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Saved To Serve

Where will you spend Eternity?

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  • from Comber but one day Heaven
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Hey my name is Daniel time for update as my bebo got hacked. Firstly Im a born again Christian and I love the Lord. I got saved on 8 September 1995:) I am a member of Comber Free Presbyterian http://www,comberfpc.co.uk. I love cycling, Playing piano and Photography and love using my abilitys for the Lords service:) anything else you want to know just ask.
The Other Half Of Me
Lorna Best

Lorna Best

I ave fell in ln love with the most amazing girl:)

Christian Music: Rev William McCrea, Katheryn Mitchell, Legacy 5
Favorite Hymns
All Hymns
Matthew 5v11
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
Happiest When
In Church, Witnessing for my saviour, Playing piano
Romans 5v8
But God commendeth his love toward us in that while we where yet sinners Christ died for us.
Cycling, Photography, Piano

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  • Plenty Of Time

    I got up on Sunday morning went to church at ten

    I listened to the words that I'd heard time and time again

    The preacher spoke of simple lives it seemed he spoke of mine

    But I was young, I had plenty of time


    Plenty of time to decide where I'm bound

    To eternal darkness or to a heavenly crown

    I'm just a young man [g...uy/gal/girl] not yet in my prime

    So I'll just wait, I've got plenty of time.

    I walked on down life's pathway living as I wished to live

    How to beat the other fellow how to get what life could give
    Making money is not sinful, having fun is not a crime

    So I'll just wait I've got plenty of time

    Before I knew what happened life's scenes had passed away

    And millions stood before God's throne, now is the judgment day

    Now eternal darkness beckons and the name it calls is mine

    But I thought I had plenty of time


    Eternity comes, And there is no more time
    Just to think of all the days that Christ could have been mine

    Oppertunity gone forever, earth's days are left behind

    And there I'll be and there is no more time.


    There I'll be and there is no more time

    Hymn Words by Connie Smith

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  • My Testamoney

    Heya Folks just like to share with you my testamoney of how the Lord graciously saved me.
    I was born into a large Christian family in January 1990 In Newtownards, Co.Down. I feel privileged for christian parents who made it their duty to send me to Sunday School every Sunday and also to teach me the things of God.
    From the age of 3 I was sent to Sunday School in Comber Free Presbyterian Church, There from that age I learnt about this dear Saviour the Lord Jesus and how he died for me on that old rugged cross and how he loved me to die for me on Calvary.
    One Sunday morning in September 1995 I heard John 3v16 being spoke on: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life, I was told to change whosoever and put my name in there so the end of the verse sounded like this, That if Daniel believe in Him he should not perish but have everlasting life. Dear reader if your not saved you too can put your name in there.
    I realised after hearing that verse that I needed to be saved and that Jesus loved me and wanted to save me. I wonderd about the house wondering how I could get saved and what I had to do, Finally I plucked up the courage to ask my brother how I can get saved and he simply quoted that old verse "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10v13.
    So me and my brother both knelt at my bed and I asked the Lord into my heart and that was the 8th of September 1995.

    Being a Christian in primary school was easy as a majority of my teachers where also Christian,
    However in High School it got hard I had an atheist Science teacher who used to mock me for what I was and also I got bullied for what I was, But what glory it is to be persecuted for being a Child of God and friend its not easy but God helps each of us who are His through every storm and trial we may face in life. Sadly in High School I fell away slightly from the ways of God and got into bad habits and did stuff Im not proud of and I wont go into them as doing so would be giving the devil the glory.
    In 2004 I lost 3 members of my family: My Grandad in July and 2 of my aunts in september that year my mum also broke her arm and in August of that year my brother Paul who I'm sure many of you may know took seriously ill with a disease known as Betchets Syndrome a disease which affects the Emmune System and causes Arthritis. He was rushed to hospital and was at deaths door. In surgery they discoverd he had a perforated bowel so they had to take part of that away plus his apendix. For some 13 weeks he was in the Ulster Hospital in Dundonald.
    In 2005 my brother came up with making a website for the church, with not being able to work again he could manage this. He requested me to do the photography for the website which introduced photography as a hobby of mine. The Lord has used Paul mightally for His honour and Glory.

