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Katie S


8/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 22, Luv 816
  • from Da Hill
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: April 2007
  • Last active: 8/14/12
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About Me

Carol an myself ...... :)
Me, Myself, and I
<<<<<<<<<<<,Ah thats myself

Wats happenin!!!welli,ll start by sayin im a bit mad in d head anyone who noes me will tell ya that,i love Mad ppl who jus dnt giv a flyin fuck! Goin on sessions, Fight nights,music nd doin somethin crazy we all live for the weekend s ! + i lik 2 go MenTal:P ! Im wokin in fermoy i hate work:( !! i drive a FESTY yup yup ! ,ll talk to anyone so if your in my page leave a comment or else your just been nosey lik haha!
AH who GIVES a FUCK !!!!!!?!?!?

Dont regret anything that makes u smile:)

XxxxxR.I.P FaithxxxxX

XxxxxR.I.P PodgexxxxX

XxxxxR.I.P MartinxxxxX

Xxxxx R.I.P KevinxxxxX

Xx ye will never be forgotten xX

Check the flashboxs CHOONAGE
The Other Half Of Me


Theres not jus a +b theres proberly C :)

Dance+Trance !!! LETHAL + bit of RnB

My MSN irish-kate@hotmail
Greenstreet, Trainspotting , 2 fast 2 furious , borat, snatch, mean machine, havoc, its all gone pete tong!, shrooms, at night at roxbury what a show!! AND I love tommy tiernan some man for one man :)
Thai boxing !! love it :D
Scared Of
spiders, moths, butterflys them ugly bastards freak me out! serious people haha !
Happiest When
WAKING UP DRUNK !! its decent lik gettin locked 4 free :D Drinkin, havin a mad ni out, listen 2 choons, Doin something mad , gettin a chase, cruisen around, Thai boxing, singing im jus classhaha! , gettin a giddy bang :D
Ammm !!! Hangovers, Annoyin plp!, Boucers, Work.Havin no money, Week days, Runnin out of drink, Actin d gowl after drink :O :O many times lol.FIghtin with plp over stupid shit lifes 2 short, Feelin lik shit, ya kno urself !!! plp who talk shit !!!!!!
Things you need to know in life !!!!>!?!>!

1.Bosco came out of his box :O :O

2.You couldn, t handle a ducks arse :L :L

3.Slow down posty have a cadburys carmel ;)

4.Theres no signal on the SuckyBuS

5.She went the one way around the wrong way round about !!!:O :P

6.Lava lamps are still in fashion :L :L

7.How is the new Hello !!

8.Your gear stick will get rattled :L :L

9.You've no WILLY:L :L :L :L

10. u couldnt poach an egg

11. u gona smoke dat SHIT

12 He, d one baaaaaaad baaaack leg !!! + he cant mount d sheep :L :L

13. Seany will ya shove over haha

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    We could __________ under the stars.
    i would hate to see you _________.

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  • Alan Ashman

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  • Lets Go Fukn Mental Ox
    luv Lets Go Fukn Mental Ox

    Alrii Pikey :DD Guud Nitee Last Niite I Heard ;) Ur Delighted R Yaa :P

  • Griffin Most-Wanted-Cruizers
    Griffin Most-Wanted-Cruizers

    Most-wanted-curizers are attending the ultimate jap ar show this Sunday the 20th of june in tallow Co,Waterford free entry for car plus driver and 10euro for everyone else,and kids under7 are free Convoy meetin at 9.30am on the morring in kfc litte island and leaving at 10am, be a grate day out for everyone, let Griffin no whos coming

  • Lisa Foley
    Lisa Foley

    Fuck al... Ne plans 4 d wknd?

    4/22/10 via Mobile
  • luv XXlinda Ryanxx

    hey girl jobs goin grand workin for sky now tiz lethal good ole crack lik howz u girl i know its been awhile alrite ne thing strange xxx

  • Lisa Foley
    luv Lisa Foley

    stori... wat ya up 2?

    4/22/10 via Mobile
  • Danny Q
    luv Danny Q

    Hey big eye how ya getting on did ya do anything for the weekend

    4/6/10 via Mobile
  • Darkroom Dj
    Darkroom Dj

    Hey Katie ♫ ♪ ♪♫♪ ♫ ╔═══╗♫ ♪ ║███║♪♫ ║ ( o )║Now Playing - ╚═══DJ-boabspence♥ ♫ DarkroomDjs Free Hardcore Internet Radio. Join> http://www.darkroomdjsradio.bebo.com

  • luv XXlinda Ryanxx

    same same nothin much happenin goin trainin der in awhile

  • Lisa Foley
    luv Lisa Foley

    Sum luv dr 4 ya . . .

    3/16/10 via Mobile
  • XXlinda Ryanxx

    ne news girl

  • Peter Codd
    Peter Codd

    hey ya very snobby yesterday on your way to mallow weren't ya

    2/16/10 via Mobile
  • Danny Q
    Danny Q

    Hey what's the story how u

    2/14/10 via Mobile
  • Denise Khan. .
    Denise Khan. .

    id lv ta grl bt its valentines wekend spend it wit hmself id say.hav a gud one neways.b a gud krak id say.wel hav ta hed owt nw again kilkeny id say.:DD Ya delightd ur felas bk :L X x x x x x

    2/12/10 via Mobile
  • Denise Khan. .
    Denise Khan. .

    Hey love how r ya>>??havent been n in a wile!!ur bday soon aint it hapy bday if i aint talkin ya:DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • XXlinda Ryanxx

    Haha stop u were sayin some fucked up shit urself eh wat ya say bout da cheese burger an sumtin else it was jus flowin outta ya haha sum crack ha da ole red stuff neva came but its all gud in da hood coz i'm all out of um ha u be lik tat laaaaaa hand goin then hahaha xxxxxxx

    2/4/10 via Mobile
  • Louise'
    luv Louise'

    Haaa ;; Awh Some Job So Baii :L :L ;; Ja Decide Wer Uur Goiin Yet ? :P Micheal Gineys Is It :O Jesus I Must Try That Place Myself :L :L ;; Ive Ta Get A Few New Ones As Well Like :L Its Desperate :L :L

  • luv XXlinda Ryanxx

    Haha it was sum nite for 1 nite haha i dunno wat i'm doin for da nite prob fuck all lik wat u doin girl if ur not doin nothin u shud come out we all do nothin together haha were pitys haha messin sum returned awh ha xoxoxoxoxox

    2/3/10 via Mobile
  • Louise'

    I No Yeaaah +& She'd Seriously Wanna Gowayy +& Buy A New Pair Ov Undapants :L :L Yeah its Actualii Savage :)) I No Yeah Its Desperate Really :L ;; Oh All In Uur Lonsome :L ;; Uu Goiin Out The Weekend ? :))