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WaT Eva Mother Fucker

got a facebook set up yesterday bt dnt knw hw it wrks lol:L :L add if ya want it ciaramartin@hotmail.co.uk :L :L :L ...

3/24/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • from magherafelt
  • I am Single
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
NaMe~ CiArA

AgE~ 18

SkOoL~ now at joblink lol

BdAy~ 4th AuGuSt

HoMeToWn~ MaGhErAfElT

HaIr CoLoUr~ BrOwN

EyE CoLoUr~ BlUe

ii lOvee Ann NiichOll
sO much:)) best we cuz eva
i love rave shit
camogie n football
Scared Of
spiders & heights
Happiest When
talkiin te Ann NiichOll :L :L :L L:L :L
ciara and hannah are my we buddys they r a laugh. edel! she is my we love 2 she is so crk. michelle! she is gud fun n she is a laugh, clara! well she is gud fun aswel lol.
Ann NiichOll
ii lOvee er sO much

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  • my life story

    i love to hang with me mates

    i love to go out lol

    i love to drink wkd

    i love rave music

    0 Comments 313 weeks

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  • Seany Kid
    Seany Kid

    fafa jus da usual shit lol wbuse x

  • Seany Kid
    Seany Kid

    stranger xx]

  • Sean A.K.A DjLinkin
    Sean A.K.A DjLinkin

    Oryt are u lol sunds gud aww im jst after my dinner dere listening to music nw tho:) Xoxxox

    4/6/11 via Mobile
  • Sean A.K.A DjLinkin
    Sean A.K.A DjLinkin

    Well wdc wiv u pet? Xoxx

    4/4/11 via Mobile
  • -

    same heare am not at fa watein on my ma cumin home :P :P

  • -

    i need a top up bbz ats y i havent been txtin back am getin 1 the day whats up ?? xoxoxox :*

  • Jay Lee

    hahaha x

    3/25/11 via Mobile
  • Hutchy The Stiff Master
    luv Hutchy The Stiff Master

    :o v.nice :D , ann i am just liein out in da sun drinking :) .....ere ur love back :DD , want it back now :)) xxxxxxxxx

  • -

    alrite bbz am good...amjust chilli the day :L :L wdb bbzz ?? :* :* :* cheers for the love xoxoxo

  • Hutchy The Stiff Master
    luv Hutchy The Stiff Master

    nm , wbu ? nd ere is ur love back :DD , want it back again :)) :* :* :* xoxoxo

  • Xbrianmc

    Fa lv wbu : ) xoxo

  • luv Xbrianmc

    Gviz ya bbez il text u now xo

    3/21/11 via Mobile
  • Jay Lee

    do u have fb xo bbz x

    3/21/11 via Mobile
  • luv -

    nno bbzz i dont work am on the sick :L :L :L and i was just askin what do work chick what do you work as :L :L i wood spank you :P :* :* :* some love bk for ya :*

  • Hutchy The Stiff Master
    luv Hutchy The Stiff Master

    How da fuck u have been 2 bmena :O :O :O , am shame off u ;o :P lol oj oj oj , ere u love back :D , want it back tho xoxox

    3/18/11 via Mobile
  • -

    ats a good job you could do my haor up all nice foe me :L :L :L and what time you workin to the day :L :L write back soon sexi ass xoxoxoxox :* :* :*

  • Hutchy The Stiff Master
    luv Hutchy The Stiff Master

    Ano u wud go der :P , cus dat were u always go :L :L :L :L , ann I was just workin da day :D , wbu ? Have ur love back :) , want it back tho x x x

    3/15/11 via Mobile
  • -

    ats ok bbz were do you work ?? and not much just in was way at my mates..what you at now chuck :* xoxoxoxoxox

  • luv -

    fa bbz just in you doin much the day some love for you sexi bum xoxoxox :* :* :*

  • Hutchy The Stiff Master
    luv Hutchy The Stiff Master

    u wil probley end up at tannas lol :P ere ur love back :D , want it back again :)) xxxxxxx