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Ann. Tani

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<< haha lol . E105
Me, Myself, and I

immaturity E328

>kitele lomi E414
>>22 \ 6 \ 94 E402
>>>avondale E108
>>>>sport E415

interesting ive got notin to say ! disappointing E410 haha ! oh well . . lols oh wait .. no notin ! hahaha E409
The Other Half Of Me
Bett Seluka

Bett Seluka

gotta love my aunty (:

i Love. .
>heavenly father and son
->family and friends
my Sport. .
netball \ tag \ volley
love all thou :D (and yess evn golf lmbo
im Happy when. .
. . im in a good mood durrh lols umm. .;
>with family+friends
->playing sport
-->just enjoying lyfe :)
netball camp. .
gotta love climbing a pine tree ;) :L oh and toffee pops ;) :L :L ryte tylah and savana ? :L :L
tag. .
in session :DD getting tired and maybe , jus maybe , fittr ?? hahaha idk . lols
rotas2010. .
faar mean time wit th girls :) learned a lot from johnny boy as well as th rest ov th crew :) ahh ! love you ! haha !

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  • TOkasi
    luv TOkasi

    heeyyyah,wadzsuppp??? just popping inh to drop your hart, ahhhw btw,i love your profile pic :P take care, love kasi -x

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    Haaaay ! :D Aww hahah saame here ! hhar :L :L Aww im gud ae and the family is too ! soo whtas up lately ? School is aaite ae, bit boring bt alguds ! hhar now my family is at sikas house and im on his laptop hhar :L hows youe anf evrything ?? xx

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    Hhar haard :L yeaah i did actually ! :O i fought is was gonna be boring ! hehe ! soo how was yours ae ? Aww truee ! faar we started on thursdaay lucky it wasnt on my birthdaay ! xx

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    HAard ! awww i fink she 14 ! yeaah i know right ! bt they said it was good her birthday! Aww true ! how was it ! and its been good aye ! the wedding was good and joesph and dem are gng hme todaay ! soo when do yoeu start school ? xx

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    Aww haaaay ! faar it was good aye ! bt we had to cum home on kotelia;s brithdaayt ? >:( bt tha boys stayed to do the fish stuff :L hhar hows your holidaess ?

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    Aww heres tha hart sorry ! :L x

  • Voli

    HAAARD OUT ! :L Yeaah he can, awww heard youes came to the hospital too on sundaay, youeleft den we jst came hhar :D Aww haard ! we are gonna go up north tomorrow cause thay left today bt tuli stayed with us and nakala went, thaat bum [moon] x

  • Yeah Boii.
    luv Yeah Boii.

    bueerp !!

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    Yeaah ! he was telln me and i saw thaa mark ! haard out ! hhar :L :L Yeaah hes bettah, he got out today so hes here with us ! hehe :D HAard out ! hehe ! we do that lyk alwyas hha ! :) xx

  • .Kikii.


  • Voli
    luv Voli

    Aww really ! well nuffn really ! well joseph and them are stayin here cause poor uncle is in hospital :( soo yeaaah ! jst catchin up and realxin ! :D x

  • .Kikii. 1/13/11
  • Voli
    luv Voli

    HAAARD ! Aww umm neva heard of thaat ! :P well is it cool ?? Well jst went to the beach yesterdaay ! and faaaar todaay soo hot >:( hhar :L xx

  • Toipo Teremoana 1/7/11
  • MR Lolua
    luv MR Lolua

    heas a heart for dh bradahs hahahaha share it bak aye

  • Toipo Teremoana
    Toipo Teremoana

    oh cool hpoe u cum nd sorrie noe harts eres a fake 1

  • Toipo Teremoana
    Toipo Teremoana

    wen r u comming bak

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    HAPPY NEW YEARS TO YOUE TOO ! :DD ahaha well if i did that to my bratha they would be lyk this and that ! haha :L aww really ? which uncle ? Umm gud ae ! fink we are gng to the beach todaay ! yaaay! :D xx

  • Suelisa
    luv Suelisa

    Aww, Cee still in Hawaii. She'll be cominq back 2013.. I thinnk..!!? Yeah holidae are very lazy, just hard out sleep in..!! Hehe..!! :D x

  • Voli
    luv Voli

    Oh haha ! haardout ! awww haha what were your bratha's lyk ? well yeaah sooo how things now ?? :D xx