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xXxhillcrest eq centrexXx

camps av startd!! YEAY!

7/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
ok dis is d official hillcrest bebo page!!.. hillcrest is d place to be...d x-c course is such an addrenalin rush as you gallop across the open field on a trusty stead horse and see the sun hitting the water as you enter the complex twisting water jump or as you face down into the steep steps which you yourself wudnt dare as you face the oncomming cottage as you dispise the little black cat sitting outside the door.then theres the outback of well made schooling fences, a course of its own. with the obscure but enviting steps and banks from leeps of faith to the amazing tree trunks which are just as easy and delicate as the area is!
check out the amazing view from the stable yard or the sand arena bellow..
its a dream that only a palace like this could come true.but its all here under the galtees.

let me no if ur visiting.
id love to show you my wonderland!!

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  • 16 reason 2 date horse riders!!!!!......clasical!!!

    1. We hav 4 speeds nd many positions.
    2. We wear tight pants nd tall boots.
    3. We luv getting dirty.
    4. We know how 2 ride our mounts.
    5. We perform well with animals.
    6. We like 2 be in control.
    7. We'll ride 4 hours.
    8. We know how 2 handle a big girth.
    9. We get off easy.
    10. Wer always on top.
    11. We like it rough.
    12. We hav our legs spread all day long.
    13. We luv usin whips.
    14. Sradlin is our natural poision.
    15. We don't mind being bucked all around.
    16. Endurance riders do it longer.
    P.S hav u seen the rising trot!!! :L

    1 Comment 326 weeks

  • y horses r better den fellas

    1. Ur horse will ALWAYS be there for u no matter what
    2. Ur horse will never leave you for a better offer
    3. It is more fun to ride a horse....(lol)
    4. You don't need to worry how your hair or make up looks when you go see your horse
    5. You can talk to your horse about anything without sounding stupid.
    6. Your horse may knock a pole or break ur arm but he would NEVER break ur heart.
    7. U can cry into ur horse's mane without having to say why
    8. Your horse doesn't need to spray himself with suffocating amounts of lynx after he's been exercising
    9. There are no where near as much things to worry about with horses as there is with boys- no worries about what to wear when ur with him, what to say, how to act- he will love you no matter what u wear or say!
    10. Your horse doesn't show off his new rider to show you what you're missing!

    0 Comments 326 weeks

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Horse-Riding: IT'S A SPORT!

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  • Eoin Barry

    add da facebook page

  • Katie Aka Kitty Frazer
    luv Katie Aka Kitty Frazer

    na nt gona b around! N wales workn! Sorry! I no hw disapointed u r!!:P

    6/14/10 via Mobile
  • Eoin Barry

    Da last july 1! no u jus wanna no so u will cum :L :L

  • Katie Aka Kitty Frazer
    luv Katie Aka Kitty Frazer

    gud man eoin! Which 1 r u doin so i mak sure m nt dr!:P

    6/8/10 via Mobile
  • Eoin Barry

    well camp dates 4 da summer 5-9 july 12-16 july 19-23 july 9-13 aug 16-20 aug :))

  • luv Cathriona

    wow :L

  • Eoin Barry

    well jus said id let ppl no! der is a easter camp da 5th - 9th april!

  • Sorchaa

    twas Eoin haha and I had charliiee and all ;) :L

  • Eoin Barry

    lisvrnane waz best crak!

    10/19/09 via Mobile
  • Cathriona

    :L rory! xxx

  • Eoin Barry

    Roma d legend! :B :L

    9/5/09 via Mobile
  • Sorchaa
    luv Sorchaa

    camp rocked :) best evr! :D xxx

  • Emma
    luv Emma

    hey my pits went up all wrong but ill reput den put so dey will b betta!!... haha camp woz ledge!!... luv!!....xxx

  • Eoin Barry

    Camp waz unreal!gud tyms haha!:D :L :)

    8/25/09 via Mobile
  • luv Cathriona

    hey! f u go onto emma bs page drs pics f d last camp! x sum luv! :DD

  • Katie Aka Kitty Frazer
    Katie Aka Kitty Frazer

    hey sorcha n cathriona...welcome!!:P ha ders nofin much on dis....if yev any pics put um up n ill copy um 2 dis k!!!!!!

  • Eoin Barry

    Cant wait til camp!hah

    8/2/09 via Mobile
  • Sorchaa

    ummm.....that were screwed that yhOo joiined... :D x

  • Cathriona

    xcuse me sorcha wat ja mean by dat :L :L

  • Sorchaa

    Were all screwed..cathriiona joined :L :L :L :L x