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Deirdre Mc Carron

Oh god i hate exams roll on nxt wed.

5/23/09 Updated through Bebo Mobile | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 25, Luv 105
  • from Monaghan or Maynooth now
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hiya everyone its me.I'm at colege now can't believe I acually made it this far.That means I actually didn't do too badly in the old leaving cert.Which surprised me more than anyone believe me!!!Its crazy.Nyway thats all I can think of to write so to find out more read about me over there>>>>>>
 gt;>>>>Chat soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I lluv music a & i wld listen and dance 2 anythin wit a beat.My favourite groups r Aritic Monkeys, Killers.
I love romantic comedy films eg.save the last dance, 10 things I hate about u, Bridget Jones Diary.My favourite tv show tho has to be the simpsons!!!!
I don't like playin sports but I don't mind watchin the fit lads playin!!Especially my gorgeous other have Barry hands off ladies hes mine Ha!Ha!
Scared Of
I'm scared of heights, water and spiders.
Happiest When
I'm happiest when I'm out havin the craic wit my friends and spendin time with Barry.

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  • Jenjens

    I earned $142 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://goo.gl/p5Tps You will thank me for this!

  • Stacey Cagney
    Stacey Cagney

    ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ Hello Deirdre I'm having my 21st Party On: Saturday 5th December In: The Monaghan Harps Complex At: 8.30pm Other halfs more than welcome would love if you could come! RSVP when ya get a chance! :D

  • Denise Leonard
    Denise Leonard

    well miss wats the craic here by any chance would u be able to work 4 me tomorrow evenin if your not workin will u let me know asap thanks?!?

  • Nicola Peoples
    Nicola Peoples

    Hey hun, how are you? Have you been getting many hours at work for the summer? The weather is actually great for once in Ireland, ha!xx

  • Barry Kissane
    luv Barry Kissane

    well pet hope feeling ok today love u

  • Aileen M
    Aileen M

    Hey:D I know I can't believe she's goin 2 dye it.So when u finished? Can't believe 4th year is over goin 2 miss it so much nxt year!!! :) :P XOX!

  • Aileen M
    luv Aileen M

    Hey :P how rya!! So any fun wit u hows de exams goin :D :D XOx

  • Barry Kissane
    luv Barry Kissane

    well pet had a great time with u love u

  • Nicola Thornton
    luv Nicola Thornton

    hey luv haven been chatin 2 ya in ages,, im rippin i cant get down tis weekend im flat out so shity mad ta meet up but sure it will happen soon:L :L

  • Aimee
    luv Aimee

    ah derz nutin reali happenin up er, wat bouy down der in monaghan, ?? im grand, how ar u, ?? i know, i cant believe first year is nearly ova, .. i remembe tlkin tu u ages ago and we were tlkin bout me startin, .. it didnt reali seem like dat long ago wen u think about it, !! :L were al keepin grand, hope u are tu, !! xx .. :D

  • Aimee

    hiiya deirdre, .. havent been tlkin ta ya in a while,!! ne fun with yhoo, ?? .. xx

  • Danielle Mc Kenna
    luv Danielle Mc Kenna

    Wel missus any craic? Haven't been talkin to ya in ages

    4/9/09 via Mobile
  • Barry Kissane
    luv Barry Kissane

    well pet how r u

  • Ciara Brosnan
    Ciara Brosnan

    tut tut n u meant to be doing some work?:D :L

  • Stacey Cagney
    luv Stacey Cagney

    hey missus!! i duno if i said it 2 u lst sat but wer organisin a nite out this sat, till girls.. u no how every time we plan 1 n it always falls thru but this 1 is def goin ahead if u fancy it?? xx

  • Barry Kissane
    luv Barry Kissane

    well pet hope u had a good weekend. love u

  • Aimee
    luv Aimee

    Ah, i no cant waut for de break,..!! i know cant beleive dat de wedding is so close, .. !! corse il keep ya company, ..!! xx