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Nicole Lochrane

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  • Female, Luv 166
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2007
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About Me

Keep Rockin Nd Keep Knockin (8)
Me, Myself, and I
Nicole Lochrane x

18 x

Airdrie x

Just Had A Beautiful Baby Boy :D x

His Name: Reece Coull x

D.O.B: 23rd Of September 2010 x

Weight: 9lbs 14oz x

His Daddy :D x

Sean Coull (L) x

My Gorjis Boyfriend x

Love My 2 Boys So So Much Dont No What I Would Do Without Them They Are My World x

Thats Awl Fur Now Bye Bye x
The Other Half Of Me
Sean Coull

Sean Coull

my gorjis baby love him to bits (L) x

Music ♪ ♥
Enything A Can Sing Or Dance Too :D
Films :D x
Jessoo Do You Realy Want Me Tae Name Them Awl :P x
Spоятѕ :O x
None Right Now HaHa x
Hate :( x
Fallin Out With People (N) .. Work Smetyms when a cant be arsed lol ... Hivin Arguements ... Nut Hivin Money in ur phone coz people hnk ur jst no txtin them bk ... Nut Being Around People a Love And Care About ... Nut Being Able Tae Git a Gd Sleep :s ... not hivin eny money tae go shoppin or go out with ur pals (N) .. thts about it realy 8-):P x
Love ... <3 x
When Am With The Girls ...There Awl Crazy :P ... Being With My Gorjis Boyfriend :D <3 Cudlein Up And Watchin Films ... Nice Txts In The Mornin And It Nyt <3 When Am With My Family ... When Ave Got Days Off Work :P ... Hivin Money In Ma Fne ... Hivn Money tae Go Nd Buy Stuff :D ... Ma Dog Lolly Shes Jst So Cute :D ... Thts About It a Hnk :P <3 x
Af , Hb , Cl , Hs Love these girls too bits We have some laughs and great night out x we will always be friends :D love yo guys :D xxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Nadine X
    luv Nadine X

    Hey Huni:D xxx Hw are you n hwz the wee man nut seen you in ages man :( xxx are you dressing up next satarday nite xxxxx wb soon xxxxxx :d:d

  • Pamela Grant
    luv Pamela Grant

    Hey Mrs congrats again! How ya both doin? Had a wee nosey at ur pics he is so gorgeous! luv the name to! hopefully cya both soon xxx

  • Gemmaa

    Congrats on the wee man babe :) hes a wee cracker!! xxxx

  • Aimees Mammy
    luv Aimees Mammy

    hey nicole:) ..congrats on ur wee boy :D :D soo happy for u ...hope use r doin good x x x x x x x x x xxx x

  • Yabba Gabba Doo
    luv Yabba Gabba Doo

    Congrats nicole so proud ae ye :DD will be up soon tae see yeez :) xxxx

    9/24/10 via Mobile
  • Lorna.
    luv Lorna.

    congratulations sweetie! So proud of you, hope you and reece are doing ok! Big hugs babe! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    9/24/10 via Mobile
  • Debbie Hanlin
    luv Debbie Hanlin

    congrats on finally delivering ur wee son. i dnt even want 2 know how bad it was lol cya soon x x x x x

  • Ashleigh.
    luv Ashleigh.

    loveeee :) xx

    9/14/10 via Mobile
  • Ce'Dm
    luv Ce'Dm

    Hiyah babee how yous too doin xxx baby should bee here by now but nope doesnt want to come out i cant wait xxxx lovee for you and te babyyy (L)xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yabba Gabba Doo
    luv Yabba Gabba Doo

    Got a feeling the baba's goinae arrive when im up :) see ya soon xxxxxx

    9/2/10 via Mobile
  • Ashleigh.
    luv Ashleigh.

    heyyy my girl :) misssing you like maddd :-\ have to come and see youu,, this wee babee better movee... am to impatient cant imagine how you feeel !!! so excitinggg nic :* your going to be amazingg mummmyyy :D and me a step auntie 8-) gd timesss (L) love you nicolee (L) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Heather Bell
    luv Heather Bell

    Not long now Mum :) ly xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • AlanaHendry X
    luv AlanaHendry X

    hyaii doll can u txt me your numb again jst got new fne n lost aw mah contacts cheerz ;) xx

    7/23/10 via Mobile
  • Aimees Mammy
    luv Aimees Mammy

    hey :D .... aww thts good :) ......awww dis he bet he kicks most at nyt wen ur tryin ae sleep lolol ..... 8 weeks to go :O :D :D ...tht shud fly in x.....aye me n aimee are good...aye shes gettin big thts her walkin now shes runnin about daft lol ....ave got ma own house now aswell :D get the keys in august cnt wait :) .....aye works awryt...the whole 2 days am there a week lol x x xx xxxx x x x x

  • Lifeandsoul.Xo
    luv Lifeandsoul.Xo

    Hey Mrs :D ! How You Keeping? Not Long Now Eh? You Must Be Sooooo Excited :D ! All Organised? Have A Wee Love For You & Bump :DD xxx

  • JoeJoe

    hiya hen lol wit u up ta x

    7/20/10 via Mobile
  • Aimees Mammy
    luv Aimees Mammy

    hey chik hwa u n baby bump gettin on?? nt long now :D ...use aww prepared? got eny names yet?... some love for yees x xx x x x x x x x xx

  • Lynsey Hay

    ano 2 days haha cny wait lol ma mum wiz sayin she saw u in th rent office she sed ur lookin great n tht so hws hings wae u n sean still awl gd? xx

  • Anna Lochrane
    luv Anna Lochrane

    hi am ok how are u not got the hang of it yet lolxxxxxxxx

  • RossLochrane
    luv RossLochrane

    love fur ma big cuzin :D