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Hotness Angel Bad Boi

mmmmm take tym wit family bfo yu blink thn gne

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  • Male, 24, Luv 726
  • from Manurewa Auckz in mah room
  • I am Single
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I am an H0tNeSs AnGeL sEnT fR0M HeAvEn
Me, Myself, and I
<<<<<<< This is me now 2009. Hey peeps im Daniel but im known as Tihema my middle name but u can call T, Tihema, Daniel, Gayangelboi, and more. I am 1000% gay but if u dnt like that then u can get fuked. Mah interests are listening to music, dancing, clubbing, drinkin, workin out wen i can, and i luv to b wit mah girls from course. Add me fellas i dnt bite so we can talk and i enjoy company of people wen im out wit mates holla bye for now mwah xoxoxo. This angel has lost his luv for lyf as he has been through lots and many people dnt knw that his luv is precious to him. I am doin a computer course well level 3 it fun but boring at tymz and i wna visit England, Greece, Italy and more. Bye for now well goin to get more pics up as i have to get a camera and fnks for adding me guys mwah luv gay angel boi holla xoxoxo.
Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, Chris Brown, Kelly Rowland, Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Timberland, Omarion, Marques Houston, Mariah Carey, Guns and Roses, Usher, Flo Rida, Ciara, Paris Hilton, MIMs, 5o Cent, Pitbull, Llyod, Cherish and more to name.
I weali enjoy horrors they don't freak me out but wen i see blood i get all pale lolz and i lyk comedies, thrillers, family, and basicly movies with paris hilton in it plus more.
Baskball, Volleyball, Tennis, Doing Weights and more.
Scared Of
Spiders are the most freaky for me i scream wen i see them, heights abit, losing family, losing friends plus girls as they are more friends then anythink else.
Happiest When
When Clubbin, Listening to Music, Being Round People and Mah Boifrewnd. There more that make me happy
Mah M8z
I luv to shout out to mah girls - Kriddle, Suzi, Toni, Demz, Amber, Trish, Brioney, Zenna, Freedom, Gemma, Mele, Shamima, Lashana, Charice aka Shawty, Janine and more.
I luv to shout out to mah bois - Aquayla, Ryan, Dylan, Henry, and more
Luv ya dad R>I>P luv ya so much that luv came from mah heart to remember the gud tyms, luv is so deep to lose u, luv ya forever no matter wat differences we had. luv ya dad as u lay to rest. ths to mah dad R>I>P

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  • Love

    Love is in the air
    Everywhere i look around
    Love is in my heart waiting for it to come out
    As the days go on i think bout the one that is right for me
    Love is precious to me
    Don't break my heart as it would crush me
    Im sitting here waitin for u please be round the corner

    Mwah xoxoxo :P :)

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  • please do

    1.Wud you hug me?!
    2.Wud you kiss me?!
    3.Wud you fuck me?!
    4.Wud you go out parting wiv me?!
    5.Wud you be my frend?!
    6.Wud you kick my arse?!
    7.Wud you go out wiv me if I askd u?!
    11.Are we frends?!
    12.Are we enermys?!
    13. Are we best frends?!
    14. Am i hot?!
    15. Am I sweet?!
    16. Am I crazy?!
    17. Am I luvable?!
    18. Am I funny?!
    19. Am I annoyin?!
    20. Am I phsyco?!
    21. Am I daring?!
    22. Am I a good person?!
    23. Am I mean to u?!
    24. Am I a fun person to be around?!
    25. Am I a good friend to you?!
    26. Do you luv me?!
    27. Do you hate me?!
    28. Are you goin to put this on to ur blog to see wot i say abwt you?!
    29. Ne thing to say b4 Ya Go?!

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  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Always good to here from you bro. Hope you are enjoying all that life has too offer. Having a fair week end here. It's always good to have time off from work even if I do nothing but relax. Have sum love Hot Stuff.

    May 19
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Just waking up here and having my morning coffee.

    May 18
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    I like to have fun with hot Angel Bois. They turn into sexy devils when I bed them.

    May 17
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Glad you are going fine. Having a busy week here. Be glad when the week end gets here.

    May 16
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Glad to here all is well with you. Hope you day is off to a good start.

    May 14
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Good to hear from you. Hope your week end is going well.

    May 12
  • Eric May 12
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    I just sent friend request to both of you face book pages. Just so you know I am not on face book much.

    May 10
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Yes, Bebo being down all day yesterday did suck and not in a good way. It seems to be working just fine this morning.

    May 7
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Have some return lovage. Bebo was down all day in the States not sure if it was a would wide problem. Glad it is back on line.

    May 6
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Hope you are enjoying your week end.

    May 5
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Hi T, have some return luvage. Hope your week end is off to a good start.

    May 4
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    I live in Pennsylvania. Yo bad you don't live near me. I am sure we could find something else do to then watch movies, LOL.

    May 2
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Good to hear from you. Not much going on during the week other then work. Hope your week is going well.

    May 2
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Good to hear from you. Have sum return red stuff.

    Apr 30
  • Dylan M
    luv Dylan M

    thanks bro :) yeah going great aye

    Apr 30
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Good to hear from you. Doing great here, thanks for asking. How ahve you been?

    Apr 26
  • Dylan M
    luv Dylan M

    Hey howz it goin 

    Apr 26
  • Versace

    hey u got FB?

    Apr 11
  • Eric
    luv Eric

    Good to hear from you. Not much going on here. Work and more work. I work in a little play when I can.

    Mar 5