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Henley on Thames UK
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
How do you start an argument with a chav?

What's the most confusing day of the year for a Chav?
Fathers Day!

Hi, Hello and Welcome
How are you today? Hopefully not being harassed by burberry clad yobs.
We here at Chav Scum basically do what what we say. Consider us to be the anti-virus, the calling, the reply and the last defence to the plague spreading across Britain that is Chavdom.
Here you can bring to light your tales of brushes with Chavs.
We envoke Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1999 of Free Speech. You can say what you want about who you want but to be honest, we'd prefer if if you kept on the subject of chavs.

Did you know that Chavs have been around since the begining of the Victorian age?
They started off as Chimney Sweep boys, and yes The Artfull Dodger was the template for all modern chavs. Able to mouth his way in and out of a situation while stealing some good citizens wallet.

chav's, no more than tracksuits and trainers since 1857

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  • Know your CHAVS...

    The accepted etymology for "chav" is that it derives from the Romani word "chavi", meaning a child.[4] Related words derived from the same source include "charva" (used in northern England in a similar sense) and perhaps the obsolescent "young shaver" (meaning a boy). In modern Spanish "chaval" means "lad"

    Since Vicky Pollard entered our lives in 2003 the word "CHAV" and her catchphrase of "yer but no but yer but no SHU-UP I ain't dun nuthin" has become a household entity. Parents now freak and the possibility that their children may be subjected to similar persons whilst at school.

    Some more famous Chavs
    Jordan and that prick of a husband
    Wayne Rooney - He's rich so there should be no excuse, oh wait, he's a thuggish footballer
    Kevin Federline.
    Britney spears
    All the spice girls
    Lilly Allen
    Jimmy saville
    Catherine Tate's character Lauren the teenager

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  • Possible Uses For Chavs...

    1. They make the governments benefits scheme look like it actually works
    2. They pay high insurance on their terribly shitty suped up Novas
    3. In the long run they will actually help counter-act an ageing population by breeding as young as 12!
    4. CHAVS make everyone else look good!
    5. Oh come on! They're chavs! They have no use!

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  • Josh

    fuck us ya hippy drity fucking basterds u need to get a wash and do some finn wif ur hair

  • -Willy

    whats the point of this? its stupid victimising people becuase of the way they talk, act, what they wear and what music they like its who they are, wether its cuz they're brought up that way, from rough areas or cuz they like being like that its just the way they are if someone wants to be a chav, its upto them, their freedom of choice and they shudnt be victimised for being who they waanna be.

  • Thatperson 2/13/09
  • Adrian Rhymes
    luv Adrian Rhymes

    Fuckign Awesome

  • Deany Boy

    lol there all dirt bags

  • The Man With No Name
    The Man With No Name

    i had a brush with a chav in his 20's recently.. im only 14.. and he came up to me outside tescos cos i sed he dropped his fag... and he threated to knock me out and throw me into a motorway.. didnt say much out of bare shock.. thank fuck another guy came along and told him, to fuck off lol

  • Harry J
    Harry J

    did somebody say ethnic cleansing? I mean genocide? I mean mass murder, I mean errm... where was I? lol.

  • Harry J
    luv Harry J

    Finally! Quick somebody commit genocide! We need to rid our country of these scum. they are a virus that plague our once great country. We ruled 1/4 of the world yet now our own population has been infested by this virus. We need somebody to do something about it.

  • Poppy M
    Poppy M

    sweet page dudes all chavs a scabby slobs rockers rule

  • Piratical One

    Ah, finally. this page rules! burn the chavs! that's all. for the moment

  • Bionic Cheese
    luv Bionic Cheese

    put them all on mars 2 burn 2 death lol the only wait 2 stop a chave from attacking you is to.................... .................... ...................... ......................... ....................... ..................... ........................... ................ ....................... ..................... pull your dick out on them cos ur so aity gay they dont wanna seem gay 2 there fellow chavs lol i cant say ive ever donr it 2 be compleatly hounst but it dont matter its kinda true cos chavs SUCK init bruv lol tom out have love :D

  • Fraser

    nobbbsss !!!!!!! chavs are well gay

  • luv Ben

    gurrr chavs are anyoin little cunts well some r others r ok all i want to no is wats all the 'dan' and 'blad' and all dat kind of shit bout??? hav the lov

  • DJ Detawee
    DJ Detawee

    fuk u nobs u all wankas

  • stonerboi

    fuk u all u all a bunch of wankas!!!!