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Jenny Ramsey

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  • Female, Luv 49
  • from Styrrup Massive, Donny Flow.
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 12/27/11
  • www.bebo.com/Jellyfer__x
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Oscar Wilde. Baghead Sket Times. Daisy Chains. Platonic Love. Cocktails. Curly Fries. Lifetime Friends. Campfires. Styrrup Park. Poetic Fallacy. Sunrises and Sunsets. Attempting to write poetry. Midnight Mishs. Farmers. Time Team. Chanting Shit. Ron Weasley. Regent Square Times. Glen's Vodka. Tapes. Earl Grey. Disorientation. English Literature, Philosophy, Ancient History, Theatre Studies, sorted. Dancedancedance. Twos mate twos.
The Other Half Of Me
Alex B

Alex B


I loved Digitalism and Justice at Leeds =]
Me Without You. Starter For 10. Happy-Go-Lucky. Moulin Rouge. Human Traffic. Pretty Woman. Withnail & I. A Clockwork Orange. Gremlins. Wah-Wah. Brief Encounter. 10 Things I Hate About You. Trainspotting. R&J. The History Boys. Love Actually. Educating Rita. Shirley Valentine. The Wicked Lady. Wilde. The Princess Diaries. This Year's Love. This Boy's Life.
Pushing Daisies. Ab Fab. Hollyoaks. Keeping Up Appearances. The Thin Blue Line.
CHILDREN WHO KILL =] The Great Gatsby. Catcher In The Rye. Perfume. Junk. Wuthering Heights. The Bell Jar. Starter For 10. Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. The Lovely Bones. Shakespeare.

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  • Jessiica

    I snagged $467 in two days doing almost nothing! I got it from - http://x.co/KTE3 Keep this a secret!

  • Ruby Tuesday
    luv Ruby Tuesday

    HIYEEER! I have an exam tomorrow and have spent an hour on here reminiscing! my life is a tragedy. blugh! hhahaha how tragic were our lives 5 years ago? member of bebo since 2005! HAHA I wrote like a complete chav. love it! buzzed off shug avery though. anyway yeah have some love! ( you can now share it 3 times a day! but theres no special comment like 'love is blind so why can i see you' sad times. BYE! XX

  • Luke M
    luv Luke M

    I am in Hollywoodland, Gennifer. You may keep that as your new name or you can revert to your old gayo one. Controversial stuff, eh. The real question is, where have YOU been in MY life?? x

  • Michael
    luv Michael

    gingerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  r where are youuuuuuuuuu?????????? yes i know im 'cool' u have a towel on ur head you gypsy

  • Emily Churchfield
    Emily Churchfield

    JENNYFERNERRRRRRRR omg. i wont see you for a year. what am i gonna do?!?!?! but to be fair im going to need about a year to rest to get ready for next summer. which will be WILD. loveee youuuu :)

  • Emily Churchfield
    Emily Churchfield

    im coming over on saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUMPED MUCH?! lets make plans like....now. ???

  • Purple Pirate
    Purple Pirate

    jenny babyyy :D i need to see you!! i was gonna organise frankie n bennys last week but then... i didnt. we're going to lourdes soon n mite go into town for some tops n stuffs... id be honoured if youd join us. whoever us may be. i'll text you?? loveyou lotsly xxxxxxxxxx

  • RAvestar

    jenny i think we shud go out and stel fags of peolple...wt u think...is there owt on ...aniwhere.i miss u all lots... xxxx

  • Luke M
    luv Luke M

    bless you child. jerome kiel spent many hours slagging off you :o he didn't really hes a nice little man :) you've not even met sharon yet shes crazily mental, yet lonely, bless her x x

  • Luke M
    luv Luke M

    is jenny living her life in a writers circle environment tomorrow morning?? recieve this comment AFTER tomorrow morning and il be an unkind version of luke a very mardy one to be precise x x x also, ur meant to bring works of ur own stuff or other peoples stuff for 2moro badboy!

  • Emily Churchfield
    Emily Churchfield

    of course dear...<3

  • Emily Churchfield
    Emily Churchfield


  • Purple Pirate
    luv Purple Pirate

    well im obviously "revising" =D but i cant get into it either. had a maths exam yesterday and cocked up. majorlyyyyy. BUT i have a combined maths paper so all is not lost. woo. that sounds luvverly! henry says hes gonna have a chemistry barbecue haha i was like, styrrup!?! ok. lol cant wait for lourdes now =]=]=] but its aaaaages. july. god squad. yeahhhh. im a bit hyper. you could probably tell. loveyouxxx

  • Purple Pirate
    Purple Pirate

    hello lady =] sorry i didnt text back... i know it was ages ago. but i went disneyland last weekend [[amazing!!]] and i left my phone at home. juicy gossip? although you might already know..... michale asked sophie t out on tues!! weird or what? n they were both proper worried bout fletch, but he was just like get on with it! haha hes so legend write back! xxxx

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    Difficult to explain what its about. Mainly the notion of inner beauty rather than outer beauty :D Thought it would be beaut and it is ;) Yes, I bloody hope its Wilde-esque otherwise i'll be damned! Contradiction + Life = Jenny Don't see too many improper fraction style conundrums like them anymore :D :D x x x

  • Hey Mr Tambourine Man.
    luv Hey Mr Tambourine Man.

    Again with the COOLNESS. ;) You spend way too much time on my bebo missy :) xxxx