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11/3/10 | me too! | Reply

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Self Published
Christchurch New Zealand
For all booking and general enquiries please contact: Garo- ourfallenmanagement@hotmail.com
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About Me

www.mediafire.com/ourfallen for FREE EP download
Me, Myself, and I
Emerging from Canterbury, OUR FALLEN quickly established themselves as a fast paced, hard hitting, Metal/Hardcore outfit. With OUR FALLEN becoming a common name in The Garden City, the boys set out to write and record their debut Album by early next year.

The boys have shared the stage with such bands as; Trivium, Whitechapel, Winds Of Plague, Suffocation, Bleeding Through, Misery Signals, Antagonist A.D and 8 Foot Sativa

It's their high energy live performances and powerful sound that make OUR FALLEN stand out from the rest, making these guys a band to watch out for. OUR FALLEN are just five guys doing what they love doing and making a name for themselves in the process.

check out:

www.ourfallen.bigcartel.com -MERCHSTORE!

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    Hey Guys, We're doing a small blog just to update you on some of the things that have gone on in weeks we have been recording the Our Fallen E.P .
    We are all so excited about finally putting this out and it is now finally here! You can download it from www.MediaFire.com/OurFallen Tell us your thoughts and bring the noise!
    Unfortunately during the process we have lost one of our band members, Matt Parker, as he is not proceeding with us to England in search of bigger and better things. We hope the best for him and hope he keeps happy and healthy. Here is a statement from him
    "Yo yo yo what it do garden cittayyy?!
    The time has come for me to part ways with all round GC'S Our Fallen, no beefz or nuting... The band has decided NZ isn't the place to fully establish a death metal band, they're 100% right, its balls. So off to the UK for these chaps! Unfortunately, due to me being a poor bastard and not liking the cold, I won't be joining these boys in their en-devour to become rock gods. Yeah I know I'm a pussy.
    I will be replaced by Mark Woodcock (former Beneath The Silence guitarist) A good friend of mine, So all you die hard fans out there give him a warm welcome, he'll shred your face off.
    It's been a long four years with lots of ups and downs but never the less a mean as experience. I wish these fellaz the best of luck for the future, and so should you!
    I'll be playing my last show on May 28th at the BEDFORD w/ THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and UNEARTH. I expect anyone who's anyone will be there. Thanks to everyone thats come along to support Our Fallen, even though the main acts gone (me) you should still keep supporting these dudes and coming along to shows!
    Enjoy the E.P that's up for free download!
    Love Parker xoxoxoxoxo"

    On the up-side of this unfortunate loss, we welcome a new member, Mark Woodcock as Parkers replacement. He will be travelling with us to England, so make him feel welcome! Anyway guys, make sure you download our E.P and thank you for all your support during everything! We love you.
    Our Fallen.

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  • EP Lyrics

    A Taste Of Imperfection
    Keep yourself out of where you're not welcome, undermining everyone around, throw yourself at anyone that comes along, disregard the people who brought you here,
    we built this place from the ground up, holding those close that walk among us, this is the way we live our lives, bury you twelve feet underground, feed you to the world thats ours, this is the way we live our lives,
    there's so many reasons you should bury your head, (go get your gun) just pick one, don't look back, until you right the wrongs, it's so easy for us to say this in ways for you to comprehend, (to comprehend) sit the fuck down, quiet slut, listen up, sewn shut, wrists bound, face down, now we've got your attention,
    fuck everything you think you are, until the end, just bite your tongue to speak, with this poison life you call a home, look to the sky and you'll see your end, the time has come for us to bury you, and we'll bury you here,
    just watch your back when you step in here, as no one shows no mercy, your turn to run through the feeding ground, we wanna see if your still standing,
    we are the cure for this disease you call your life, here to eradicate and rearrange your soul tonight, you suffer, you pray for, some one to save your soul and leave you to start again,
    and i'll bury you where you fucking belong, underneath the stars to deny you of any sun, we are the ones you wish you never met, go get your statement bitch, cause Im cashing the cheque,
    buried all alone, spitting out teeth, as your life dwindles away, thinking of the wrongs in your life, wish you could just take them away, your so far gone but i can still smell the stench of decay, your rotting lungs hold nothing but dirt as you slowly start to fade away,
    dead and alone in the dirt as the worms start to feed on your bodies decay, bare witness to death as your family mourns, surrounding your grave, now is the chance in your life to take back every negative word you have spoke, this is not the time to resist, this blade in my hand is consuming me.

