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X Laura X

we've done magaluf, next in line FALIRAKI!!! woop woop

1/19/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from manningford Ghetto
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About Me

La La La La La
Me, Myself, and I
heyaz..im loud, bubbly lol nd lyk 2 av a laugh wiv my m8s!

jst come bk from magaluf, was mental soooo brilliant, sun, sea, sand nd lots of partysss!!!!..... bigg up 2 mike, ian and big Al....ooo nd ivone!!
i also decided to get a tattoo!!! lol.... haha!!

Carnivals pretty swish 2!!!

Luvin college avin a quality time wiv the ghetto early yrs crew... hannah, sarah pope, Nicole, jo, sarah, katie nd syvia..plastics hahaha ohhh butch wat a hottie!!! wat a bunch of sexi muva puckers!!

"Ey Yo - Sean Kingston ! Magaluf was Amazing ..."

neva mind shes polish!! FCKIN Bombaclat


████████████100% Sexual

Jst 1 thing 2 say IZZ ITT

devon: OMG how excited r u 4 the craft fair?!? The welsh dave! screamin @ the chink! gd time
actually n e thing SPICE GIRLS lol ... stuff lyk R"n"B nd D"n"B... DEF NOT emo shit, rock (reali no) blacky hummmm?? lol
all the saws!! , aloada films scary 1s nd comedys some romance lol, the classic disney ones, lion king, cinderella, bambi jst 2 mention a few!!
Sports, (mi sports)
shopping, eating (yes it does class as a sport) sleeping!
Scared Of
feathers (Pigeons scare me and chickens) nd spiders, astys feet hahaha
Happiest When
wiv my m8s or partyin... weekend piss ups sexitime!... cruzin in the sexi 106's... random ann summers days lol.... wiv my baby also <3
~moldy feet (asty)~.spots.~.emos.~.being bored.~.not being able 2 go out.~.marmite.~.assignments.~
 .bitchy girls.~.ppl dat start fyts 4 no reasons.~.pervy old men.~.mi phone bill!~.feathers.~.being cold.~.ppl in the streets who try 2 tlk 2 u or give u leaflets dat u reali dnt want (seriously who lyks them, so anoyin)
~.all the girlies u no who u all r...id b lost wiv out u all.~.david beckham..lauren understands.~.~ Leonie needs a mention..also the college crew... all hoties love ya all.~.u no who u r nd if ur special, if ud lyk a special mention let me no.~.~.~all the bois.2 mention a few.my loved 1 will-ledgend.~.ben hes jst so funi can make me laugh so much!.~..nd all the rest of em u no who u r.~.cant leave em out lol... spending time wiv tint.. <3 xxxx
Jst a few more things in general...
*my fone blates, mi bed, straighteners, chocolate, leg warmers, Laughin, Smiling, House Parties, Partys, Gettin All Dressd Up, gettin all dressd dwn lol, Fancy Dress, Carnival, Kissin, Cuddles, Water Fights, Summer, The Beach, Sunbathing, Snowfights, Photos, Strawberries, alton towers, food, indians, chinease, kebabs, chips, maci D's, pizza hut, KFC (food in general) burnsey~wat a legend* MAGALUF**

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fooking Dicked mate

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  • wat du think of me?!?!?!?

    1.Whats your Name?

    2. Are we close?

    3. What do you think of me?

    4. Do you hav a crush on me?

    5. Would u kiss me?

    6. wud u ever wnt to kill me?

    7. Describe me in 3 words?

    8. If u Had Me for 30 Mins wat would you do?

    9. What was ur first impression of me?

    10. Do u still think the same?

    11. What reminds u of me?

    12. If you could give me anything what would it be?

    13. How well do u know me?

    14. What do u like best about me?

    15. Ever wanted 2 tell me something u could'nt?

    16. Could you ever love me?

    17. Give me a nickname and explain why?

    18. R u gona put this on ur blog and c wat i say bout u?

    19. Anything 2 say b4 u go?

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  • about me!!!