    In 2006 I lost another aunt and my mums cancer also reappered that year. But all through this the Lord helped us and I can never thank him enough He is not just my dearest friend but anyone who seeks him and comes to him for Salvaton then he can be their friend too. I trust that you will accept Him and feel the Joy God gives to you in your walk with Him.

    In 2007 I decided to learn how to play the Piano so as one day I could use it to serve the Lord. The Lord graciously blessed me in this work and has aloud me a few times to play for Him. I dont say to puff myself up but to proclaim how great Our God is. I am unworthy and useless on my own and the only reason any of us can do anything is because God gives permission. Hes the giver of Life.

    I thank the Lord for saving my soul and for all the blessing he has bestowed upon my life. It is a real privilage to know Him and to serve Him. If he was to come tonight or if I was to die Im not afraid cause Im assured of Heaven for all eternity. Im thankful to Him also that I can spread His

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  • My Favorite Hymn

    Since Christ my soul from sin set free,
    This world has been a Heav’n to me;
    And ’mid earth’s sorrows and its woe,
    ’Tis Heav’n my Jesus here to know.


    O hallelujah, yes, ’tis Heav’n,
    ’Tis Heav’n to know my sins forgiv’n,
    On land or sea, what matters where?
    Where Jesus is, ’tis Heaven there.

    Once Heaven seemed a far off place,
    Till Jesus showed His smiling face;
    Now it’s begun within my soul,
    ’Twill last while endless ages roll.


    What matters where on earth we dwell?
    On mountain top, or in the dell,
    In cottage, or a mansion fair,
    Where Jesus is, ’tis Heaven there.


    1 Comment 181 weeks

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Saved To Serve wrote
at 05:10 PM on April 16,2008
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth on him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16 (KJV)

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  • Barbara N
    luv Barbara N


  • Barbara N
    Barbara N

    Glory to God Daniel for His love in you, may u have a blessed month and May The Almighty bless the ministry, family, friends, you, thank u, Barbara

  • Priscilla C
    luv Priscilla C

    hello how r u? r u lookin 4ward 2 christmas? x

    12/16/10 via Mobile
  • Julie G
    Julie G

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  • Joanne Dougherty
    Joanne Dougherty

    I earned $126 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://goo.gl/pqiZv You will thank me for this!

  • Paul Hamilton

    how come you didnt add me on twitter? http://goo.gl/noidq I thought we were gonna hook up?

  • Beka Baby
    Beka Baby

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on CamilaPepplercrped@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Beka Baby
    Beka Baby

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  • luv Lorna Best

    I love you xoxoxo

    7/9/10 via Mobile
  • luv Lorna Best

    i love you babe xoxoxoxo

  • Pwincess
    luv Pwincess

    Hey bro just saw ur light blinking. I thought of stopping by to share some U av a blessed weekend HOLA BACK with GOD BLESS

  • luv Lorna Best

    I love you, glad your feeling better xoxox

  • Believe

    HAPPY EASTER!!! god bless and later dayz... -D. Puma

  • Leeanne Pinkerton
    Leeanne Pinkerton

    Thanx that was a great quiz i really injoyed it u go any more quizzes?bmb

    3/28/10 via Mobile
  • luv Lorna Best

    Thanks for a great day. i love you so much. your mine forever xoxoxoxoxo

  • luv Linz

    aw cheers chum..gud 2 no sum1s gt my bk :D xo uu2 much dese days?

  • luv Lorna Best

    Thanks for great day yesterday xoxoxo

  • luv Lorna Best

    Love you xoxox

  • luv Linz

    hopefully gunna b a primary skool teacher...............fingerz crossed

  • luv Linz

    gr8, we had d week off 4 mid term so twas grand out,bk 2 hard study 2mara tho :( u r sooooooooooo lucky ur dun skool, nd dn after dis lyk-ive college and dat will b anuda 4 years of work.........


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