) enjoyed it.. soo.. you shoud also watch it.. yah yah
i really want to go and do something.. like.. go clubbing.. but i have exams.. and im semi depresssed because i dont really enjoy my uni course.. soo .. yeh...
im stalking about 3 guys right now..
it keeps me occupied ;p
yeh i dont use bebo often anymore, so add meeeeeee

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  • Sarah

    Hey Di. Wanted to let you know I'm deleting bebo. But I luv ya and will miss you always. I'll send you my email in a private message. Cheers, Sarah

  • Killer.Blackbird

    tehee nm ive been on holiday ^_^ you? haha thats ohkay (: im athena .xx.

  • Killer.Blackbird

    AWESOME!!! awwww i wish (: i might tehe

  • luv Sarah

    You went to Vietnam? o__O ORLY? Interesting thar. :P WOOT! I WANNA SHEEPPY STICKER! But I can't drive.. so nvm. >__< Hm... Di is a trouble maker. Yeah, christmas was all righty. I was just lazy. I didn't do much on my time off. Played DDR with my boyfriend's best friend on new year's eve. It was frekin' awesome when I pwned him. Haha. :D Luv!

  • luv Jordan Duggan

    npz :) sori it took so long for me 2 reply too lol :L so busy with college >.< lol oh thats class! mustve been an epic trip! :) happy new year 2 u 2 hun! ah i didnt get up to much tbh was fairly quiet over xmas and was sick on new years so didnt end up goin out! haha epic! bet u had some trouble fittin all the stuff in ur suitcase comin back :L wouldnt mind some warmth round here atm :L oh cool hope it doesnt end up bein 2 expensive! ^_^ xxxx XDXD

  • Cerridwen

    My xmas was good.i got loadsa new clothes.drank too much wine tho.haha.didnt do anyting for new years.i usually go out to an overcrowded pub,get waaaaaay too drunk and end havin a major hangover the next day.so i just stayed in and watched dvds and pigged out.mac and cheese ftw :) xxxx

    1/4/10 via Mobile
  • Cerridwen

    Heya hun,how was ur christmas and new years?xxx

    1/4/10 via Mobile
  • Sarah

    Aha, I think there's no way I'll ever miss high school... all though college/uni doesn't sound uber great either. o__O Yay for art! Fun stuff. Me gusta mucho. I hope the projects don't kill you. Yush... sheepies. ^_^ I have a friend who might get her lip pierced soon, too. Very nice. I'd get snakebites if it weren't for the fact that my parents would eat my soul. :P xx LOVE!

  • luv Jordan Duggan

    i know and its always when ya dont have the money to be spending that theres stuff to buy and when u do have the money theres feck all to get! typical! lol :L well the only thing that beats buying something epic, is when u get it for a bargain ;] oh i know that feeling! i mean i love summer and i love me some sun but when i was in NY for the summer it was so damn hot! wasnt too pleasant like haha! :L oh crap, thats really sucky! you'll melt in the car in that heat >.< not much now tbh chick, just been in college all week and hangin with m8s! went out last night alright, was such a laugh! epic night! :D ^_^ xxxx XDXD

  • luv Jordan Duggan

    hahaha! yeah its bad enough havin to do a test the first time but havin to repeat >.< GAH! aww sounds class! i love shopping sprees so much! although stuff round here atm is so boring so i rarely get to buy much stuff ¬_¬ haha you're right too! aww man now i wanna go shoppin! stupid boring winter clothes! lol any news with u? ^_^ xxxx XDXD

  • Toggaf

    haha shit thats hepz. hahaha :L it was gaay waht u ben up 2 lately

  • luv Jordan Duggan

    oh class haha! :) steal me a penguin! :L aww man thats sux :( if it helps i was convinced after comin out of my shakespeare exam that i failed cause it went to bad but somehow i managed to pass! and like i cud only really do half of that exam so if i managed to pass im sure you can manage it chick hehe! :) well hope u do anyway! =] oh no i meant i didnt get up to anything mad not that i was mad lol :L i know! i hate spedning money but some things are to pretty to resist :L ^_^ xxxx XDXD

  • Cerridwen
    luv Cerridwen

    Love.iv to go to the dentist now :(

    11/24/09 via Mobile
  • luv Jordan Duggan

    yeah i agree, like im the same cant go too long without seein mates >.< ya its handy cause i can catch up on stuff but now we have an extra week of college added on! which means less xmas hols :/ ah well! im just worried about gettin running water back haha! :L aww man that sucks! :-/ hope it goes well for ya chick! fuck thats alotta money to have to pay out! :[ no no its grand, id feel the same if it were me like! ah my weekend was okay! didnt get up to much mad now tbh! just some retail therapy :L and hangin out! ^_^ xxxx XDXD

  • luv Jordan Duggan

    oh thats cool! glad to hear that chick :) sweet! hope that one goes well for u!! =] nm now tbh! just been out with m8s and shoppin! theres been such bad floodin here that uni is closed until the 30th cause of it! >.< so have a week off now! havin a good weekend?? :] ^_^ xxxx XDXD

  • luv Smanddiee

    heeeys, its www.facebook.com/smandee yee FB is so much easier, bebo is beyond dead ! LOL (: we should start our own stealing nice car`s thing :D

  • RicePetrolBagelDonutMunchers

    Pic uploaded :D Thanks for joining ;) :D

  • luv Jordan Duggan

    oh class!! :D fair play to ya chick! eeeep >.< that sucks, well glad to hear it's calmed anyway! Hope things get sorted out soon, i mean it is just a piercin! and seein as ur old enough to make ur own decisions! 5 ewwwww! :O glad that went well, best of luck with the others chick!!! (: ^_^ xxxx XDXD

  • Killer.Blackbird

    AWESOME!! lol aww ! i want one! .xx.

  • luv Sarah

    At the moment I'm just cruising with school work. But it's all right because I really enjoy my art projects. :3 How about you? How goes the sheep herding? Lol.