    001: Name –Laura
    002. Nickname – laur
    003. Single or taken - Taken
    004. Zodiac Sign - aquarius
    005. Male or Female- female
    006. Elementary School: Pewsey Vale
    007. iPod? If yes what kind? yes nano
    008. How many buddies on your list: quite a few
    010. Hair Color - brown!! woop woop
    012. Hair Long or Short - long
    014. Eye Color - greeny blue
    015. Are you health freak –nope
    016. Height - 5ft sumin
    017. Do you have a crush on someone - yeah
    018. Do you like yourself - not 2 sure on dat 1
    019. Braces? - nope
    020. Think your awesome? – yh 2 ryt lol
    021. Piercings – 7
    022. Tattoo - yhhh 5 lil black paw pints
    023. Righty or Lefty - Righty
    ___Your 'Firsts'___

    024. Surgery - hav'nt had ne
    025. First piercing - ear wen i was lyk 1
    026. First best friend - rosie marshall
    027. First Award – dunno
    028. First Sport You Joined - netball
    029. First pet – rabbit
    030. First vacation - dunno
    031. First Concert – none
    032. First boyfriend: liam smart i no lol???


    033. Movie – dunno sumin wiv disney lol greece is a classic
    034. Favorite tv show – Friends
    035. Colors- pink n purple lol
    036. Music – r n b, drum n base
    039. Drink – n e think except wiskey bad memories
    040. Body part not on the face (on a girl OR boy): 6 pac
    041. Sport To Play - hehe well.... i dunno
    042. Favorite piece of clothing – dunnnoo, so many clothes
    043. Brand Of Clothing? – anything
    044. What do you sleep with? – hehe dat would be tellin lol
    045. Favorite School - wat!!
    046. Favorite Animal(s) – dunno id lyk a tiger
    047. Favorite Books - yh al ryt then
    048. Favorite Magazines - n e thing wiv goss


    049. I'm eating- nothing
    050. I'm drinking – nothin
    052. I'm about to - do nothin
    053. Listening to - the tv
    055. Waiting For - food
    056. Watching - the eye
    057. Wearing - jeans a white top, lots of gold jewlery!
    ___Your Future___

    058. Want Kids? - yh def 2 ...1 of each lol
    059. Want to Get Married- Yes
    060. Careers in Mind: working wiv children as a play therapist

    __Which is better with the Opposite/Same (depending on sexual orientation) Gender__either

    068. Lips or Eyes - eyes
    069. Hugs or Kisses -both
    070. Shorter or Taller -taller
    072. Romantic, Spontaneous? Both
    073. nice stomach or nice arms –oooo i lyk arms but stomachs r also nice
    074. Sensitive or Loud – Sensitive and confident
    075. Hook-up or Relationship - relationships
    076. Sweet or Caring -caring well bit of both
    077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant? - hehe Trouble maker

    ___Have you ever___

    078. Kissed a Stranger – umm dunno
    079. Drank bubbles - no lol
    080. Lost glasses/contacts - nope
    081. Ran Away From Home - yh then got hungry
    082. Broken a bone - yh my lil finga tom baish broke it on 13th dec 06
    083. Got an X-ray - yer on a torn muscle in mi ankle nd finga
    084. Broken Someone's Heart – umm !! yh
    085. Turned Someone Down - yes
    087. Cried When Someone Died - yes

    ___Do You Believe In___

    089. angels - yer
    090. Miracles - do happen
    093. Aliens - nope
    094. Magic - no
    095. Heaven -dunno neva bin ther lol
    096. Santa Claus – hehe yh ...lol no
    097. Havin your parents meet your bf after a week - yh
    098. Kissing on the First Date - yer 2 ryt

    0 Comments 372 weeks

  • 10 reasons why you should date a Rugby player

    1. We can do it 60 minutes straight in 15 different positions
    2. We’re used to scoring big and taking pain
    3. We love the grass
    4. Getting sweaty and dirty is no problem
    5. Skill and moves are definite
    6. We'll play anywhere and anytime
    7. We play well with others
    8. We’re always on the top of the game
    9. We know when to take charge
    10. We also know when to play rough

