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Maddie Where Are You???

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
By joining this band, it means that you want Maddie to be found, alive.
Plase please please keep her in your thoughts, today, and always.
..Such a brave little girl.
Only age six.
She has been missing for over two years now,
She doesnt deserve ANY of this!

If You Know Or Have ANY Information That Could Help Find Maddie Please Visit:


Or Call Crimestoppers On:

+44 1883 731 336

Thank You ...

Sorry - We wont make you a band member.
Please do not advertise on this page-
Because this is a page for Maddie,
Not for your advertisment.



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Find Madeleine McCann!!!!!!!!!

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  • Parents?

    People are now saying that it was the parents who did it.
    They're saying that they gave her sleeping pills, but they gave her too many!
    So was it them?
    Was it some cruel paedophile?
    The mum is willing to take a lie detector test, bus as yet, has not.
    We probably wont know HOW she died, unless we find her (dead or alive)
    But...the police is Portugal said they found hair in the car that the mum and dad rented, and it was Maddie's hair (DNA tests) and it wasnt just like one piece of hair, it was a whole chunk of hair.
    So maybe it was them?
    We'll probably never know...


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  • There's Still A Little Bit Of Hope :)

    By joining this band, you are showing that you actually still believe Maddie is alive.
    Lots of people think she is dead now, but maybe, just maybe, if we all work hard enough, and believe hard enough, she will get found.
    If you really really care about Madeleine and want her home, you will join the band, and (maybe) share the love.
    Don't just join if you're like:
    "Umm, yeah. Maddie's missing, I have no other band to join, so I'll just join this one!"
    Only join if you want her home.
    If you are one of those people who just don't give two shits about Maddie, then why are you even on this page, reading this blog? This page is for people WHO WANT HER HOME.
    We need to keep believing!
    She is only five!
    I can't even imagine the pain she is going through!
    Being this young, and she hasnt seen her family for over 100 days!
    I mean, that's just fucking horrid!
    Who would do that to such a kind a loving girl, of only five!?
    People keep saying stuff like:
    "The only reason she is on the news, trying to be found, is because her parents are quite high up in the world, they're both doctors, if there was a little girl like Maddie who went missing, but her mum lived in a Council Flat, NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN!"
    That's really annoying.
    It might be true and all that, but that's not the point!
    She is alone.
    All alone.
    With the freak who took her.
    She's in heaven;
    In a better place..
    No-one can get to her there...
    What do you think?
    Is she is Heaven...or is she still alive?

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  • JadeRobertson

    Please help her shes so innocent and deserves to have her parent back Please who ever has Maddy if you can see this just turn yourself in and by doing that you won have so much jail time please ] she needs her parents

  • Sophie S
    luv Sophie S

    bring her home

  • Jaymii.
    luv Jaymii.

    The person who has taken her is a sick person and why do thing happen like thing Ehhhh people like that , pervs make her feel sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:( just bring her back and go kill yourself , it will be a great favour for all of us !!!!

  • Daisy

    Whats Bungie :S

  • Santa Clause
    luv Santa Clause

    who ever has madeline bring here home now please xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • KayleeSavini

    she;s dead now its abit obvious. xxx R.I.P XXXXXX

  • Kaytee Misses Bcps Already
    luv Kaytee Misses Bcps Already

    aww bless her little heart......x

  • Sophie S
    Sophie S

    i think sghe should come home and if you are reading this and you have got her will you bring her home or com,e and give her to some one who will bring her home and when i get some more love i will give you some it has all gone i love you maddie yopu a cute love sophie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  • Watchdog

    >>/begin :\ =enter.string-0105 >>she will not return >>she sleeps inside the hushed casket >>\end

  • Rob Marley
    Rob Marley

    i can haz recon?

  • Jake Burrows
    luv Jake Burrows

    is this bullshit or did bungie really post here?

  • Julien LeBlanc

    Ok Guys, this has nothing to do with Bungie. Ahhh google can be a hassle sometimes.... Luke from Bungie commented on this and it has nothing to do with the Teaser. Stop spamming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Elward

    seriously, michael spamming like that is for noobtards who think they can freak out people by randomly posting Superintendant's comments

  • luv Phantom Desperado

    "Why would Superintendent direct us here? I can't figure out the next step. " The next step is obvious. We must find Maddie.

  • Cheese

    Bungie can do whatever the fuck they want. They're american, Madeline is british. Does this mean no ones aloud to use the name maddie anymore?

  • Adam B
    Adam B

    wtf bungie

  • Marcos Sisneros

    well if bungie doesn't want us to go here then why even put that in?