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Click me too if you love skittles!!! ...

12/9/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 8
  • from St Andrews
  • I am Down for Whatever
  • Last active: 3/28/12
  • www.bebo.com/eone231
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born in scotland
lived in newzealand for a while...
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Fuckin Nutjob

Rage Againast The Machine, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Rise Against, Michael Jackson!, Motley Crew , David Bowie, Korn , Iron Maiden , Gorillaz , Pendulum, The Chemical Brothers, AWeX ugh...
The Matrix ------> (goes into a building. Security Guard asks: "got any keys, loose change...". opens the coat and there is a fucking shitload of guns & ammo. Security Guard: "...HOLY SHIT") , Rushhour, Rushhour 2, Rushhour 3, We Were Soldiers, The Bourne Ultimatum, Forrest Gump, Shrek , Swordfish (people get owned by a shitload of ball-bearings, Oceans 11, 12 and 13 , Fight Club...and more than i can mention.
Mainly Hockey mixed in with a bit more of hockey, there's always table football and pool.
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  • luv Alice

    as always :)

  • Xx-Liv-Xx

    I dont no lol xoxo liv

  • Xx-Liv-Xx

    oh yes very nice well i was actully up in wellington a few weeks ago to c the monet exbibition so yea lolz xoxo liv

  • Xx-Liv-Xx

    Haha wat u been up to lately ru in nz ? or bac in the land of haggis? tehe xoxo liv

  • Xx-Liv-Xx

    Hey lol um yea lol im in ozzy tehe xoxox liv

  • Xx-Liv-Xx

    Oh ok lol poor u tehe xoxox liv

  • Xx-Liv-Xx

    Lol well i did da same fing frm wanaka a few weeks ago so i get wot u mean lolz um yea it was gud i guess lol Y is my pg funny? lol ur pic is funni lol xox liv

  • Ewan

    No need man got into glasgow uni for engineering. but just going next year. But good shit man 7 year course tough ane

  • Samuel Leenhouts
    Samuel Leenhouts

    hahaha absolute class skip forgt i had that video...

  • Ewan

    Yeah same B for physics and Maths then C for G.C haha how pathetic two years for a C. How the helll did u get a C for computing thot u sed it was really easy? its a pass tho i failed tech by a fuking mile. Is that u in a uni in NZ?

  • Samuel Leenhouts
    Samuel Leenhouts

    i got 2As and a B in history how bout u?

  • Hamish . K
    Hamish . K

    yo yo, stoked by the e-mail dude. cant reply atm as i am on a limited time scale. in rome atm, awesome. thats bace about uni dude and two highers! ftw! freshers starts 13th odf september. should be superb. just shaved my head kinda. regret it...

  • Samuel Leenhouts
    Samuel Leenhouts

    alls good altho been working a tad too much for my liking raking it in tho!and awwww man when u think ull get it back?and int get ur xbox up and going!get cod aswell....

  • Samuel Leenhouts
    Samuel Leenhouts

    sup skip hows life in NZ?why aint u been on msn?or is taht cos ur sleeping when were awake....mmmmm anyway yeah hope alls good u got ur xbox wth u?

  • Danielle

    reali thats kinda scary lol