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  • Tank Fish
    luv Tank Fish

    sup laura i aint spoken to u in a while how have u been hows college and hows the plans going for aussie well i got plans of my own atm and that is to go back to the uk for a lil while

  • Sian Loves Ben.
    Sian Loves Ben.

    hey laura. :D youu alrightt? aint seen youu for a while, i havent spoke too youu for a while either haha. wubut thnn anything goood? wb xxxx

  • Nevena
    luv Nevena

    Hey Thanks Huni Well i will see you on the weekend then and we ent drinkin wine this time.. :D :L

  • Nevena
    luv Nevena

    Hey yer im not to bad thanks you?? im just abit worryed about my mock exams:O iv got them all this week and next week... No i havent been up to much just the same old.you?? Yer you will have to come over for the weekend or something..:D Oh long story i will tell you in person if you dont mind... and no ones givin me shit they know that UR hard so they dont really want to give me any shit cause they know you'll be after them LOL :L LOL you sould be excited its just 6 days away..:D No but i heard him talkin about it on the phone i think it was you he was talkin to... LOL Well i hope to see you soon :) XXX

  • Nevena

    Sorry im abit late i kind of told you everything wen u was round about the meal..Lol :L :D Well thanks for the presents sorry i keep goin on about that but i really liked then..:) :D But ur mad spendin that much on Nemanja :L I found ur sisters bebo thanks :) Its just 29 days till ur birthday !!!!!! :D Okiiee if you say so Lol XxxxxX

  • Nevena
    luv Nevena

    Hey Huni :D Not much went for a meal on friday wiv all ma m8s it was really good.. wat you been up2?? Well thanks 4 addin me i did know you had bebo i was like who the fuck is laura i didnt really think it would be you Lol :) Has your sister got bebo then?? Oh dont worry if take ages to reply i dont always go on any ways.... LOL i was just about to say nothin i really dont know. You dont have to get me anything :) XxxxxX

  • Matt Vines
    luv Matt Vines

    lol yeah it was a gooden fair play lol. umm not alot really chick just working and that at the mo lol going to france on a fag a bozze run lol should be a laugh haha ummm rite chick take it easy w/b lv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx p.s not ever1 gets my love eathier so feel privledged lol xxxx

  • Matt Vines
    luv Matt Vines

    oioi lol well im sure i can sort that out just chill out and lean BACK lol so anyways u good then??? w/b lv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Devon Is Superman

    yo bitch u tried ringing me i was on holiday still thort i best not answer lol... riiiing me when u see this then n chaaaaaaaaaaaaat init loves u xxxxxxxx

  • Owen W
    luv Owen W

    Fairplay u r fine

    10/11/08 via Mobile
  • Sarah.

    Whayyy:) haa! i am sooo bored!! i hate sundays! :( ohh i no, it was lush~!! :) ha!! :) Love you more;) xxxx

  • Sarah.

    Haa! funn whayy! i quite enjoyed my mcdonalds to be fiar:) ohhhhh me too:( Good! love you xxxx

  • Ben Lambert
    Ben Lambert

    i no how you feel about working in a pub i use to work in 1 it's all a rush around lol i work in a warehouse now with a load of mates it's a right laugh i just fuck about on a forklift all day lol yeah iv bin with my gf for 2 years a month now lol you got a bf or you liveing life being single and free to do anything lol wb :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Sarah.
    luv Sarah.

    oi oi;) haha ino you did:) i no,, grrrr it was hard dont you think?? Yeahh weekend was ok thnkyou, boring and wasnt well lol you?? Loverr youu babyy;l) xxxxxxxxxx

  • Ben Lambert
    Ben Lambert

    it's all still the same in pewsey then lol na i dint drive down sat coz i was drinking lol but yeah i still hang round with the same lot it's mainly the lot on my top friends everyone drives in devizes so it just like one big car crew that comes out everynight but we get a lo of hassel off the police all the time get enoying have you got a job over in pewsey wb :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Ben Lambert
    Ben Lambert

    na it wasnt me that rang you i hant got your number lol well at least you enjoyed your night who do you hang round with now then wb xxx:) :) :) :) :) :)