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mii new start YAY YAY

7/17/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
hey by now u should know that this is bink j...im in actting in atl..doing photo shoots...im loving mii life...but if u want 2 ask me something holla at me it u wanna get to kno me k
Ludacris, LiL' Boosie, Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, LiL' Wayne, Monica, Keith Sweat, SWV, Envongue, TLC, Aaliyah, and Soulja Boi
Saw 3, Just basically all scary movies, Stomp the Yard , and Barn Yard.
Softball, Basketball, Football, Danceline, Chearleadr< and currently on the track teem for Bryant High School{Stampede}
Scared Of
Spiders, Greenhoppers, Frogs, The real deal just bugs.
yes is true im going to the Marines.....im so happy to be living....i have so many thing that i want to accomplish in life....so hopefully this will be the start for me tho make....to turn my life around.....so yes it a new life that i can being..
jovan wilhite && bailet jones soon 2 be...MR.&&MRS. WILHITE

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  • I'm so scared

    Dear lord: i'm so scared right now.....im about to cry......lord what have i gotten myself into.....please help me lord.....im so sorry for what i've done in the past....but that's besides every thing......i'm sorry for my past&&present......lord i'm so not ready for this......im still young trying to get out of school so i can make something of myself......please help me.....do right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BINK J....

    0 Comments 306 weeks

  • The difference between a female hoe and a REAL WOMAN....What are you?

    The difference between a female hoe and a REAL WOMAN....What are you?

    Im sure you all wouldlike to know the difference between a hoe and a REAL WOMAN!

    A hoe is not only a garden tool (lol) but a hoe is basically a feamale who is nasty and who aint got no respect for themselves or the dudes they sleep with.

    A hoe is a female who like to lay on their backs and spread their legs for any and everybody and they dont give a shit about that dude or female(some females swing that way) they fucking with.

    Basically if you a hoe you dont care nothing at all about yourself, your family, and most important the person you sleep with! You think sleeping with a dude or female would make them feel any different about they way they already feeling about you?

    All they gonna do is talk about you even worse then gonna let a couple of their homeboyz run train on your ass and talk and use you like you aint shit and basically you AINT SHIT TO HIM OR HER IF YOU LET NIGGAS RUN TRAIN ON YOU DAY AND NIGHT. Yeah you might have a freaky side but just do it with the man you love not any and everybody.

    A REAL WOMAN wouldnt have to get a man's attention just by laying on her back and spreading her legs. A man notices a REAL WOMAN by how she carries herself in society...

    If you basically got to go and steal another female's man and the only way to make him come to you is by sex and giving him money then best believe you aint nothing to him but a sideline hoe in the making nothing more nothing less.

    A REAL WOMAN stands her ground and is behind her man 100% and when it comes down to beating a hoe ass oh best believe she would win!!!!

    The saying is right "You cant turn a hoe into a house wife", let me tell you why. How can you turn her into a house wife when she already got kids(she dont know who her baby daddy is) and then all your homeboyz or the town went through her ass, HELL HOE at least you could have some class?

    Then on top of that ghetto and alley as fuck dont even know how to keep her mouth and legs shut!.....

    I am a REAL WOMAN! A woman who stays by her man through thick and thin and will always be by his side no matter how mad he becomes with me deep inside......

    A REAL WOMAN handles her business and do what she got to do while a hoe waits and receive orders telling her what to do!

    A REAL WOMAN know how to back her shit up, true some hoez can also but hell a REAL WOMEN(but at least A REAL WOMEN is known by her accomplishments around town not by her speailty on giving head and her pussy) has a lot more to offer then a sideline hoe!

    Basically hoez are just there to provide for that person in which that person's lover wont provide! But hell A REAL WOMEN knows whats necessary to provide and whats not and what can wait!


    0 Comments 316 weeks

  • Keep Smiling!

    Damn Im so fucking angry right now but what do you have to do? Keep Smiling!

    Im so fucking tierd of this lowdown, trifling ass people, but what do you do? Keep Smiling!

    No matter how hurtful someone's words are, or how much pain someone flicks upon you... Keep Smiling!

    Even if it is a painful break up, heartache, or trouble... Keep Smiling!

    I learned if you keep on smiling, it makes your enemies mad because they wonder!!! "Hmmm BITCH why the hell your smiling!!"

    Well I have a reason why I keep smiling...

    I know I have many people who hates me but so what!

    I know I have many people who looks at my past and judges me off of that! But think about ya'll! DO YOU REALLY KNOW Bailey M. Jones

    Did you take the time to really understand her pain and understand her troubles?

    Did you know that shes a beautiful person inside and out who wants somebody to love her for her and not what she can give somebody???

    I smile because I AM happy and I have BEEN through hell and back to get where I am today! I keep smiling because even though alot of shit happened to me, Im happy that it happened!

    Im going to keep smiling because its shows the bailey I was before I even met all these people who claim they no me!

    When I say PEOPLE ya'll dont know me! I mean it YA'LL DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT ME and thats my purpose and motivation to Keep smiling!

    I know who I am and I know how I got this far! So people judge me all you want because in the end GOD will be the only person who WILL MAKE THE FINAL DECISION!

    I keep smiling because im true! I keep smiling because Im real! I keep smiling because there are so MANY damn rumors about me and some of them aint TRUE!

    I keep smiling because IM ME, there aint nothing fake! There aint no scrips! This is me you can take it or leave it!

    Either way I will KEEP SMILING!

    0 Comments 316 weeks

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