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Ray Kon.

Iron Maiden. ;D

9/17/10 | me too! | Reply

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Sometimes its better just to walk away. Atleast you can say you tried.
Me, Myself, and I


Ray Kon.
Bit-Beast Spirit;; Driger.
Formerly Of The Bladebreakers, Now Of The White Tigers.

Generally calm and open minded. In fact, many comparatives can be made between personality and Yin and Yang, which he appropriately wears the symbol of, the Taijitu.

The forces of Yin and Yang are generally described as "opposite but complementary" forces, and the same can be said about him. He can be calm and collected, but also a fierce competitor.

The forces of Yin and Yang are interdependent, meaning that they cannot exist without their counterpart. This can also be compared to one's personality. His whole nature seems to be similar in principle to this metaphysical concept.

"Things will never be as you imagine, so you're better off not seeing them. Reality can't compete with imagination."

"Ayamachitewa aratamuruni habakaru koto nakare."
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You can't do anything without risking something."

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    Shadaka; 『 ft. shadow the hedgehog 』 Hey! Thanks for adding me! :DD How are you today? :))

  • ºkyarii


  • º Soяα
    luv º Soяα

    ColorMyWorld♥:: Hello there. :) Anytime, nice to meet you! Hehe, how are you today? ^^ I apologize for replying so late, I've been so busy lately. ^^;

  • -º Scarlet Day

    ☆:▬▬: ♥ Top Coordinator Taking The Stage: Im doing pretty good thanks :D Im guess youve not been on bebo for a long time :L

  • Kai Kamio Haruko-Nightwing
    Kai Kamio Haruko-Nightwing

    Your welcome ray

    9/21/10 via Mobile
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    luv .Bugsy


  • Sir Aaron
    Sir Aaron

    Okay... Sooon :L

  • aѕaмι ѕaтo.

    I'm well thank you, yourself? (:

  • The G A M E

    Ahahahaaa. I want someone to draw a picture of that. :L Poor Zigzagoon. xDD

  • luv .

    aww ): everyone is like ill atm D: we can be ill together! xD

  • -'Chaos Tatsuyoshi
    -'Chaos Tatsuyoshi

    It's alright, sorry i haven't replied to you yet ><

  • Ootori Tsubasa
    Ootori Tsubasa

    Any friend of 盾神キョウヤ is a friend to me.

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    i know ): i've got so many exams coming up and i'm like ill! D: xx

  • Ootori Tsubasa
    Ootori Tsubasa

    Thank you for the add ♥

  • ºkyarii

    *Pushes self up* Okay... I can walk... I... can.... *Falls over* Nope. No I can't. X___X

  • ºkyarii

    *Lands head first* Ow.... ._. You suck... Kamiya... O'Rourke... Kon... Whatever... X_____X

  • ºkyarii

    .... *Kicks you back down again*

  • єχρєηɖαвℓє

    Expendable;; Thank you for the add in the first place.

  • Sir Aaron
    Sir Aaron

    I have another account and im Jessie, Add me :L

  • Vanishing Portrait
    Vanishing Portrait

    It was awesome

    9/17/10 via Mobile