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6/3/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 19, Luv 880
  • from Ewloe (=
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 6,666
  • Member since: May 2007
  • Last active: 6/14/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Twooo Doubleee Ohhhh Nineeee :D

Kelly Richards Baby ;)
Fifteeenn Matee
Ewloe; Shit Hole
26th October; don't forget it ;)
I Love My Friends More Than Anything
Wrexham Football Club : )
&& Manchester United

Life is what you make it;
Makee it worth living x

Said it all, nothing to say at all, nothing to say that matters, havent we heard enough, said it all, nothing to say at all, nothing to say that matters doesnt matter anymore.
-Take That ; - ; Said it all

Staciee Roberts
What Can I Say, I Mean Wow, Your Like Amazing You Really Are, Yourr Trully The Bestest Friend In This Whole Entire World, No One Has Ever Meant As Much To Me Ever Ever As You Do, Your So Special To Me I Dunnow Wah I Would Do Without You Your Always There For Me An Im Always Gonner Be Right Here For You To. BMA&F Like We Promised No Matter What Staciee :D :D I Love You So Muchh xxxxxx18.01.06xxxxxx

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  • Mee

    Well, i'm Kelly if you didnt already know
    I'm 15, have green eyes and brown hair : )
    I was born in Wrexham
    I'm a bit of a idiot sometimes but hey its funn : )
    MSN: kellyrichards1@hotmail.co.uk
    I absoloutley love football, and i support Manchester United! <-- their the best : )
    Theres 3 things i couldnt live without, firstly my friends, secondly my phone, and thirdly my music.
    Stacie Roberts BMFL i love you lots : )
    I love music omds dunnow wah id do with out it : )
    I love all my friends and family they mean everything to me
    I laughh at all most anything
    I love both, summer & winter! winter mostly :P
    Burgerking has got to be the best fast food going :D
    My trakies oh gawd they are like the best thing ever :L
    And i love buyin new jackets ; ) (Makes me happy when im sad)
    I love Cristiano Ronaldo ; )
    I cannot wait to drive!
    Playin footy makes me feel gwrd :P

    i must mention my stacie :) shes well cool; bestest friend anyone could ever have; means loads to me i dunnow wahh id do with out herrr

    My GHDS gawshh without them i look a state :L whoever invented hair straighters is a LEGEND! truely whoever it was is a bloody genious

    Anyways i could keep talkin buh yanoow ;)


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  • ....x

    Wat wud u do if i...
    Committed suicide?
    Said I love u?
    Kissed u?
    Lived next door?
    Was raped?
    Started smokin?
    How did we meet?
    What do u tink of me?
    Best memory of me?
    How long will we be friends?
    Do u love me?
    Have I hurt you?
    Wud u hug me?
    Kiss me?
    Are we close?
    Scale of 1-10, hw swnd am i?
    Am I loveable?
    How long have u known me?
    Describe me in 1 word?
    Have u ever been mad at me?
    What reminds u of me?
    Do u know me well?
    Are you going to put this in ur blog to see what i say bout u?

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  • Rawrr.

    Mannnn havee i hurted your leg? ;) x

  • Gemmaa
    luv Gemmaa

    here a loveee KELLY coz i loveeeeee yuuuu xxx :)

  • Rawrr.
    luv Rawrr.

    OMMMMMMENGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. randomly came to my mind (: Oiminge (: Omingeee (:

  • Rawrr.


    6/26/09 via Mobile
  • Lydia
    luv Lydia

    Hahah :L aawwr thanks :) xxx