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Two And A Half Men

Season 7 Now Showing on Comedy Central on Mondays 9pm..

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Zejdz z Moich Wlosów [a.k.a. Get Off My Hair]
Me, Myself, and I
Two and a Half Men is an Emmy Award nominated television sitcom centered around a freewheeling bachelor, Charlie, whose carefree lifestyle is interrupted when his newly separated brother, Alan, moves in, along with Alan's son Jake. Charlie and his nephew form an "unsuspecting bond" with each other. Two and a Half Men won the 2004 People's Choice Award for Favorite New Comedy Series, the 2006 People's Choice Award for Favorite TV Comedy, and was the highest rated sitcom of the 2005-2006 season on American television.

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  • Memerable Quotes

    Alan: What's the matter with you?
    Charlie: I just had lunch with my mother and my stalker... They spent the afternoon eating off each other's plates and discussing my fear of intimacy.
    Alan: You do have that you know.

    Evelyn Harper: I'm not speaking to you.
    Charlie: OK
    Evelyn Harper: Do you want to know why?
    Charlie: No, I trust your judgment.

    Charlie: I'll admit you're kookie Judith. But compared to our mother you're like a fart in a hurricane.

    [Charlie has run into some financial trouble]
    Charlie: I can't do this anymore. I quit.
    Alan: You can't quit poverty, Charlie.

    Alan: How do I look?
    Charlie: [not looking] You look great. All men want to be you, all women want to be with you.
    Alan: You're not even looking.
    Charlie: [looks] I stand corrected. All men want to be with you...

    Charlie: [after Jake spends a night at Evelyn's house] Do you realize that he
    Charlie: did in one night, what we could never do in our lifetime.
    Alan: He broke her.
    Charlie: He chewed her up and spit her out.
    Alan: It was a beautiful thing.

    female psychiatrist: Do you want to talk about your relashionship problems?
    Charlie: No.
    female psychiatrist: Your father?
    Charlie: Dead.
    female psychiatrist: Your mother?
    Charlie: She killed him.
    female psychiatrist: Do you want to tell me about that?
    Charlie: I just did!

    Alan: You'll go to mom's funeral, won't you Charlie?
    Charlie: Of course! As the eldest son, it's my duty to pound the last stake into her heart.
    Alan: That's typical, nothing for Alan to do.
    Charlie: Alright, you can chop off her head and put it onto a stake for the villagers.
    Alan: Thank you!

    Charlie: [while shopping for perfume for the mother] We're looking for perfume for our mother's birthday.
    Female worker in department store: Do you know what her favourite scent is?
    Charlie: Yes, do you have Chanel #666?

    Charlie: Drugs! Get me drugs!
    Alan: No. Medication will only mask the pain.
    Charlie: Fine, mask it! Give it a cape and let it fight crime, I don't give a damn!

    Alan: Hold on Mom,
    [puts a hand over the phone]
    Alan: Charlie, Mom says if she is ever comatose, she wants you to decided to pull the plug or not.
    Charlie: [doesn't even think about it] Pull.
    Alan: Mom, Charlie's on board

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  • Melissa T
    luv Melissa T

    two and a half men is so funny Love the show :L :L :L tow and a half men Rocks :DD :DD

  • Donna Innes
    Donna Innes

    why has the new series (7) disappeared all of a sudden? it wasnt even half way through. Please tell me we're getting it back!!

  • Melissa XOx

    I love this show:D

  • Maggie Muir
    Maggie Muir

    Hey :) fab page i two and a half men :* Love Maggie XOX

  • luv Recovery

    Two & A Half Mens The Best

  • .L.U.K.E

    fuckin gass :L

  • Edward John Moore
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    i love two and a half men

  • Damian Jordan
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    Dis Is the best show on tv long live 2 and a half men

  • Barry
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    New Season started on paramount on Monday night. Classic stuff.

  • .Mike.
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    charlie sheen tried 2 killl his wife

  • Two and a half men
    Two and a half men

    Hii everyone please join this new group

  • Laura

    this show is the best

  • Johnny Base
    luv Johnny Base

    am Charlie all over lol . luv da show