    Dreaming of her knight in shining armor, she waits for anyone to come, desperate for some attention, takes the first to come along,
    she does not realize that he is dressed to kill, searching for vulnerability, he drops his fucking pill,
    so heres to, new beginnings, and what you think is real, he, on the other hand, sees his chance to strike, forcing pain thats real,
    holding on to every word thats spoken, dreaming of years to come, at the same time he waits for that phone call to go home and tear her innocence,
    opens the door to see everything thats in the past, slowly approaching her and holding her arms, he wont let go, now all the dreams are shattered as she hits the fucking floor, no reason to stop all this now might as well be screaming for more,
    lie still (lie still), shut up, im using everything thats in my arsenal, ill make this as painful as possible just to hear you truly vulnerable,
    this has gone on for far to long, i vowe to seek your end, (and every day i'll strive) to hang you up by your intestines and redeem every victim you've had, stand alone and seek no one else, i dare not involve any one else, although Im gonna make sure everyone knows who you are and how you've suffered,
    so heres to, your new beginnings, and what you think is real, he on the other hand, sees his chance to strike, forcing pain thats real,

    The Ludivico Technique
    Get on your knees and put your hands up to the fucking sky, is what he says to him, as he binds his hands and gets out face down,
    this time you wont be going anywhere, you must learn that we do this only because we love you.
    the father figure shattered, grows up in retched filth, starting to seek his vengeance, on anything that moves,
    the more attention thats sought, the more his walls come down, sitting and playing silent, moving on to bigger things,
    if it has a heart beat, best believe it becomes a toy, torturing a defenseless being, pinned

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    (+ P&P $5.00 within NZ. Overseas delivery charged at NZ post rates)

    email: ourfallenmanagement@hotmail.com with full name, Address, Country, Size, Tee Design and contact email.

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  • JustEthan

    Fuck i love you guys! Own live! And im keen for the ep!

  • Georgiaa.

    last night was amazing.

  • luv Michael C

    That was sick last night guys! :DD

    8/6/10 via Mobile
  • luv Michael C

    Hahaha yeah bebo is pretty shitty haha. All goods!!

    8/2/10 via Mobile
  • luv Michael C

    Fav NZ band ever!!! Got you on my ipod. Gets me totally amped every time i listen to it haha. Me an my mates had a mean wee throwdown crankn Taste of Imperfection Haha

    7/12/10 via Mobile
  • Nathan Cairns

    holy shit, gig tonight.

  • Kent

    better tour here once your all famous and shit.

  • luv Tom Tardi-Zuch

    You guys were AMAZING at Unearth and Black Dahlia- and the EP is wicked!

  • luv Nathan Cairns

    love youuuuuuuuu.

  • luv Michael C

    Hey guys cant wait to see you guys with The Black Dahlia Murder next week! Guna be sick! And i think it'll be the 5th time i'll have seen you! Lol. And i definently be coming to see you here in Dunners again. Also your EP fucking OWNS! Its brilliant and i love it! And i would love to have Ode To A Nightingale on my ipod so i can crank it! So how can i get it? Is it up for download on mediafire or something? That would be mint. Cheers bro's.

    5/19/10 via Mobile
  • luv Kezza

    A taste of imperfection is so fucking amazing,in fact the entire ep is outstanding. Well done boys!!

  • G.VeganFtw
    luv G.VeganFtw

    ....HOLY SHIT.

  • luv Michael C

    Keen for EP guys!! I'l def grab a copy

    5/3/10 via Mobile
  • luv Michael C

    That was fuckin sick last night guys!! Cheers for the T-shirt! And see you at The Black Dahlia Murder!!!

    4/16/10 via Mobile
  • Michael C

    Sick dude il definently be getting one!! Yeah man see ya then!

    4/14/10 via Mobile
  • luv Michael C

    Hey guys wil you be selling tshirts and stuf at refuel on friday? If so how much?

    4/13/10 via Mobile
  • P-Mungi
    luv P-Mungi

    black dahlia murder in christchurch? FUCKEN KEEN MATE!

  • luv Michael C

    All good guys! I'll be seein you again at refuel on the 16th

    4/4/10 via Mobile
  • luv Michael C

    Seen you guys twice now! With Trivium and Whitechapel etc and at Metalfest. Both at the Bedford. Love you guys tbh. Keep up the sick music making! Lol.

    4/3/10 via Mobile
  • Dylanlol.
    luv Dylanlol.

    Who ever makes these posters i swear to god lolol "In Dread Resposne"